Alchemy and Your Reality

Alchemy and Your Reality

Written on July 8th 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

Ancient writings explain alchemy as turning lead in to gold, where the metal goes through extreme pressure and heat to arrive at another elemental level of its expression, which is gold. If we go deeper in to explaining this process we can say it is a spiritualization of the lead. Through the high pressure and heat the element becomes aware of its higher elemental self and makes the connection with it where it realizes and merges with that higher self and becomes gold.

Everything in this world needs to go through the same process to spiritualize itself when it is ready. This happens in stages and it's a process which has a purpose and a beginning and an end.

As humans when we go through our consciousness evolution, we go through the same alchemy process and this happens in stages in our life many times. Some go through this fast with an understanding, while others go through without a clue, and with so much pain and confusion. So it's a good thing for all of us to look at life's situations and our spiritual evolution as alchemy and work to participate with it.

Spiritualizing the flesh is where the spirit enters the flesh; the lead becomes aware of its higher self and knows it is no longer lead. There is a realization in this process, where we become aware that we are no longer human flesh, but we are spirit flesh. This awareness expands to states of knowing where we know our flesh is spirit flesh, our mind is the mind of god, and our body is an expression of god, etc. Basically we come to the realization that we are spirit beings having a human experience. When we make this connection with knowingness, not just intellectually but within our inner being, we become aware more of our roots and where we came from and where we are going in this process of alchemy. When the being is spiritualized enough and resurrected out of the dead, this is where the kingdom is shown within and the keys to the kingdom are given to the being.

In the case of the female she is freed from the entanglements and suppression of the lunar forces and re-born as the solar feminine. In our multidimensional body this process continues in many stages and layers, where the lower dimensional bodies become aware of their higher aspects and starts merging with those frequencies, as part of becoming one with the eternal creation. The first dimensional body frequency and color starts to merge with the fifteenth dimensional frequencies and the same goes for 2D with 14D and 3D with 13D, and so on down the dimensional column. We can go deeper to look at the elements in our being changing, where the water realizes that it's no longer the dead water and makes the connection with its higher aspects and then becomes spiritualized water which is the living waters.

As we are aware the higher dimensional planes are called the mind universes because everything there is manifested using the mind, there is no flesh or physical work involved, so the making of something is done through the mind. What you feel becomes you and around you. This applies to us as well as we become more spiritualized we are more in our spirit so the manifestation becomes immediate for us as well.

This is where we move in to really understanding the concept of 'you create your own reality', your universe. We use our thoughts and concepts to do it by understanding that thought are things and they go out there and get things done; they create reality. With this knowing we can utilize our concepts and thoughts and create our reality. We can decide what is our reality and who is in it and how it looks like.

When we grasp this concept, we become more and more guarded with our thoughts and what we feel inside as we now know what we feel inside can be immediately manifested outside of our being as part of our reality. When we feel the negative thoughts or feelings stirring inside we can immediately change them by being aware of what we are thinking and feeling. We can also utilize the amazing power of prayer, faith and gratitude to move us out of those states and move in to more spirit align states of consciousness.

This new way of looking at growth in its many areas of expansion and evolution, like the steel that is heated and cooled to change shape, eventually the desired form is achieved. The key is in the patience and persistence of this process and the trust that all alchemical transformations that begin eventually become complete. Knowing this will help you through the times of extreme heat or pressure that you feel.

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