Some Testimonials from our clients...
 "I just wanted to add my voice in support of Pavithra and Joe's work. I should have done this ages ago but I've honestly have had a hard time putting into words what has occurred.

First if you have never had a session with them, I can say that they are impeccably professional, very thorough, very kind and supportive, and very skilled!

I have had a totally of 4 or 5 sessions over the last year and a half and have found in particular that since they have been using the new technology, it’s been laser-like in its effectiveness.

I have had many things removed and repaired and have had subsequent and definite upgrades. Many of the mental manipulations/mind-looping and emotional body traumas that I've battled with for years have been completely removed within a matter of a few sessions. Things that I thought were an integral part of me and my system, turned out to be things that could be simply removed or repaired…and were. It’s been quite amazing. I have also experienced a definite increase in frequency capacity as a direct and immediate result of one particular session and all the ensuing goodies that go along with that (heightened and integrated multidimensional perception, alignment to source and spirit families, clarity on soul purpose, etc..). I am a much more integrated whole multidimensional being now, running a higher frequency, rather than the fractured, confused, victim-person I used to be.

While I know that my own work and intention contributed, the support, guidance, skill, and technology that Pav and Joe offered really catapulted me (and exceedingly fast) to a much more whole/integrated state.

I have learned since, that sometimes what we think is a necessary long term inherent personal struggle may just simply be be damaged connection or inorganic insert that can be repaired or removed in a few hours. Poof!

So I heartily and emphatically recommend Joe and Pav's work for any stage of your clearing, healing,ascension/inscenion process. "

Jenn - San Francisco

"Hi Everyone :)     :P

I wanted to write a little bit about how wonderful working with Pavithra + Joe has been :)

I've had 2 sessions with them, one at the end of January, and the most recent being this last weekend on Saturday, 5/5.

Both times have been fantastic. What they do is amazing and I liken it to an energetic-healing marathon! Swiftly and precisely they "see" and move through the 12-dimensional levels (and their subharmonics) of my being to heal and clear whatever distortions or implants or off-kilter-energies that need healing/removal.

In January, they worked on helping me to feel more pro-active and excited about "ascension" and they removed inorganic structures which were causing me to get "off track" on my ascension timeline. Totally unexpectedly, the next day I found myself quitting my retail job which was vampirically sucking my energy! In the last few months I've progressively become more and more clear on what "ascension" means in this time period and am far more enthusiastic about actively participating :)

Also, I was connected to a black hole system in the 8D, so thank god! they disconnected me from that ... I have no idea how that happened    . It is so comforting to know that they have the Guardian-given tools for black hole disconnection. Hip hip hooray!!

This last session on Saturday was particularly striking. After finishing our session I felt a huge weight lifted off my back and declared that this was literally the BEST day! I'd had since I started to wake up, kicking & screaming, about 4 years ago. So, 5/5 was the best day I'd had in 4 years and it was absolutely due to the work they facilitated.

Pav & Joe were able to clearly "read" a confusing situation that had occurred a few years ago and offered an explanation that I'd cognitively and emotionally craved for years. Not only was I able to process this experience completely on a 3D-level, they moved through my energy centers and cleared lots of gunk, confusion + betrayal feelings, and other emotions and "stickiness" that had seemed to arise from this situation. After our session I felt a lot of feel-good buzzing in my body and on a 3D level, I felt the greatest sense of conclusion and a removal of a major "blockage" that had been keeping me mentally rooted in the past and making it more difficult to let go of the past and embrace the present and my present ascension path.

Furthermore, they also worked to clear and connect my different levels of identity so that, if I understood properly, Krystic energy and my higher-levels of self could move through my upper-dimensional identities and integrate into myself at a 3D level.

I had really no idea what they'd find, especially given that I'd previously been connected to a black hole system. Wild thoughts had emerged that I was actually the incarnate identity of a dark avatar and definitely accidentally sending metatronic energy into the grids. I have felt like an anxious and confused basket case! I am now able to laugh at this!! because with great compassion they were able to see and encourage me to feel confident that Krystic energies were moving organically and swiftly through my energy centers and that I can be more relaxed and have confidence that my larger-being and ascension path knows exactly what it's doing.

