Time to reach for the stars...

Have you noticed how much is changing all around you; the whole world is changing so fast as if something is in the air...... YES, the planet and all of its inhabitants are going through an ascension process and no one is excluded. Everyone is feeling the change in some form or another. Some are sensing, seeing and working with other dimensions and beings more and more while others are experiencing challenges in their 3D life. All are being called to participate in this great adventure. Our guides and eternal spirit are so busy working, guiding us to our own spiritual awakening and planetary work.

Since we were awakened, we are on our own journey and have picked up knowledge and spiritual technologies to support ourselves and others. Look around and see if there is anything in this portal that might be of assistance to you.
It's time... let's wake up to the miracles!!

  • ARTICLE 13 TO CENSOR INTERNET TAKE ACTION NOW!   EU IS VOTING TO IMPLEMENT CENSORSHIP ON INTERNET - Article 13Upload filters will break the internet: https://www.pledge2019.eu https://www.saveyourinternet.eu
    Posted Sep 6, 2019, 12:56 AM by Pavithra LH
  • The Lost Continent of Lemuria The Lost Continent of Lemuria Myths and Realities   The lost continent of Lemuria (Mu) was originally referenced in the works of several 19th century scientists.  Observing similarities between the geology and fauna of India and Madagascar, some scientists theorized that there once existed a huge land mass (Lemuria) in the Indian Ocean that spanned the two locales.  As with Atlantis, the days of Lemuria came to an end with a cataclysmic natural disaster that sank the continent into the sea.   Lemuria was originally an hypothesised continent in the southern Indian Ocean, proposed in 1860 by the geologist William T Blandford (1832-1905) as a means of explaining the presence of identical Permian rocks in South Africa and Gondwana (in southern ...
    Posted Sep 3, 2019, 5:37 AM by Pavithra loku-heeraluge
  • Is Sri Lanka part of Lemuria?  Is Sri Lanka part of Lemuria?There are many maps and other records pointing to us indicating Sri Lanka was once a part of a great land mass in the past. In the ancient folklore and stories about King Ravana says that his ancestors were the kings and queens of that great land next to India.( So was it a seperate land governed by a diffent race?) In some of the writings talks Indian Suras were not very happy about the power these people of that land held and plotted to kill those kings often. At that time these races (of Sri Lanka) were worhsiping the sun while the Indians worshiped Devas/ Gods. Then again in Indian famous Ramayanaya talks ...
    Posted Sep 6, 2019, 12:55 AM by Pavithra LH
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