Lessons to learn and traps to avoid in our journey to ascension - October 2015

Post date: Oct 15, 2015 12:49:39 AM

Lessons to learn and traps to avoid in our journey to ascension - October 2015

Written by Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

This month's topic is something that I have been wanting to write for a long time. I would like to invite you to consider where you are in your journey in relation to this discussion.

Pain as a way to awaken Normally for most of us, the process of awakening comes in with pain and hardships that were placed in our path to show us that the choices we have made and where we are going and what we are doing is not supporting to us and our overall growth as a spirit being. This could be anything that gets us to stop and think. Some of the things that are brought in to our life could be a sickness, death, a relationship break up, financial crisis or anything that is creating a situation that is not allowing us to be able to function the way we are familiar with. The process starts with a gentle nudge and then gets intensified as it goes. The more we don't hear the more intense the situation becomes. Our Eternal Spirit is not someone that gives up in one shot, it keeps on harassing us to stop what we are doing and listen to its guidance.

As humans we are not good with pain, when there is pain we do everything possible to avoid it. So in the case of the intense pain, we try many avenues that are not supporting to our spirit's calling but for us these are all good solutions to get away from the pain. When all of our options are drained and the pain is difficult to handle then we begin to stop and raise our head out and see what is the reason for all of this and is there a way out.

This is when many avenues begins to open for us, some are supporting to us and some are traps but both can be lessons and could be useful on your journey.

Financial Freedom

These days, for many people, one of the most difficult situations that they are facing is the financial challenges as the job they are doing and the life they are leading are not supporting them. There could be many reasons for this, but mostly what they see from their limited perspective at that stage of development is that they are not happy with the amount of money they are making for the time they are putting in or they are not happy with the jobs they are doing, or both.

The lifestyle they have chosen, the choices they are making, and their financial habits are not letting them keep their heads above water and this is hampering their financial situation and is effecting other areas of their life. They are not able to do what they want to do and feel lack in many areas and want to find a quick solution. Normally changing jobs, finding a better job, working overtime and many other common things that they do seems to not work at this time for them and they begin to feel pain. This might get intensified when they are faced with few other issues. When it is hard to handle they look for new solutions.

What they don't understand at this point is that finding a way to make more money is not their main problem, it is just a by product of their thinking and the lifestyle they have chosen to live. But they don't see it this way yet, for them finding a way to make more money will solve all their problems.

This is when they begin to look outside of the box, a new way to make money and these days they are all around us. There are network marketing opportunities, pyramid schemes and many other investment opportunities to make a quick buck if you put some energy in to it.

Many take this path and at the beginning it is bit of a scary concept to handle for them as they never thought to look outside of the box they were in but at the same time it sounds exciting and hopeful. They get to meet or show many people who have made big doing this and all seems good on the surface. They begin to learn about personal development, motivation, new ways of thinking and there are loads of resources that are available for them to expand their awareness. Many change their lifestyle and their way of thinking and look for a better future through these new opportunities.

Greed, distorted values wrapped up in new ideas

But there are hidden traps in some of these new financial opportunities. The main motive of most of these organizations are to make more money, whatever the cost is. Some of these companies use marketing strategies that are not supportive to anyone, they are traps that are well hidden; the deception is a key component in selling the product or attracting prospective down-lines. So the person has to sacrifice their values to be part of the group and most of the time they are not even aware of these facts as the lies and deceptions are laced beautifully with service to others. We must help others! We have to make them see this products or this opportunity, so the initial lies are okay. Then the next set of lies comes out when it is time to sell the product. Whether the product or the opportunity is something that the person truly needs in their life at that time is not considered, but how can I sell to the customer is the motive.

There are many other situations like this that involves greed and trickery. People's inability to think for themselves and ignorance is used against them to get them entangled and without them knowing the person begins to lose their value system and their sense of who they are.

Re-assimilation to the system with a piece of the pie

At this time the person has lost their way and are being re-assimilated to the system again through the new opportunity which they have embraced without thinking. Their spirit is battered with distorted human values and greed.

From my perspective, it seems that this option is actually a way to trap many humans who are tired of the system and wanting to find a better way. Giving them a piece of the pie at this moment for whatever the sacrifices they are making and then re-assimilating them into the system is what the hidden motive is behind this avenue.

These days it is not working as intended, as people want change and are using these places for their advantage and they begin to see the bigger picture through them. This happens only for a small amount of people who are not willing to sacrifice their values and are wise enough to look through the veils of deception that is laced with more money and less spirit.

Journey continues

As I mentioned above, few begin to think way out of the box and see the traps in this new opportunity. They take the knowledge and expanded awareness from these opportunities and use them for their advantage. Some leave the organization and look for new opportunities or change their lifestyle based on the experience and knowledge that they have acquired. For them new doors will open with new lessons to learn and their journey continues.

