Data-Sphere Effect


Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

The TV, advertising, internet and many other things these days are being used to control our way of thinking and way of life. We are being programmed daily through many methods if we are not aware of them. Many people spend so much time on the internet simply browsing, facebooking loosing themselves in the mundane things that do not really bring any value to their lives. When they come home as well as on the weekend, the TV is their companion; a tool to de-stress, to forget the daily difficulties.

Many spend 2-3 or more hours watching TV, or listening to radio on the way to work with so many advertisements. The truth is, many think it is harmless to their being, everything we see, we hear make an impact on us whether we are aware of or not. So if you are on the path to healing yourself, the path to prosperity, and the path to evolution, you have to look at your habits and find where you are being programmed, where you are being led astray and find the courage to change those habits. I remember the days when I came home from work, I would eat while watching TV, and then I would forget what I was planning to do that evening and just spend the evening on the couch watching TV and then going to sleep when I was tired enough. When I realized what I was doing it took a lot of courage for me to free myself of TV.

I was afraid to let it go, so I told myself, I will rent movies instead of watching TV. So I did that for a while to wean myself from TV. It was a hard thing and then I worked on renting movies, just to rent the ones I really wanted. I would buy the ones that I felt could really help me change the way I think, that could really advance me so I could use them as a tool for my advancement instead of simply watching some movie that hurt my being. It took about 6 months for me to see the real effects from this effort. I could really see myself changing. My habits were easy to change, I was able to think clearly, and I had more time to work on myself.

Now I see movies I want to see and when I want to see them, without advertisement or forced programming. There are some movies that have taught me a lot and now I immediately see when I am being programmed with memes and I can overwrite them.

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