Music as a way to stop the chatter in our minds

We are constantly bombarded with the mind field of the planet that runs so many types of mind control programs and we are subject to many of its effects. They are there to get us to lose ourselves and give the ego a boost to keep it going. The more the ego is in control the more we are losing our true self and the spirit within. We have discussed the many ways the mind is running and how we can tame this issue and be at peace with ourselves. You must have noticed that there are times that we cannot stop the constant bothering of thoughts that are excessive and are catered to make us do something or think of something that does not serve us. It is irresistible and when we see it and stop it for a second, it comes and gets us from the other side and in a few moments we noticed that we are at it again. At this point we can get so irritated with ourselves and want it all to stop.

First thing to remember is, give our self a pat on the back because we are aware that this is happening..Bravo!

Second thing we must know is that we must not fight it: meaning resist it by getting angry with ourselves.. Then it has already got us again through another method to put us down. Best thing to do at this moment is to surrender to the fact that our mind is running crazy and acknowledge this fact. "Surrender to what is". This does not mean we don't take actions to stop this but we take actions from that surrendered state. This way we release part of the problem from us.

Third is to find a way to break this pattern or looping program. As I mentioned there are many things we can do but sometimes while doing it, the mind still runs the same pattern or program in the background.

This is where we can use music to tame the mind.

Find music that you love and that gets you to change focus or simply not hear what your mind is saying.. See which one works for you, whatever the type of music, except heavy metal, techno and hip hop will do.

Listen to the music for a bit and be with it. In a few moments you'll notice that the mind has given up running the program or pattern and now in a way we are at peace...there is a peace you can notice while listening to the music. After a while you can stop the music and get back to what you were doing or working on.

We can use music or any other technique we can find to break the pattern, create a gap in the looping program so that it stops playing in our head. This way somehow or other we have stepped ourselves out of the river of the mind.

Remember this method when you cannot stop your mind from excessive thinking of anything or use it as a pattern breaking method to reach meditative states.