Simple meditation technique

Meditating and making the mind calm down is sometimes a challenging task, it's like catching a monkey.....

It jumps from branch to branch erratic, unexpected behaviours and moves that make the task almost impossible.

But is there a easy way to do this?

The thing is when we are trying to make something happen without accepting and surrendering to the fact this is what it is, we are creating opposition within us. When we are in opposition to our self it is hard to do what we really want to do. This conflict is making things more difficult. So the best way to approach anything in life, including calming the mind, is to accept the fact that the mind is where it is and surrender to this fact. This way we take out the inner conflict we created that adds more fuel to the situation. Make an effort and surrender to the fact and see how immediately we relax.

So how do we get there....?

Instead of catching the monkey, look and focus on the background where the monkey is in......The forest, notice the calmness of the forest, the calmness of the trees......... Notice the silence of it all, how much beauty that it holds, the sacredness of the forest. When we move in to notice the silence of the forest and are immersed in it, we no longer notice the monkey or its noise. It has already merged in to the forest; the background and has become the part of the forest and no longer bother you. This must be the same approach we must take when it comes to reaching peace in our mind.

Find a calm and quiet place in the house or nature somewhere......

Sit or lie down comfortably....

Take few deep breaths........ when you do this breathe out, do it with a sound haaa while opening your mouth. Now intend or say in your mind I let go of the days troubles and release them from my mind from my being; intend and or visualize all of those troubles going out of your being as you make the exhale with the haaa sound.

Take few more deep breaths and start noticing the silence around you and within you. The silence behind the noise, the silence behind the thoughts, the background is what we are looking for. Don't pay that much attention to the thoughts any more go within..... more and more and listen to the background..... the deep forest of silence within you.... go and listen to it, notice it more and more.

A few thoughts may come by, but notice that you are not paying much attention to them anymore. You are immersed in the silence of the forest, the background of all that noise. The calmness of the forest, the breeze, the sacredness of it all; you are in that space now.... thoughts cannot interfere any more you, have merged with the forest... the background... the eternal spirit that lives within you. Stay there as much you can.

Now if you want, you can add breathing to this to process energy. Breathe this calmness you have in to your whole being.... breathe and expand it to your heart, stay there and make it expand more and more and moving slowly in to your whole body. Enjoy the experience as much as you want.

This simple can be use to build a strong practice for yourself.

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