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Micro macro and the potentiality of a being

Written on December 14, 2015 by Pavithra LH @
When we go through a spiritual evolution there are things that happen that can cause family issues and heart aches. Even when we forgive the people around us for causing this, without an understanding of what made them do what they did there is a possibility that we might allow bitterness to come to our life as we are aware from those events in our lives we create patterns that are not supportive to us and they become judgements and create future issues in our relationships and how we view the world.

When we begin to see why these things happened, we always come to the familiar realization that we don't like change and we want things to be the same as before as it is comforting.

But when the spiritual awakening process hits all these things begin to change for us. There is a force that is bigger than what our limited perception can understand comes to play a role and it is not something that we can fight and win. It takes us, our families, friends and every one involves on a journey to teach things and urge us to change and see the truth behind this existence. It is a matter of how much we are willing to change our perception and our way of thinking that could make us survive the pain that it's going to cause us. 
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