Disease Consciousness fields and how it effects on people

Disease Consciousness Fields and How it Affects People

Written on August 13, 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

We are multidimensional beings and our final expression is in this 3D body. When we get a disease, it is mostly due to a disharmony in our higher dimensional bodies. What it does to clear this disharmony is it down steps the issue to the physical body to be purged out. Most of us don't understand this, so we keep on living the same lifestyles and patterns we used to live before we had the disease. If we did not change what we did to allow this disharmony to happen we might get the same problem back again over and over, till we really change the way we live, or change the thoughts we have.

When a being gets a disease and owns it and continues to suffer, this create a field and if there are many others that have the same disease pattern, through their connection to this disease, they built up a field without their knowing. This field holds all the pain, difficulties as well as the rest of the problems these beings have and they are all connected to this field. Like this there are many other disease fields with all the diseases on this planet that are all connected together surrounding this planet. You may have heard about the fear consciousness field that is surrounding the earth, well, this is another field we have to be free of.

When a being is told they have a certain disease and they begin to believe it and own it as part of them, they get connected to that part of the disease field and they get plug-ins from them and even downloads. This is one of the reasons it is hard for some people to be free from certain disease patterns, whatever the medicine they take. They have begun to own that disease and its patterns that might say it cannot be healed and other properties of it; and now the being is not able to be free from that field. This is especially true if we have these downloads that have installed in our higher dimensional levels, then it takes a while for the being to purge that out of them. Sometimes it cannot be purged because the being has owned these programs now in their being and it is a part of them.

There are many layers to this consciousness experience, let me give you an example; if you have a blue car and your friends and family know about this, even if you get rid of it, for a while they still hold thoughts and memories of you with that blue car. It's like that with disease patterns; you are part of that field now and have plugged in to it and it takes a while to be free from it as well as to be free from the thoughts others have about you with connection to this disease. Some times when people get a disease they like to tell everyone about it, to get their sympathy and attention. It seems we want to think twice about this habit, don't you think?. Because now that person needs more time to be free of the disease as well as the connection to this pattern that their friends are holding for them. Sometimes it is good to tell a few about the problem or not to tell them at all what we are going through, isn't it? This does apply to other areas of our life as well, not just to this subject.

One of the ways to be free of these fields is not to get attached to the problem or in this case the disease, and specifically not owning it as yours. Just call is whatever crazy name that comes into your mind ( blah blah pumpkin pudding :-) ), so you do not have a connection to that part of that disease field. The next thing is to work to clear it with the assistance of a trusted healer/doctor, but do the best you can to not let this be a problem for you. Try to take it lightly and have faith and trust that you can purge this out of your being. With this understanding we can really see why we should not take the doctors diagnose as final and lose faith in our self. We have heard stories of people who took that diagnose as final and gave in to it; as well as stories of brave beings who did not really take the diagnose as final and fought to free themselves from it. We all have the ability to heal our self, we just have to work with our being to help it purge this dis-ease out of our being and bring ease to the body. I am not giving medical advice here, I am simply talking about the effect of the consciousness fields and its influence.

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