Many things that come our way could not be a trap, if we are wise enough to see through the veils of deception and use it for our growth as a spirit being.

Personal development

When we are in deep pain, one area many people look for is personal development, which is something that has been filling the consciousness field for some time. This is a great treasure, if we can learn to use it wisely. There are so many great teachers in this area and each is finding the truth in their own way and working it for themselves. They have likely written many books and do loads of seminars, personal training and mentoring. I have read many books and taken some training and found them to be a great help in my life.

One of the areas that we have to pay attention to closely is the fact that they have found the answer to their problems, their personal issues through some way and now are offering that solution to us, and we might not have the same problem or the same conditions that created the problem. Sometimes following the same technique they are offering might not work for us and our problems, so we have to be more understanding and not be discouraged but find ways to see what created our problem and find different solutions by following the methods and ways that have created the solutions for their problem.

Again the trap in this areas is that people find solutions to the few problems that they see and think that is the end of it and go back to their life or they forget that there is a component missing in some of the trainings. This is that we are spirits having a human experience and not all the solutions to our problems can be found through the mental realms only.

New age communities

This is the next area we step in to as we bridge personal development with the spirit. There are so many areas in this paradigm. Angels and ascended masters, many channels from entities, spirit mediums and also so many healing methodologies and technologies that have been down stepped or are being re-found or brought in from many ancient teachings.

This area is the most educational and tricky to walk on and there are so many traps that has been set by the dark. Greed and power hunger of the person and the desire to control and manipulate the followers to their will is so prevalent in this arena. Competition, rival groups, and many dark agendas are involved in most of the teachings.

When they are awakened, many think that the other side of the fence must be better and there will be love and light and everyone is loving caring and supportive to us and there will be no greed or desire to dominate over others. But this is not the case in this area as every distorted human condition is out to be seen or will be seen soon enough as everyone is working to heal themselves. Ignorance is not something that you can afford or you will pay for that.

This is where our values and self confidence or lack of it is tested heavily. Whole new areas of self discovery are there for you when you step in.

So it is best to look at yourself and your values before stepping in to the teachings and watch out for the manipulators and power hungry teachers and healers. The minute you notice some things that are not aligned to your values, pay close attention or you will be trapped in their webs of trickery and wasting your money and life force on something that is not aligned to your highest good. Plus that teaching and the path your are taking might lead you to be a vehicle to spread dark agendas on earth.

Angels and what-not with dark agendas

As I have written many times, many believed angels and other ascended master teachings are provided by fallen beings with negative agendas from other dimensions and they want to trap you in their webs and use you for their agendas instead of letting you take your journey to freedom and be a beacon of light for others.

There are many loving channels and mediums that think that they are doing a service to the world by channelling these angels, masters or entities but the truth is that they are being tricked and used. The more of a following they have the easier for these entities to get their work done though us.

Pay closer attention as this area holds one of the biggest traps and many humans never leave this area and continue to work for the dark without their knowing. This is an area where you learn what you need to learn as fast as you can and move on as fast as you can.

UFO communities

This is another area that is so popular among the awakened humans just like the new age communities. The same things apply here but an extra bit to look for is the promises that come from the visitors. Many are negative aliens using humans for their agendas and the promise of a new future is what they are giving but is not the real thing. They want the governments and people to invite them in so they can help us re-built things, some even promises to give money.

Some openly offer hybridization options to humans and many without knowing think that the gadgets and things might make their life better. Through trickery and deception many humans are getting plugged in to artificial matrixes and hybridization zones and their life force is being harnessed for negative agendas and consumption.

To be really free as a race we must learn to discern. We must learn to listen to ourselves, think clearly and free ourselves. No one outside of us can free us, if we get the freedom handed to us now, we will lose it again because we don't know truth. We have to know the truth, learn and change ourselves and claim the freedom that is ours. Then that cannot be taken away from us.

Support groups and communities

When we begin to awaken and no one is around us who are willing to listen to this new information that we are finding, it is so comforting to have friends and that is what you find in a group. A new family who understand you and agree with you and share ideas and new findings with. Groups and internet communities has been a great gift for all of us and they have many advantages as well as disadvantages. As we are still learning and freeing ourselves we find the same distorted human beliefs within the groups; racism, politics, mini groups and disagreements and many others things are common in them. As well as best friends for life, comfort in a crisis, someone to listen to and help.

These are amazing places to be in physically or online. If we are paying attention we can learn a lot about ourselves and others in a very short time.

Self discovery through groups

We need to remember our main motive in joining anything is we are there to learn our lessons and take our journey and not to be trapped and lose our own way.

There are many leaders that are controlled by dark without their knowing and they are leading their flock to dark agendas, so keep an eye out for power hunger, control, manipulation, trickery, and also if blind following is encouraged. That means you can't ask questions, if you are against an idea you are not allowed in the group, threats against not following all the distorted humans laws that they have created for themselves and enforced, self policing, leader back-stabbing etc.

