You Are The Ocean
Written on September 19,2014
Written by Joe Machney @

There is a calmness in you that is who you really are. If you look back on your life you will see that it has always been there with you, guiding you and letting you know that everything is alright in this eternal now moment. There will always be flares and depressions as the waves on top of the ocean become rough and then calm down again. The night is always darkest before the dawn, which does come. It is patience that is needed as the time passes, or rather the illusion of it.

There is only this moment and in this moment is the calm stillness of the waters that is your true self. The deeper you go within yourself, expanding your consciousness, the clearer and more quiet you become. In the beginning when you venture into the depth of yourself you will find it difficult to stay under the water for very long, but as you persevere and trust that you will be okey, you will find that you can go deeper and deeper and with more ease the further you go down.

The more beautiful creatures live at the bottom of the ocean, and this is true of your deeper aspects of you that are waiting to be revealed and explored. It is a mystery in the deepest parts of the sea but once they are explored they are no longer so. The same is true of your higher aspects of yourself. The more you explore of yourself the more whole you become.

There is a warmth in the womb of creation and a security. The same is felt in the womb of your mother as your body is growing before you are birthed. The connection to your God Self, and the security that comes with it is the same, and once you find that you are home. Life is a cycle and is about completion. There is a comfort in this in the sense that in the end you will always come home, it is not possible to not come home. So if you feel the truth of this you can live your life from the end, bringing who you want to be to who you are now. This allows you to dive to the bottom of the ocean and experience that you are fine and more alive than you ever were.

As you go deeper and deeper and if you hold the truth of you are at home throughout all the moments that you are experiencing you will be able to go deeper and deeper into the oceans of yourself with the greatest of ease and enjoyment. Knowing that you are the peace and freedom of the depth of the undisturbed bottom of the ocean and that your true self can never be hurt or harmed will allow you to live the days of your life with such peace that nothing in the outside world, be it relationships, finances, whatever, will never really faze you for long.

Be patient with this process and remember how it is for divers as they get use to the different depths of the ocean as they travel deeper and deeper. It is hard for a moment and then it passes; it always passes. Trust this.... and be free.

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