Worshipping Gods Is Not What They Want You To Do
Written on July 31,2014
Written By Joe Machney  @ Starcrystalportal.com

How many gods are worshiped through organized religions? It is unbelievable the amount of people that look to a deity outside themselves for guidance and support and then feel that they need to offer this deity worship in exchange for their blessings.

We are talking about an all-powerful being that has supposedly created everything and yet it needs money, food, sacrifices and whatever else people are told to give it. Do you really think that a being needs any of this stuff? What is it going to do, go out for pizza with the money that you offer it? Like really think about the stupidity of worshipping a being outside you? How small does that make you feel? How insignificant in the whole scheme of things is your existence?

The thing is, is how many people stop to really think about this? I reckon not many, on account of the number of religious followers on this planet. The truth, or my interpretation of it, is that these gods do exist and are part of the group of beings that decided that they want to start their own race of beings and so separated themselves from the God Source that is in all. That is the important point to remember here, the light of God Source is in everything, as God expresses itself through everything, even the false gods who pose as gods and religious idols. They have light in them as well; it is not possible for them to not have light in them.

This game they have been playing with mankind has been going on for many thousands of years and a lot of these false gods are tired of it and really just want to go home, back to the light that they came from. The thing is is that every time a person worshiping them calls on them for help and whatever, they are actually being called back down to the lower plains to assist them. It is bondage that they have got themselves into and really want to be freed of. It has been a long time for everybody and like those that understand reincarnation and know that they have been on this planet for thousands of lifetimes; they just want to go home, for good. This is what really happens when you go to your church, your temple, and all the other places that people go to worship deities.

A long time ago people use to co-create with nature, the sun, the trees, like the Druids or the aboriginals of North America and Australia. Why not embrace the creation and co-create with it? That makes more sense than to worship some guy in a white robe who lives on a cloud and yet does not get satellite television. It takes a huge leap of faith to drop all this programming from the various religions and the generations and generations that have worshiped and brought this to you through their genetics, but doing this will assist these slaves to their higher-ups and in turn will help you achieve more freedom as well. They too are slaves in this. Set yourself free by setting them free from your worshiping.  

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