Dominator Agenda - July 2017

Post date: Jul 22, 2017 7:08:14 AM

Dominator Agenda Written by Pavithra LH @

Moving out of Dominator thinking to co-creator thinking is a choice that we all have to make if we are to be free from anti life matrixes.

The imbalance of male and female is coming up to be witnessed as we look at the anti-life dominator model that has been used to control this planet for the last thousands of years. It seems to have been introduced around 5000 years ago. According to the scholars, this was the time we began to move out of being the co-creators or being partners with the mother nature and the female energy, the mother.

This seems to be a foreign concept that has gotten inside the consciousness of us and this planetary system. An unnatural way of life that is within the natural order. Unnatural way against nature. Against everything that is living.

What is dominator and dominated model?

It is where we put the others under our control; we hold power over them and control them through whatever the means. This can be through force, fear, guilt, shame, lies and other modes of manipulation to bring down or put the other below us. With this, there is a victim and a victimizer that controls the victim. They are both stuck in this mode where both are experiencing pain. Most of the time the female energy, the mother is the one that is being suppressed, controlled and dominated by the male. With this, both male and female energies are distorted as they are not experiencing their natural balance.

What about the co-creative model?

The spirit that lives within us, use another way to live by asking us to surrender and allow the spirit to express through us, with total surrender and trust. There is no impatience and there is no desire to control. There is no power over anything period. The desire to have power over another is the fear based dominator model but the co-creator seeks to co-create. It seeks to give life, give power, share power and work in a partnership where there is mutual respect and trust instead of fear. This is where we work to sustain life, illuminate life. Main idea is respect and equality with everything. As we mentioned before, the power is shared with each other. Male and female are treated equally with respect. There is no victims or victimizers. Both desire give instead of take.

Although we have been moving out of this anti life paradigm for a long time, as we grow in awareness of what has been going on, with or without our awareness. Still larger amount of the planet is under its influence and most are not aware of it.

Most can't believe it

When we talk about dominator and dominated concept and its representative archetypes on earth, some of us can't comprehend the enormity of the effect this has on the planet. Most can't believe that there is another way of living as we have been living this way for a long time. Our ancestors over the last thousands of year have lived or forced to live this way of life. So they don't know any other way of living other than be part of this distortion. But the good news is, without us knowing we have been moving out of this for a long time.

Is violence, war, causing pain and fear over others is our human nature? Or do we have the capacity to have a higher calling, a higher consciousness where we are loving caring humans? Have we been tricked or forced long time ago to learn this behaviour of domination? If we have learned then we can unlearn it too.

We see it every where

When we look, we can see this playing around and within us. This is the tyranny of the distorted male. Also, it is part of the ego. Ego always sees the other as enemy, that needs to be controlled. The desire to dominate and control, the desire to see other as enemy is every were. We see this with military, organizations, politics, within counties, races and also with us. With the dominator thinking, we hold power over others, and we take what we want. There is no give and take but only take. There is a winner and there is a loser. The resources that we take are in-equally distributed. The ones on the top of the pyramid decide who gets what. Only the ones that are favoured get the most and the rest get the crumbs. This is top down ranking and the ones above control the ones below. This is a slavery. Haves and have not's are created through the dominator model. The takers take everything from everyone and nature. They sucks the life force out of nature and this planet. We can see the effects of this already all around the world. From over worked workers to nature that is depleting.

Balance has been broken

The sacred balance between male and female has been broken and one half is being dominated and controlled by the other half. They are now playing the dominator dominated roles. Each becoming the victim and the victimizer of each other. This is going on throughout the whole planet in many different ways and levels. The divine partnership between the male and female has been effected in so many ways, now they are not even aware that they can have a relationship that hold equality.

There are both males and females that play dominator role but most of the times dominator is a male. There are many ideas and misinformation that has been fed to the male psyche over thousands of years so the male is not aware of what they are doing. They don't see the female as someone that is equal to them. Their view is to use the female as an object to be used for their needs. This age old thinking and programming is deep within the males and they are unconsciously participating with dominator roles. Also, if they can't dominate they will manipulate, sabotage and find ways to suppress the female. Most of it is unconscious.

Females too are in the same state where they think, their role is to serve the male. Over time this idea has been challenged in many levels and there is lot of progress within many of us but still, we see the dominator and dominated role we play in many areas including our intimate relationships.

Some History

The scholars are attempting to understand when and how this dominator model was introduced. Where did it come from? Was it in the planet before and then begnn to spread across or is it something foreign, alien?

