Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

This is one of the most crucial parts to reaching inner peace and healing the being. How much hate are you holding towards other people; how long have you been carrying this with you? How much anger do you have for yourself for so many reasons; how can you reach peace and love within yourself when you hold judgements and anger and hatred towards yourself, and the people around you and the world? Reaching this state is not that hard if you start working on it right now; the healing can be done right now. Start looking at your life and the people around you as well as the actions and situations you are still holding on to with hate and anger. 

Start to see them as part of the God Source, part of the oneness; we are all one. We are all born here to express ourselves, heal and to love, but somehow forgotten who we are along our way and fell in to dark trickery and are now running the programs of ego, competition, separation and in survival mode. Holding this hatred towards others does not hurt them, it hurts you. Your spirit can not express love and compassion and connect to you fully when you have this within you. So start the process now, start to heal yourself, let go of the past. You cannot do anything about it now, except forgive and release it. You must remember, at that moment you were a different person with a different consciousness level, you did the best you could. You may have been in fear and did that thing or hurt someone, but you are not that person, you are a different being and you can release that guilt and let go of that past once and for all.  Do the same for others, they too, may have been in fear; most of the people on this planet live and act on fear. Many attacks are based on fear and the desire to control the situation and people around them, so that they can feel safe within, as these beings are in constant fear. So understand this and work to truly forgive them, not just saying I forgive you, mean it. Think about it and feel it and bring that love and compassion within you and apply it to the situation and people or/and yourself.  If you think you can say sorry to that person and can heal the situation that way than do it, but if you feel that talking to that person might not go well, then write a letter to that person. When you are done with writing it, burn it. Find new ways for yourself and others to help the world Forgive. Whatever works for you is good, but do it now.

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