I have experienced and witnessed teachers and healers back-stabbing, stealing codes and things from their members and clients, using members as their shield, and also attacking the members through rumours or energy attacks when they leave the group or are not obeying them. All of these have been part of our lessons depending upon what we are here to learn and do on our way to freedom. It is how this is for all of us. We are there to learn something, witness something, and pick up or heal something. When that is done, you get your clue to move on and at that time we have to make that decision, however hard it is to move on and especially when we are not good at leaving comfort zones.

There are so many examples for us to derive from to learn things and to be cautious when we are in groups or taking healing or are mentoring from someone.

Sometimes it's a matter of learning the lessons and still be in the group because you are not done there. There is more to be done and you keep your guard up and continue your learning there without being a blind follower.

Some have agreements to be with certain groups to complete certain tasks on earth. In that case you have to stay on but not be a blind follower and lose your values and sense of perspective.

Another thing that I have noticed and at times we miss is that we all have our own piece of the puzzle to fulfill, and we sometimes have to pick it up from a few groups. So when the task is done we move on. That does not mean that we are not working for the light anymore. Some stop all communication with the person when they learn that the person is no longer in their group. In many cases they simply think that this is the only group and if you are not in here, that means something is not right and so they drop the person out of their circles. I have experienced this with many groups and many others have similar experiences. Shocking and painful as it may be to experience this but we learn lessons about people around us and humans lack of ability to think for themselves and follow their own guidance. For them, the word self-sovereignty is something so foreign or just a word you speak of but not to live by.

Self discovery

There are also times we have to leave all the groups, teachers and teachings to find our own way and to learn specific lessons that are set for us by Eternal spirit. I will write my experience with this. The feeling was firm and I felt that there is something that we had to do on our own and we didn't know how long this was or what the real reason for all, but we followed it anyways. It has been several years since that decision and has been the most terrifying and interesting journey for us and it has been a real self discovery.

I am very grateful to say, that this last group I was in, the leader was kind, caring and supportive to the group and had the best intention for the group. I leaned so much from there and it was a great experience. Leaving that comfort zone was a difficult task and all of a sudden the friends we thought we had were gone and the support systems that we had were taken away and we were left with nothing; to figure out our own life, to learn to trust our own instincts and guidance. Things that were hidden within us came to be and began to show us who we are, and who we could be. Our fears were in full force and we had to discover our strengths and weaknesses. Most of us were used to being told what to do by an outside source, and even though we can decide what we are going to do with the information we take we still are getting something from outside. When we are left to make decisions based on our own instincts and guidance and to take responsibility for our own spiritual developments, that can be a bit scary, especially when you have no one to talk to and get clarity but yourself. There has been many occasions of falling flat on own faces and many new discoveries of ourselves and still the journey continues.

Blind following to worshipping

What I noticed with many groups that I was in or others are in is that many can't stop the blind following. No matter how hard the teacher tried to explain and help the person to be free from the chains that binds them, they always find a new way to chain themselves, and if possible find a way to worship their teacher.

I'll write a funny example that was told by a member of another group to bring more awareness as to how silly we can get.

This might not be the exact story but this begs the question where the followers are; have they reached the point of worshipping and calling my god is better than yours? One leader saw a face in a vegetable and stopped eating that type of vegetable; this is okay and that is the choice of the individual. These days as our awareness grows, we begin to see nature and life in a more compassionate and understanding way, and if we chose not to eat a certain type of vegetable or vegetables or meat that is our choice and should not to be judged by others. But many in the group have stopped eating the same type of vegetable ( just one type of vegetable), just because the leader mentioned the experience. When you hear a story like this, one could wonder, what are they thinking?

Some of these teachers have done so much in support to the awakening of humanity. They have brought downloads of information for the planet and are battered with the workload that they were given and the distorted human support systems they have. So they were not able to fully fulfill their purpose. But just because they are bringing in so much information that does not mean we have to worship them and believe in everything they say. This makes us ignorant and teaches us to ignore our own self sovereignty.

We get out of religions and stop worshipping demi-gods and say no more worshiping and no more religions. But then again we go to these groups or follow some teachings and do the same thing all over again; we create idols, gurus and we worship them as their word is the word of God and forget to think for ourselves. Then and there we create a new religion or a cult.

What I wrote is derived from our own and others experiences on the journey. This might be a guideline for you to see where you are. If you are a newly awakened and are seeking your path, this might be something to think about. Or you might be someone already on the journey and are experiencing what I have written. Or you might have gone through the same experiences, then you can confirm this with a smile and say, yeah!, been there done that! It's up to you to pick and chose what you want from what I have written here. The task is doing your best not to get stuck or trapped in something that can take you nowhere.