It seems to be a difficult task but some of them have found some clues. The indo Europeans or the Krugans as the scholars called believed to be originated from the area near Caspian sea called kirghiz steppes what is now the soviet union or Russia. From the archaeological findings, there seems to be 3 waves of incursions to Europe and middle east. First around 4300-4200 BCE, second around 3400-3200 BCE and the last around 3000-2800 BCE. These horse riding warriors believed to be the ones that brought their dominator mentality and their war god worshipping with them. They were good with weapons and used them to destroy and dominate other cultures.

Also, they killed men and kept women for themselves as slaves or concubines; their way of life seem to keep women as subservient to them. With this, there was a hybridization that happened. This warring race also had this obsessive preoccupation with death. Instead of the life giving goddess mother principle that is part of the nature and us, now a new war loving father god that takes life away was introduced through them. The 'life giver' has being replaced by the 'taker'. As the desire to dominate and control the lesser races as they believed, the life giving mother worshipping was forcefully replaced by the death giving war like father figure. According to the research, these warriors have dominated most of the old Europe so the concept of domination might have spread through them all over the Europe, middle east and other areas.

Also with the hybridisation that happened during this time, most children that came out of this must have gotten used to the dominator thinking and way of life. Also, the archaeological findings of burial mounds of the chieftains of these invaders include children, wives, and animal as part of the burial. So it seems they wanted to 'take' all they posses to afterlife as well. Blood lines that came from these areas will have a hard time getting rid of this model from them.

David Icke also talks about the people that came through the star gate around Caucus mountains of Russia. Even though the dominator model has been spread across the planet, the people of these areas might have more of an ancestral inheritance of dominator thinking than others as they might be the first to went through the hybridization.


The next wave of major female domination came from the Church. The "unholy" alliance of the Christian male believers with the Roman leaders that led to a creation of a new religion. Romans desire to dominate and control and the misunderstood beliefs of the Christian male believes must have been part of the addition as they edited the original teachings of Jesus to match their agendas. This religion became the official authority and the leaders used authority and force to make the non-believers believe the word of a father god. The original Christos teachings that talked about equality between male and female, partnership, love and also our connection to mother earth was all being replaced with male dominator agendas. The New Testament and the Bible that we know was created and edited continuously to match this male dominator anti-life agenda. Church begin to destroy all the scriptures and the people who knew of the original teachings of the Jesus. Read Gnostic Gospel to see how different those beliefs are to Bible and New Testament writings.

Female principle was crushed during this time as the church began to create their own way of a religion according male dominator thinking. Those females who knew of the old way of healing and who had the connection to mother earth was called witches and were burned. According to scholars, there were millions of females that were tortured and burned during this time.

The norm that man is created in God's image, we must have dominion over all of the creatures (genesis 1:26?) Is one among many disturbing yet misunderstood concepts that have been entered in to our minds for thousands of years. Instead of co-crating with all the creatures of creation, instead of supporting and sustaining life or be their guardians, we have become dominators of life. Having huge biological capabilities we must be the positive force that influence them instead of using the power to control or destroy.

This and many other concepts like women are lower than men and must be controlled or they are sinners, etc have been inserted into many religious and other socially accepted mediums. We have been tricked to believe that the dominator is our role rather than the co-creator or partner of the nature and women. Apparently, the black veil represent shame. So the Muslim females who are wearing black veil and covering their whole body with black represent shame for those females but most of us are not aware of this.

In biblical stories, we hear during the incursion of canaans by the worshippers of god. The god ordered them to slaughter all the inhabitants of the conquered cities except virgins. A religion that preaches love your neighbour, thou shall not kill and also sex is wrong have stories that is contradictory to its teachings. In this case, the god seems to have ordered to kill people and take the virgins for the men the purpose of sex.

Also, does this sound like the "prostitute" Mary Magdalene Church talk about or someone else? --- "the companion of the [Savior is] Mary Magdalene. [But Christ loved] her more than [all] the disciples, and used to kiss her [often] on her [mouth]. The rest of [the disciples were offended] . . . They said to him, "Why do you love her more than all of us?" The Savior answered and said to them, "Why do I not love you as (I love) her?" ---

There is a huge fear and hate towards the mother principle. What is so feared, misunderstood has been suppressed, destroyed, dominated by the distorted male representation. This is also the ego in action. Its fear over eternal spirit is huge; it wants to control what is living, the living life in everything.

Domination is dark and demonic and it is a sickness that has taken control of all of us. And has been destroying us for thousands of years.

