How things are working for the Global Zombification

How Things are Working for the Global Zombification

Written on August 18, 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

It is interesting to see how things are playing out in the mainstream consciousness levels. I was in an friends and family gathering last year and listened to some of the members talking about the awesomeness of a pharmaceutical pill . They said they can have this pill before eating, so that they can eat as many carbohydrates they want as the pill has the ability to stop the body from digesting the carbs they eat. During the conversation what was mentioned was fascinating; white beans have the ability to stop the carbs from digesting in the body and the companies have isolated this part of it and now are creating pills.

I thought about this for a bit while eating, as lately we are seeing so many side effects from the pharmaceuticals drugs, as they are not tested long term but created for a quick fix for the masses. The trouble is people don't know about these things and every time a side effects comes up, it is considered another disease pattern and another drug is given to alleviate the problem. And the side effects of that drug is covered with another drug, and this goes on and on as this vicious cycle is created.

When I was young, I remember hearing that cassava root has cyanide in it but as the person eats the root as it is prepared in a safer way, the root has the ability to neutralize the poison, so the person does not get hurt by eating it. Of course we are told to not eat ginger during that time as a precaution, as ginger seems to have the ability to activate the poison. The beauty of most of the herbs on the planet is, if you take the herb as directed by ancients or a being who has a true experience with them, you will not get any of the side effects that the herb may have as it has an element built into its system to neutralize the negative effect.

When the pharmaceutical companies and their scientists that look for specific properties of these herbs only take the ability of these herbs that they need and chemically manufacture them using petrochemicals or other substances (synthetic drugs) to alleviate the disease pattern without really paying attention to the side effects of that herb or that part of the herb which might have them. Most of the greedy and power hungry in the FDA or other organizations pass these drugs as healthy to the public without proper testing or even knowing full well that they can cause severe problems to the public. The trouble with all this is much of these drugs are prescribed to the public by their doctors as most of the doctors/organizations are being bought by the pharmaceutical companies. Even the most famous science magazine and their writings and the major studies are done by their own paid representatives.

When people go to the doctor for a answer to their pain or symptoms, these dangerous drugs are being prescribed by their trustworthy doctors with their knowing or unknowing.

On the other hand the food industry is being set up to sell foods that are dead and poisonous as much as possible with so much addictives. We are light beings, and the food we eat must contain life as that is how we are sustained. If the food is dead then we are not getting enough life force, so we keep buying and eating more and more food. If the food contains additives as well as poisons, then all we are doing is eating to fix an addiction that is created within our being. Our bodies cannot handle this much food or poison, it is trying its best to digest all of it while trying to eliminate the poisons in the food.

How much can the body do if we keep feeding it the dead and poisoned food daily? The body starts to degenerate and create dis-ease patterns to get rid of these poisons and instead of helping it with understanding the issues, we poison it more and more with drugs. How long can the body go on like that, if you are young you might not see the results right away; this does not mean you can be careless.

On top of this the person has lost touch with its spirit and are poisoning the consciousness with negative thought patterns, lifestyles and so on. Our being is a multi-dimensional being, twelve dimensions, 12 bodies, we are a whole being together with all these bodies. The physical body is the last expression of the being and the densest of all. We must be in tune with our higher dimensional bodies to really work and heal our being.

We are seeing many people on the planet now having lost their true sense to the spirit, to their inner self or even to really ask reasonable questions from their doctor for their problems. They all look for answers outside themselves and for quick fixes. Whoever the authority figure they go to is, they believe they know better than them and trust them to take care of them. This numbness and dumbing down has created a much bigger problem that is spreading around the world.

Also, pockets of these people have lost their connection to the light to a higher degree and are now without their knowing being zombified from the highest level of the consciousness field. We are seeing a stepping down of zombification signatures/energies, stepping down from 11th Dimension onwards. This is a disturbing scenario as these kinds of energies open the being up for entity possessions and up to a complete body possession.

It is time we all learn and understand these situations and its higher effects, so we are not being harmed by outside sources and we are in control of our life and our being.

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