Samsara - The Great Re-incarnation cycle

Samsara - The Great Re-incarnation cycle, The Curse of Humanity.

Written on July 31, 2014

By Pavithra LH @

Originally, re-incarnation was set up to be a vehicle to allow souls to collect their genetics and heal themselves through incarnating on the planet with their past memories intact. When the being is re-incarnated they have their past memories intact, so they can decide what they need to heal for themselves for that life cycle as the planetary logos and other higher dimensional councils can guide them through this process. Every re-incarnation the being gets their necessary coding collected, healed and their consciousness expanded. So when they are born again they can do this again and move to the next level of their expansion with the final result being a 12 dimensional avatar. The embodiment of the soul is set to happen at age 12, and over soul at age 22 and the avatar embodiment at age 33.

When Negative aliens invaded the planet they changed all of this to their advantage. The logos was infiltrated with Alien technology and the re-incarnation cycle was changed to harvest souls for their hybridization and other agendas. Simply put the souls get re-cycled till they run out of light and when the light is run out they implode. A system that was set up to heal souls has now become a curse for the souls.

Over the last thousands of years this system has been modified to add many religious and other belief systems to trap the beings, which include karmic boards and other implant systems. When a being is born to the planet they get their past memory wiped out; so they don't remember who they are and what their purpose in life is and why they were born. When the being is passed on from human to spirit world they go back to the 4th Dimension and they are told they have to go back as they have more to heal, more karma to finish. The thing is this system is setup by the negatives to super- impose their karma on the humans, so humans do their work and humans take care of their karma. Now the being is born again with its memory wiped clean with their karma and the Negative's karma to heal. Does this ever end? No; the being is just running through life after life trying to free themselves. Rarely a being gets out of this, this too happens only when a higher dimensional intervention is orchestrated on that being or the planet is going through an ascension cycle, like now with God Source intervention.

In the 4D, there are areas on higher octaves that many beings are living, that are like ascension places, and they feel good being there but this is also a trap as when the time comes they have to re-incarnate again. The real ascension for a being is higher dimensional embodiment and freedom from the re-incarnation cycles all together.

This gets even more tricky as we dig deep to find the truth. A technological sophisticated Alien frequency fence has been set up to mind control the beings so they don't know they are prisoners of this planet, so they keep on living a mundane life without a clue of this trickery. On top of that, through a myriad of systems that are set up by the Negatives, humans life force is sucked out of them for Negative Alien consumption and other Agendas. We are living in a chicken coup people, we need to understand this, or we will die living this lie over and over till we run out of life force. If the being begins to figure out this process, then the guards of the prison get alerted and they do their best to stop the being from awakening to their true God Self.

What our job is to understand this trickery and work to free ourselves from these forces and their mind control technology. The more we know the more it is easy to be free from this manipulation.