Surrendering to alchemy

Post date: Jul 1, 2014 5:58:10 PM

As part of the new calendar; which is called Magnum Opus that holds 13 signs, this month we are going through an incredible journey with alchemy. All the planetary systems are aligning for this amazing ride, but the thing is it's is not a ride that we are going to forget for a while. As it holds many challenges and lessons it is opening up a new level of alchemy all of us.

Surrendering to Alchemy

This process started on the 20th of the last month and will continue through to the 20 of this month, being July. As a bonus we got the summer solstice energies to make it a high ride, as these energies brought with it so many levels of new awareness and learning that shook our nervous system to another stage.

For us it has been a challenging time, as the pressure is being brought from every side to make this alchemy work for us. Knowing this makes it easier for us to go through this but it is not that easy for our mental body to fathom this amazing journey.

The pressure is so much that we've been saying to each other, something's got to give, something's got to break, cause it is so hard to be in this body feeling all the pressure and the emotional tempering that we go through.

I just wrote an article talking a bit about what the alchemy process is and how it's effecting our being; see Alchemy and Your Reality.

Basically, we are in for a great treat, but the patience to go through this process and surrender needed for every move that it takes us through is an amazingly challenging task for all of us. So remember that patience, persistence and surrender is the key for every level of this process. As always like any process, this too has a purpose, a beginning and an end, if you move through this you will find out the treasures at the end. Steady as she goes ;-)

As we are going through this, we thought we'd write to you about our experiences by opening a blog.

So..... this is our first blog for this month and we are excited to write more and see where this takes us.

Enjoy the ride..