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Mediation to use as part of your daily practice or to utilize to assist your family members.

12D shield: Twelve dimensional shield

Utilize this protection daily morning and evening : 12Dshield

Alpha Omega Clearing : This could be used as part of the daily clearing, specially before going to bed at night.

As you feel guided from within your personal 12 D field, this Guardian meditation has specific language to clear and to be released from the 911 Armageddon software and its mind control implantation. This Guardian meditation is the energetic architecture override of the Alpha Omega Agenda also known as the Negative Alien 911 timeline.  Please utilize as guided, this could be used daily before night to clear your field.

Etheric Body Rewiring Treatment: Utilize this meditation treatment to assist you and your family members as you feel guided

Learn how to view and sense your personal etheric (electromagnetic) body by administering an inner scan and energy clearing for the entire etheric body and its blueprint. This meditation could be used to learn to scan your energy field to clear blockages utilizing different colors of light or 12D platinum ray.

Health Upgrade Program : Can be dedicated to Sick Family members or for yourself.

This will assist in upgrading your body and energy field with necessary changes.

EMF Calibration: We are all getting effected from the continued energy activations bombarding the planet at this moment and some of us feel the effect but does not understand what this is all about.  Please read this document to understand what Electromagnetic Frequency is and how it is affecting us.


As a parent, you must ask permission from the Higher selves involved if you are in harmony to represent this healing for the child. Feel your answer, or muscle test. If not, wait or ask for direct lead as to what step is next. If there is an opening, request as the Parent to address your Childs Higher Self Spiritual Council. (HSC) I would suggest to complete this calibration when your child has just gone to sleep. Request your Higher Self Councils and your child's HSC work together to the highest capacity of exchange in service to the Light. I also highly suggest working with creating the 12 D Shield for yourself first (as step one) and then placing one around your child. This would be Step 2.

You may use the language of your own request or to your specific Spiritual Authority that you feel attuned to, except I greatly suggest that you must include that you are intending to align to the Agenda of the Guardian Races here to serve the Law of One and Christ Mission. Otherwise you can get those with different agendas sneaking in. Many of these Indigo-crystal children are of extreme interest to ET races and so your intention and setting the field is very important, YOU are commanding your space in the Light and In Service. You are commanding nothing else outside that vibration be allowed within your sacred space. The GSF Field command is I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!

Parent-Child Indigo Calibration

Parent Speaks for Child:

We Ask The Guardians, God Selves, Evolution Support Teams, Starseed Identity Matrix, aligned to the Law of One Mission to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of GOD's infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony. I place my child in the stewardship of which is dedicated to serve God's blessing and grace and for him/her to be returned as their rightful ownership held in the Natural Laws of God in divine sovereignty, as God would have it be. I bless and sanctify my child to be blessed, protected and dedicated to the highest expression that serves the Eternal God Plan, in the authority of God, and name of the Christ. Please give me direct cognition of any action or non- action to be addressed as the parent of  ______  as I state my blessing and commitment to protect my child as a servant and vessel of God's highest light and expression. (Imagine or Intend filling yourself/child with 12th Dimensional Liquid Silver light, the dimension where our 12 DNA strand AVATAR Blueprint exists. (Pale Silver Light) Spend a few moments feeling that fill your body.)

Please Open the 12th Dimensional Vortex in into full expansion in the Krystic Force Of Platinum Light, Grid this Space entirely in the 12th Dimensional Pale Silver Light. Set the Spin Accordingly, Calibrate, Anchor Lock and Seal in this Hologram.

North South East West - Earth- Sky and Heart : We direct the Four Corners to Be Sealed in the Light of Unity and Oneness. We Are Impenetrable and Invincible. We ask the AURORA FORCES OF LIGHT to Anchor this Space Sacred in Service to the Law of One of which We Serve.

Ask our Higher Selves to check to see if any of the jewels, wings, energies and parts or bodies have been abducted, and return them NOW, and to invalidate the beings that did the abduction, healing and sealing your field from intrusion. We call back NOW all that is our self-sovereign god power and right.