One of the many wonderful aspects of working with Pav & Joe is that they address both the energetic levels above 3D as well as the mental-emotional feelings of a client in the 3D. Before our session, I'd been quaking in my socks in fear of being riddled with negative alien implants and on-track to get sucked into the metatronic spiral. Pav, who I wish to be my Smarty Big Sister and deeply feel Trusting of, is very loving and sensitive and her words and wisdom helped me calm down and know that all is well and there is no need to worry.

So, 5/5/12 was the best day I'd had in 4 years because after our session. I felt unblocked from my past on a 3D (and multiD) level and their energy work and their kind & calming words and approach completely helped eliminate my anxiety.

It is so much easier to access joy now as the blockages I felt are simply no longer there. I'm having a completely different and much much better experience living since our session.

I am so thankful to have Pav & Joe in my life! and I look forward to continuing to work with them :)

A great thank you to Pav & Joe!!"


"Truly honored and blessed to have found Joe and Pavithra!  Two accidents in the space of 2 years left me with consistent physical pain and not being able to function as well mentally and emotionally.  I felt like I was in a void and losing my ability to do much more than the most basic day to day activities.  While part of the journey has been about working through a lot of inner issues, just one session with Joe and Pavithra cleared a lot of the physical up for me, leaving me with the emotional and mental energy to take on a lot more activities.  The first session was so powerful for me that my first kundalini experience came right after the session, where my body levitated while a surge of energy rushed along the spine up to the head.  And the night after the second session, my body again levitated while all this negative energy surged out of my root chakra, my sacral chakra, and my solar plexus chakra (as well as in two problem areas in the back) in a powerful release. 

Having tried various types of alternative healing practices including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Qi-gong healing, and even angel healing sessions, I need to state that Pavithra and Joe's sessions have done more for me in just one session than all of the rest combined.  I truly feel like I'm reclaiming my old better self back and am looking forward to unearthing more!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Ivy Chou - USA

"I have had 2 sessions with Joe and Pavithra. These sessions have really helped in clearing out the crap that has been blocking me to help me arrive at more clarity. With all the time lines collapsing we're having a lot of distortion showing up in this lifetime from those time lines.  These distortions like to attach themselves to the ego. So if you are having ego attached emotions and you're not sure where they are sourcing from, it could very well be from another time line. Also, any attributes you have from past time lines will be integrated into this lifetime, which helps with your wholeness and strength.
Joe and Pav also, said I was a healer, they cleared blockages out of my hands and brought in healing energy from the 15-12th dimensions. Since, I have had dreams of light emanating from my hands and they tingle. In fact, I just got a surge of energy in my hands typing this.:)Whew!!!"

Anyway, wanted to share my experience,
Blessings and love,
Deborah Allen - Seattle Washington

"For many years I have been searching for answers to make sense of why I have been feeling so dreadfully disconnected and discombobulated. My search has led me to the doorstep of many healers and many healing modalities. Very few helped me connect to the solace and answers I was looking for.Recently I felt an inner prompting that again propelled me but this time the prompting felt different. This time I felt ready to uncover truths that perhaps before I was not ready to face. Intuitively, I knew something profound was ready to tumble. My meeting with Joe & Pavithra was very serendipitous. They came recommended by a highly trusted source. From the moment that I was on their website and perused the information provided, I felt one of the strongest senses of resonance I think I have ever felt and I just knew I had to work with them.

For the entire duration of our session I was speechless, beside myself in awe and gratitude and the knowing I felt previously, was now locked, anchored & sealed. I feel the longing in my heart and the call from my spirit to know greater truths was so strong that it led me to these two exceptional healers.   During the session I was so speechless because finally I was hearing the answers I thought would somehow always elude me.  Finally the puzzle was harmoniously reshaping and what was missing (me) was at long last returning. I cannot put into words the deep peace this has brought to my life.  The day after the session, my energy was significantly different. I felt clearer, cleaner, stronger, brighter, and the glum and heaviness that pervaded everything in my life for so long dissipated. What I experienced the day before with Joe & Pavithra was truly magical. Profound healing was also done on the grids of where I reside in Puerto Rico. The people of this island have been suffering from very distorted energies that have created darkness, violence, and Increasingly horrific circumstances that I am certain will be greatly averted now thanks to the healing that was done. And what affects one affects the greater good of the all.

