Heart and head connection meditation

This one is easy to understand but will take you on a journey when you begin to do the work for a while. There is a disconnection between our heart and head and this is one of the way to make a connection from heart to the head.

The techniques is for you to learn to begin to breath in to your heart. Visualize you breathing in to your heart, seeing the air going deep in to your heart and then with the out breath exiting from your back. Sometimes it takes a while for you to see the air going all the way through the heart and out of your back, but continue to breath and go deeper and deeper in to your heart. As you do this for a while, some times the old memories begin to come out of the heart to release and heal, this is perfectly okay. Don't be worried when this happen and continue your work as your heart is attempting to release old pain and heal itself as you pay attention to it. Just witness the event or the image, if needed this is the time to bring in forgiveness to you and others as necessary to heal issues.

The deeper you go the more you will feel the peace within. When you practice this for a long time, there will be times you will begin to experience the timelessness as the heart is connected to the spirit or the God.

When you are ready and feel comfortable with going deep within the heart, you can now focus on making a connection between heart and head. To do that breath in to your heart and feel the heart filling with air and then send the out breath all the way to your head and then through the head. Another way to look at it is you will breath in to the heart and then breath out to the head.

The more you do this the more the head gets aligned with your heart and the mind begins to slow down to match the heart.

This will help to bring in more fire to your heart and head allowing spirit to make connection with your head and also calm the mind. As well as bring the wisdom of the heart to the head and express through your mind. Heart and head connection is something that we all need, as there is a huge imbalance or a disconnection with heart and head on this planet.

In time you will begin to notice that you have a more connection to the spirit and your teams and also you can feel more and understand those feelings through your head.