The Roots of Healing

The Roots of Healing

Written by Pavithra LH @

Written on October 15,2014

When we look at the nature kingdom we begin to see the beauty and grace of it and how supporting it is towards us and our evolution. Have you ever wondered how the ancient ways of taking plant medicine is so powerful and have the ability to heal our being, not just the 3D body but the multidimensional being? I thought about it yesterday and realized the importance of understanding this on a deeper level at this time of our evolution.

Everything in nature is a living breathing being, a spirit, a living consciousness and when we use these plants and herbs to heal our being, our multidimensional being, our consciousness connects with the spirit of the plant and facilitates the healing for us multidimensionaly. Not just the physical ailments, but its root cause, finding it through the multidimensional layers. That is why the Ancient ways of medicine takes a while to heal the body, because it needs to go to the roots and purge what is not needed and heal us fully.

This co-creation with the spirit of the plant is known to ancient healers and their modality and many of these beings have ceremonies to evoke the spirit of the plant, ask the plants assistance to heal the being. For example, the journeys the medicine men take with the use of the Ayahuasca plant, it is the plant's spirit that facilitates the true journey for the being to awaken the being to their higher multi-dimensional bodies by guiding the being. Same with the tobacco plant that the Native Indians use in its pure form or any other plant that is being used in a traditional way that holds and works with the true essence of the plant.

There is one more component that is needed for this process to be a real success; that is the person believes in the healing that they are receiving, whatever the form it takes. This gives a sort of a permission, a handshake between the two spirits and their consciousness fields to interact with each other to facilitate the work.

Our mind has the ability to heal anything in our being, but most of us don't believe this is the case, or don't have the patience to work with the mind to heal our being. There are so many self-created or other forms of blockages that are stopping this from happening. This is where the spirit of the plant comes to aid and assist our higher self to heal us through a co-creation, where certain blocks in our consciousness are removed to facilitate the actual cause to bring us back to harmony again.

All this is done with the understanding that we are and everything around us, the whole universe, is a living breathing organism, working and interacting with each other in a beautiful harmony. So when we are out of balance and in need of assistance in healing, we can ask the plant or the nature kingdom to assist us in balancing our being and as a result bring us back to harmony. Amazing isn't it?!

Now we can look at how the modern science and western medicine look at the world. Science looks at people and the world as a machine, a clock-work mechanism, where when we find a problem in the machine, we fix it. The spirit aspect of the being, or this world, has being taken out of the picture. So when we seek healing they only look at the physical body, the machine. The physicians work to heal it with whatever the best method they can come up with, just like when we look at a car; what parts needs changing what parts needs greasing.

This way of looking at things has made the healing partial as only the physical body is treated but not the multidimensional body; the whole being is not healed. For example, the root cause of a certain disease might be a disharmony in the higher dimensional body that has been down stepped to the physical body as a disease. Therefore healing the physical body might not take away the disharmony in the higher dimensional body. Because the root cause has not been corrected, the disharmony may show up as a different disease or another problem. Until the root cause is corrected the person might keep on getting different problems.

Then again the pharmaceuticals drugs that are being used to heal do not have the real plant spirit in them. Most of the drugs are made in the laboratory, taking components from many different plant enzymes and changing their molecular structures to make it attack the specific disease. The outcome is a synthetic drug that is distorted and spiritless which does not have the ability to interact multidimensional to heal the being. Then they are mass produced using synthetic mediums like petroleum.

For example to make aspirin; the original painkiller component of willow bark is taken and then other components are added to enhance it to make it more potent, as well as to compete with other companies, they make it strong but the outcome is a synthetic drug, which is not organic anymore. So when a person gets these pharmaceutical drugs, they only attack the disease and it might heal the problem in 3D but not the higher dimensional layers. Then again as this is an artificial drug, it takes a while for the body to purge it out as the body does not know how to handle it or how to dispose of it.

Yes, as I mentioned the mind has the ability to heal our being, but there are so many barriers we have placed in our being with our knowing or unknowing, that makes it hard for us to automatically heal our being and the spiritless pharmaceutical drugs do not have the ability to help our consciousness to remove these problems, to really get a true healing and bring us back to harmony.

As you can see this way of medicine does not really help us anymore, and the modern science and medicine is not even two hundred years old and already going towards genetic manipulation and creating spiritless elementals. When the spirit is taken out of science, whatever science makes, can it heal the spirit or the being as the spirit is the guiding force of all of creation and us? This is one of the most important questions that we all should ask.

Also I want to add another element to this which is, we know we all have genetically modified distorted DNA in our being that we are working very hard to heal. These distortions are due the influence of negative aliens thousands of years ago, with the agenda of Hybridizing humans to fit their purpose. The outcome is a cyborgs or artificial humans which are spiritless. If we take the distorted genetically modified artificial drugs we are enhancing and supporting the fallen parts of these aspects/DNA within us further walking away from our spirit and our true nature. Which is another big subject I will write more about later. Original intention of our creation is that we are amazingly powerful sovereign and free God beings.

If we are hybridized by others then we are a distortion of the true creation, fallen and slaves to someone else.

We need to find true healing by going back to the roots, re-awaken the ancient ways of healing modalities including energy healing, consciousness healing and plant medicinal healing to bring us back to our roots.

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