We can see many religions that have taken the female or the goddess out of their religious writings. This seems to have been done purposely by the male dominated representatives of those religions. Some religions don't allow females to enter their place of worship, or they are not allowed to read the scriptures, or they are treated as sinful or unclean. Basically, the female representation was moved out. The concept of mother and father as the god and goddess was completely gone from many religions. We can only read about them on some of the old writings that were not edited after they were discovered.

Domination in action

We have to get out of being "takers" and become "givers"; be the givers of love, kindness, support etc. The dominator is a taker, it takes everything by whatever the means necessary. All those conquests and colonisations are all about forcing, controlling, dominating and taking. The adventure to find new worlds might have been the goal of sea captains but it was not just to meet and learn about cultures. What came next was the desire to conquer those worlds; take their resources and make them slaves to their kings, queens and their countries back home. Also through manipulation or by force converting them to new rules and regulations of the new owners; so they can be easily controlled. During that time, those non-believers were forced to be the believers of a new religion. All earth based healing modalities were shunned and also the mother connections were shunned or rejected and forced out of people's minds. This way of thinking and doing has destroyed most of the indigenous cultures around the world. As the way of life was distorted most of these nations are still struggling to survive and find balance.

Relationships in dominator model

As we look closely, we see both male and female energies that have been distorted and they are both struggling to bring balance to their relationships while unconsciously controlled by the dominator model. Till they realize that there is another way for their relationships to heal, they will continually blame each other for what's going on with them.

Thousands of years old ancestral programming is making a mess and they must see this or they will suffer. The divine partnership or the co-creator model that is part of the natural creation allows us to look at relationships in a more supportive way. To learn to treat each other with love and respect. Bringing in equality to the picture where there is no desire to control other, no need to have power over other person, will bring in trust, respect and mutual understanding between each other.

As the old programming and scripts being understood, witnessed and removed both can free from the distortions that they had since childhood. Understanding both dominator and co-creator model and keeping an eye on our thinking and actions, we all can work together to continue our journey of healing each other where the balance between the male and female can be restored within and with each others. For a couple, this is the restoration of the sacred marriage between the male and female.


The dominator is a taker and will continue to take without care for the repercussions. But a giver is someone who cares about the creation and everyone in it. When we move in to the space of giving, we are in the service of the spirit, service of the creation and creator. We have moved to being co-creator of the creation. If we give a little and expect more, then that is not really giving because our intention is to take. When we can't force, then we move in to take buy giving a little. This is the win lose scenario, this is part of the dominator thinking as it wants to trick the person in to giving. The true giving is simply to give out of love, care, desire to illuminate, desire to lift the other. When we do that, if the other feels like giving the same way then it becomes a win-win situation. But even if the other does not give, you are still participating with eternal spirit in service of the creation.

Ego is in support of the dominator model

Ego is the representation of darkness, which allows the ignorance, the darkness to come through us if we are not cautious enough. We must learn to see the truth, so the light shall come through us and illuminate our paths.

Ego is always in fear and seeks to control others. It does not matter to ego if you are a male or female, all it want is to have power over the other. When we allow this model of domination and dominated thinking, we also hurt the inner male and female within and brake the balance. So if the person thinks that when they are the dominator and that they have power over others, which makes them the winners. But they are not really winning; energetically the more unbalanced they are the more unstable they are within and that gets manifested in their outer world in many ways. Also the more we give in to the ego the more we lose our connection to our eternal spirit, our soul.

As we begin to relate to each other, sometimes we can see that the other does not respond to kindness, respect, quality or mutual understanding but to dominator way of relating only. This becomes a challenge in relationship as the only form of respond, communication that the other understand is the dominator form of relations. For some its always manipulation, others the guilt and crying, while for some its yelling or fear based communication or actions. This is sad to see but this is how we all have been programmed to live since our childhood and this goes for our parents and grandparents too.

It's time we see and understand the dominator model and its form of response with us and others around us. So when they do the dominator role we can see it right away without getting taken over by them. When this happens, consciously make an effort to move in to the partnership or the co-creator model of living. At the beginning it is a challenge as the other person is so adamant at controlling the relationship to their advantage.

We must understand and learn to see this anti-christic, anti-life, dominator agenda within everything. In religious teachings, fairy tales and myths, politics, countries and their foreign policies, organizations and companies we work, news and media, TV and movies, popular music, writings, books and also our relationships with each others. If we do, we can avoid being used by the dark for their dominator and hybridization agenda for us and this planet.

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