Subject and object in our life

Post date: May 19, 2016 5:37:52 PM

Sometimes we forget what Subject and Object in our life means. In grammar, in simple terms; the subject is the person or thing doing something and the object is something having done to it.If we look at people as things or objects then we treat them as objects. Then we tend to do things to them with the thinking we own them so we change and use them as objects. The definition of an object is, something having done to it. Why would anyone want things done to them? Control it or change it instead of allowing it to be.I am noticing with this thinking, we lose the respect for others, respect for life. The reverence for life is not something that is in the mind of a person who most of the times unknowingly and other times knowingly treat humans as objects. We can further go in to add nature kingdoms to this as well as that is another part we sometimes miss to recognize and respect.

As we go through life, all of a sudden we notice that we are treating someone as a thing in some area in our life and wonder why we do it. When we dig deep, we realize that we have misinformed ourselves of the real truth in that relationship. In any relationship the other person has the same rights and freedom as us but through archetypal and other role playing and also some other responsibilities that we have taken, or misunderstood roles and status that is part of the society and through ego fears. We have forgotten the true meaning of relationships and the freedom that must be there. Birthright of that person; the allowing of the person to be who they are has been forgotten.

We see this in the world around us, in companies, organizations, countries where the people are treated as objects. They need to be told what to do is coming from that thinking where we go into a place of not allowing the other person to be who they are meant to be. We control, put boundaries and change them to be what we want them to be. To make it easy for us.

This is changing our outer reality to match our expectations. This does not really work or bring us happiness as outer reality is not something that stays constant. We must go within and change ourselves where we find true freedom.

When we are scared of people and things around us, that means we are scared of something within. Then without understanding that we go out, control, dominate and change the situation to match our expectations. This does not really fix the problem within. We are still scared within, there is a fear that is dominating and controlling us and making us unhappy. If we change within, if we change our attitude towards the world and things then the fears within goes away as they are just a phantom of our mind running illusions.

As we look within to change ourselves, one of the things we need to really consider and change is the allowing of others to be who they are. Meaning, the ego desire to control and manipulate must go. If we keep an eye on ourselves and begin to see people as us and not objects. Meaning Respecting them for who they are. Then we can let go of the habit of seeing people as things. To be free from this pattern we have to bring in respect and allowing. If we learn to allow others to be who they are and respect them enough to be who they are; the pattern of objectifying people goes away.

Learning this is part of our spiritual evolution as on the way somewhere we have lost this important understanding of life and has begun to treat life forms as objects. What we have done is lost the respect for us somewhere so we treat other life forms as things to be used and controlled. This is alien thinking. An ego-dominated, selfish thinking.

We must cease this practice immediately and bring in allowance and respect for life. Allowing is part of mother energy; the in-flowing of mother or goddess energy is peace, gentleness, opening and allowing. When the mother was distorted all of this was lost to a level within us. It is the time we remember and bring this back to us.