Further Return all energies and essences that were stolen or misdirected from control or manipulation. I AM FREE NOW. I AM FREE NOW. I AM FREE NOW.

Call in our personal ascension and evolution team to support.

We Request The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program and Holographic Re-patterning to the Cosmic Christos Mind.

We ask first for a general clearing of all fear-based programs that are hindering our spiritual growth. Remove all imbalanced energies, implants and their manipulation, all fear-based programs preventing us from completing our ascension.

Please install the lattice work of light into our mind grid field and emotional field to remove all fear based programs.

You will feel them moving out the top of your head. If You feel specific fears you know about yourself , request them to be removed and identify them specifically to the God Self  to remove. The more specific the request the better.

We request that our Teams focus on my physical body and ask to remove any and all fear based programs lodged there.

We Request that you clear and heal our etheric body and remove any fear-based programs that are blocking either of us / me.

We request that you clear and heal our astral body and remove all fear-based programs and spiritual weeds from our astral, or emotional body

We thank the Beloved Guardians and our Evolution Teams and genetic technicians for this healing and support.

We call upon the Dispensation of the Sacred 777 to release any ancestral pattern in our genetic lineage contributing to any blockages preventing us from our soul and god realization. We claim in the Truth of our being fully revealed as Light- The divine inheritance that IS the Truth. Our Self Sovereign God Power and right!

We request that the (Reptilian) tailbone implant/obstruction/manipulation to be removed by the Guardians (or 12th Dimensional God Self) and to restore the merkaba spin and rotation to its absolute perfect state of functioning. Command your Light to be All Received NOW. Open all energetic communication and pathways to be crystal clear with your etheric template body by axiatonal alignment to the highest dimensional harmonic frequencies. Anchor, activate, energize 12th Dimensional Blueprint, Divine Monadic Blueprint Body of Christ, As God would have it Be.

Upgrade, Download, Recalibrate Etheric Nadis, Electro magnetic Battery Body to new connections. Reset and Synchronize to 2012 Timeline in this moment of Self.

Reconnect and axiatonally align all etheric merdian Channels to the Frequency Hubs Axiatonal lines in order of priority as necessary. Align and open the handshake to the Home Soul Frequency through the Starseed Identity matrices in the hubs. Anchor the All Biological Codes and Seed Crytals as needed for the Christos Paradisian race. Activate the Silicate matrix in its divine order.

Ask AURORA FORCES of ELEMENTAL COMMAND and THEIR FAMILY of Devas of healing specific to EMF field balancing : To Recalibrate and align all electro-magnetic devices & Frequencies in your home /office/school to be in attunement with your divine essence vibration, your soul plan, then calibrate it seamlessly to the NEW EARTH planetary life force through the Aurora Networks of Christ.

Ask for any axiatonal line or etheric nadial upgrades needed NOW for the optimum functioning and comfort of your bio-energy field (for your child) that is outside the scope of your request or understanding.

Calibrate all connections to harmonize and synchronize seamlessly with your energetic field to this timeline 2012.

Permanently, Totally & Completely.


Parent states Intention of Guardianship :

I harmonize and HOLD this space in the name of One Self God Self. AS witness of One, I seal this prayer into the Light of Union and Wholeness in Service to the One Self. And So it IS.

Through all dimensions and realities, all chakras and chakra complexes on all Levels. Take this through the Morphogenetic Field and subtle energy systems all levels and components of the Being. Fully, Completely, Totally and Permanently. Anchor Lock and Seal through the Hologram. Anchor Lock and Seal through the Time Matrix.

Beloveds, We thank you for this Opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are Home. Our Infinite Stream of Love is with you in ALL ways.

And SO it is. We Seal and End this Session into the Light of Wholeness and Union. Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God, for this eternal blessing of protection.

Please note these meditations were copied from Lisa Renees Newsletters. to assist you.