Spiritual Mentoring through e-mail                                                                                                             

After taking time off to work on ourselves as well as an extensive grid work in Asia, we are back and starting our work with spiritual mentoring. At the moment we are not offering healing sessions. 

Who can Utilize Private Mentoring? 

  •  If you are newly awaken and wanting personal guidance to find your way through the myriad of spiritual information sites and teachers.
  •  If you are already on the path and are finding it difficult to work your way and need inspiration and guidance to get through the challenges.
  •  If you are going through the dark night of the soul, need guidance and inspiration.
  •  Basically we can all use a mentor to get us though this journey, someone who has been there before.

Our intention is self empowerment through knowledge and a deeper awareness.   You got all that you need, we just need to remind you to remember and give you some inspiration to follow through.  So all that blocks and interference have no power over you.

We both have experience as mentors and healers from our previous healing work , here is a link to some of the testimonials from our clients.

We also have experience in working as ES mentors in Lisa Renee’s web forum.   

To start the process and give you an idea to work with us and see if we suit your needs, we are offering Introductory Prices. 

Please read our Disclaimer and No dumping shit policy and How e-mail mentoring works in the FAQ section before clicking the pay button.

Canadian can use e-mail money transfer or  Interac e-transfer to send money to info@starcrystalportal.com with correct amount.

Please Note:  At the moment all the Mentor work will be done through e-mails only.  After reading the FAQ section if you need further clarifications, send an e-mail to info@starcrystalportal.com.