Please know, the information we are bringing is through our many years of experience and what we’ve learnt from that process as well as the guidance we get from our God self and Guides (this includes God forces and Aurora races). It is up to you to listen to your guidance and search through your being to see if what we offer is in alignment to your being and also aligned to the path you are walking. We are working to uphold spiritual integrity and to make this exchange a win/win for both parties. If you are not satisfied with the answer we bring in please let us know and we can give you more information or refund you. We are intending to work with the beings that are in alignment to our work and our path that are truly in need of assistance and hold their spiritual integrity, so both parties can be in alignment to eternal spirit as much as we can.

No Dumping Shit Policy:-

We are all working hard to get through so many lies, deceptions, illusions that are placed in front of our paths, through thousands of years of patterns, genetics, societal, planetary problems and many other events. These things cause us emotional imbalance and mental difficulties, causing us to be unstable or just flat out go crazy. But we cannot direct that anger, imbalance and emotional drama towards another person or collect it all in one big talk or letter and give it to someone else to take care of it. Filling that exchange with so much negativity, pain and suffering makes the other person throw up.

Even when you are not sensitive you might have experienced this kind of interaction with people and remember feeling tired, drained and confused and wanting to get rid of those memories and thoughts running in your head about wanting to solve others problems and experiencing their pain. If the person is sensitive, this gets amplified so much that they feel the slime and it is not fun to be in that space. We call it vomiting or sliming.

None of us want this, so please think over your questions, calm down and put the necessary question and some information of your situation in summary form, without any pain and trauma with the intention of NOT wanting to harm yourself or the other party.

If we are not already doing it, this is a good practice to have in communicating with others (either e-mail or talk). We are all here to heal, work and grow together, loving and forgiving each other as much as we can. So any anger or threats will not be tolerated.