Beyond Mind Control

PS: All this is written from our own experiences and what we have self realize along our way; this is our truth. So please make a conscious choice, choose what you need and drop what you don't. Learn Discernment instead of playing victim; listen to your inner voice of your heart and soul when choosing.

Please know, all these are truths that kept evolving and becoming more extraordinary levels of truth which align with the universal laws but at this state they are simply glimpses of a bigger truth, a aha moment, a piece of a puzzle which keep showing us the bigger picture of the grater puzzle so so slow with time.

So as the time goes, we evolve and these truths become simple pieces of our foundation. This is not the full truth but glimpses of the real truth. So as you read you can see the truth evolve as we too have evolved so slowly with time and our experiences with life . Experiences are the key to our evolution,self realization . With that our writing become expanded to new levels of self realization and more open expanded perception of life, more openness to the life and universe. Enjoy!! Pavithra.