Two days after the session, the healing continued and I sensed during the afternoon that something was "cracking"...I sat on my couch and suddenly felt myself for the first time alive in my body and very cognizant of being a Soul. Each day I feel the deep layers of our work continue to evolve.  I feel myself stronger, more balanced and I have had a visit in my dreams & meditations from Jesus and the most extraordinary colors that I have never seen before. I now have an innate sense that we are on the precipice of a very miraculous time on Earth and that healing like never before is available to us all in order to realign with our true divine selves. I sensed it before, but since my session, I now know it and have no doubt.

Please do not hesitate to trust the expertise of these two magnificent people. Their work is on a whole other level of professionalism & love. To dismantle old distorted structures that interrupt the grace & flow of a healthy life you need people like Joe & Pavithra on the other end guiding you along to that healthy state."

Myrna Luz De Jesus - Puerto Rico

"Pavithra has an indescribable and unfathomable connection to the light energy field and the celestial realm.  The cogency of her energy work surpasses any other experience I have ever had in my whole life.  Pavithra completely changed my life, for the better, as she guided me onto the path to purification, healing, and awakening through her energy work and spiritual counseling.  Due to my academic training as a scientist, I was reluctant and skeptical at the beginning to open my mind to the concept of energy healing, but it required only a few minutes into our very first session for me to be fully convinced.  Most of my sessions with Pavithra have been conducted long distance (3000 km), and it is absolutely incredible how she could change my energy field over the phone in such a profound manner that I could physically feel the energies rigorously moving through my body.  Pavithra cured my dermatological condition through her energy work, a condition that specialists at the University of Calgary and University of Michigan could not treat with modern medicine for over 5 years!  Her energy work was also extended to my precious feline companion - her diabetes was cured in just two energy healing sessions.  There are many other examples of my experiences with Pavithra's energy work and based on all that, I can wholeheartedly say that I am truly blessed to have access to someone who is so talented and compassionate as her to guide me onto the path to ascension.  " 

Dr. Charu Chandrasekera - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"Joe and Pav have been great friends and have greatly helped me along in my spiritual growth. He has helped remove many blockages throughout my body and pinpoint and alleviate specific issues within my body. I now know that there was an SPE on my first chakra which blocked the flow throughout my whole body. My heart was also cased off and needed the casing removed and a connecting between my higher heart and mind was created to help me connect to my heart.

I can say that my higher senses are not my strong point but I am now able to notice myself going through my life and I can slowly see and let go of all the emotions that come up. I’m learning to let go of the mind and not get caught up in life experiences. The more emotions I detach the more experiences come up and simply wait to be cleared. This whole life consists with a lot of emotional clearing and Joe has been a catalyst in starting my process of clearing. I once thought that I could access my higher senses simply by willing myself to do so but I believe that I need to clear my body before I can see clearly. Pointing out specific places in the body to heal has given me guidance in my becoming one with my higher self.

Thanks Joe, your Orion healing code is truly a gift."

Richard Garcia. - Calgary, Canada

"Words cannot really describe what a healing session with Pavithra is like -- all I can say is, experiencing it is believing it!

When I first had a session with her, I found it to be one of the most unusual modalities I had ever encountered. A process of energy healing and emotional clearing that helps to align, integrate and strengthen the physical body as well as the light body. The trans-formative shifts of consciousness I have experienced as a result of her work have been profound.
After a session with her, I am completely energized, balanced, and calm, renewed on every level of my being.

Not only is Pavithra a powerful healer, she is also one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to heal and move forward on their spiritual path."

W. Morrisette - Calgary, Canada

"No matter what level of understanding of energy and healing one has, Pavithra and Joe are able to step beyond the boundaries to unlock and remove torture and mind control devices, energy siphoning tubes and anything that is impinging energetically upon the Soul in its current incarnation.  The residue of previous lifetimes resides within our Light Bodies until we are blessed to become availed of these healings.  The multiple levels that are accessed and the alacrity that they are dealt with and dismantled makes this a painless way to cut through the bindings and free one to be the authentic Avatar and Monadic Self that has been dormant for too long.  I would heartedly recommend these sessions to all and especially those on the ascension timeline to evolve past limitations and become your future self now."

 Mary Rouzer - USA

NW Medical Physics Center

"Hi All

Just a quick note on the excellent work Joe & Pavithra provide.Like previous replies here I've had a few sessions with great results.It is too massive the crap one is carrying around to clear just in one session but it is a good start if your experiencing recurring issues.There the best I've come across in all my dealings with healers."

Tony Deldot - Australia

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