Micro macro and the potentiality of a being

Micro macro and the potentiality of a being

Written on December 14, 2015 by Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

When we go through a spiritual evolution there are things that happen that can cause family issues and heart aches. Even when we forgive the people around us for causing this, without an understanding of what made them do what they did there is a possibility that we might allow bitterness to come to our life as we are aware from those events in our lives we create patterns that are not supportive to us and they become judgements and create future issues in our relationships and how we view the world.

When we begin to see why these things happened, we always come to the familiar realization that we don't like change and we want things to be the same as before as it is comforting.

But when the spiritual awakening process hits all these things begin to change for us. There is a force that is bigger than what our limited perception can understand comes to play a role and it is not something that we can fight and win. It takes us, our families, friends and every one involves on a journey to teach things and urge us to change and see the truth behind this existence.

It is a matter of how much we are willing to change our perception and our way of thinking that could make us survive the pain that it's going to cause us. The more we are ignorant and fight this force the bigger the pain that is. We also forget that this force, the spirit that is taking us or our loved ones through is process is within us as well and attempting to stop or interfere with this process according to our needs is not allowed by the spirit or the same force within us and if we do the consequence will be that we get more hurt and are forced to change.

I am writing this to bring in another perspective to the multidimensional experiences that we are going through and hoping that this might bring in clarity and peace that we all need while going through this or after going through a heart wrenching experience.

When this force comes through us we can metaphorically look at it as a river overflowing during a rainy season. It mercilessly takes everything with it and clean the river and the river beds and surrounding areas.. There is no evilness in it, it is what it is and we have to accept that fact otherwise we will be cursing the nature, the force that is natural doing its job. Another way to look at this is that this is an alchemical process where the metal is being burned and cold to change in to something new and when we are in it, we don't want to experience the pain that comes with it but it's what it is and we must understand it to be at peace with it. Also if you have not heard about this in the past and are now come to experience this, then it is a good this for you to consider that there might be others on this planet going through this right now and you or your family members are not just the only ones. There are many types of cycles that a planet goes through and for this planet, we are in an ascension cycle and things become different when this happened for a planet and its people.

How multidimensional or micro macro works in spiritual awakening

We say we are all made from the stars or we all have the same ingredients that made the stars and cosmos and so on or we say we all have the Christ within us. Let us take this bit further and understand what this is and how this concept comes to play in our lives. When we see a pebble or a sand particle, we can look at it as just a pebble an ordinary thing, there is nothing special about it and there are so many around. Another way to look at is that we can open the potentiality of it in a way there is micro macro potential applied to it. Then we can say it is this type of pebble and it is from that rock formation over there and it is from that country or the continent and also from that planet and that galaxy and from that universe.

This is how the multi-dimensionality can open up for a person when they go through a spiritual awakening that is based on their agreements at an higher level. A process that their spirit self chose that they have the potentiality to heal for themselves, or for their family and blood line, or for their community and their ancestry or for their country; this could expand to their planet or the galaxy or the cosmos. At the end what we are looking at is the origin of who we are, the oneness that we are all part of. We all have the potential and it's a matter of opening that levels to access them to allow the healing. This happen in a higher level and the person is not aware of this facts when this begins and the more we are open and ready to go through the rabbit hole the more that comes out of it revealing to us the truth of our existence and what we are participating with.

Let us say we want to remove a little green scum that was in that pebble that got from being closer to something. If we apply the idea that it has the potentiality to a certain level, then when that little thing is removed the macro effect could be that the ability to take huge amount of scum out of a whole mountain formation. Now there is a whole mountain that's going to get cleaned and there could be resistance to this from many forces that wants that to be there. You see things can get bigger based on multi-dimensional experience of the being.

Then the speed that this process takes the person through is another thing to understand. Some people take the whole life time to get just a one tiny thing healed while others take on the fast track and fly through the roof. This too is not something that we can stop it is part of the river that comes in and take us out and it chooses the speed and time. All we can do is make a decision to go with it willingly or be forced to go crying and screaming. But at the end everyone goes through this process and comes out clean.

When a person goes through this process, their families gets pushed to participate one way or the other and it's a matter of whether they can understand this or not which makes them willing participants or not. Sometime the families gets to go through this process many times as their children and their grand children are being awaken when the time comes. If they have the ability to understand the process the first time then there is some conciliation when this happens the second time. This way they can be the supporting force for that child instead of the opposing force that create more heart ache for the child as well as the family.

What I am getting at is to give a bit of a open mind approach to this information so that this can bring in understanding and peace to all parities and for future generations.

Our expectations

When this force that comes through does not really care what we want and what we think or whether the other person can join the dinner this evening or not. It just goes through us and our job becomes a matter of changing out thinking to align to it to have peace with it.

We all have expectations of how our lives are going to be and also our families have their own expectations how things going to be for us but when this process begins all bets are off and we just have to surrender all these expectations to the spirit as it is now in the drive seat. The more we oppose the process the more heart ache and pain we get. Let's say a person have this pattern that they have been living for their whole life and they begin to work on healing it. For a normal person it's not that of a big deal; the person just work on it and takes time but it gets done. What's the big deal about all these nonsense? We don't see other people do these things as they go through it and why are you acting like that? Why can't you correct this problem like other normal people do?, is what everyone around including our selves at that time would ask because we are not aware what is really going on.

When the multidimensionality or the micro macro potentiality is brought in it becomes a huge thing. The person might be attempting to heal a family pattern that was there for generations. The things that we are healing within us wants to stay there or something else is using it and don't want it gone and now they are fighting back. If it is a family thing then this thing finds allies to support as it wants to stay the same way and don't want to change or be removed. When a normal person is being forced to change they will have so many excuses as to why they can't do it; there is a resistance but when it comes to the potentiality the resistance is big and that can get bigger based on what we are working on healing.

The thing that does not want to go will find allies, places, familiarity and any openings that it can get to attack and stay alive. So when a person is going through something like that many people, things, places can be used to attack, hurt and stop the process from taking place. Sometimes our family or friend can be used for this and we might have to avoid meeting them till the work is done and also to stop from getting attack and pushed back. When the process is going on we normally gets sequestered until it's done or gets the guidance to stay home but the other side don't want it that way so they can use others to interfere the process by any interacting with us. We also need to know when a family or friend is being used they too gets hurt even they are not aware of that within. When things like that happen it is so confusing to the family member as they don't know what is going on and they take it as something against them but it is not the case there is something bigger going on that is using every opportunity to stop the healing.

Ego fighting back

Hidden unconscious patterns and ego plays a big role in this as it does not want to let go of these patterns and the control it has over us through these distorted thinking and way of life, so it fights back. This imposter that is pretending to be us is the one that talks in our head most of the times opposing to what is. It uses the unconscious patterns and emotions to stop this process as much as it can and without us knowing we act out on these thoughts and emotions. Getting angry for things, events and people or wanting things to be the way it wants and not wanting to listen, understand or change plus all the emotional drama is part of this false identity pretending to be us manipulating us to be something that we are not. Understanding this factor will give us the ability to be more compassionate towards ourselves as well as the people and the families that are going through this roller-coaster ride.

Bring in understanding

By understanding we can bring in humility to feel and see how much of a pain one has to go through as the ego or these patterns are brought out, witnessed or act out and be dissolved. It is an alchemy and it is painful. If we don't experience this or take the time to compassionately understand the pain and difficulty one goes through we will not be able to fully be present and be a supportive force for these people in our life instead of all we are doing is causing them more pain and confusion as we are bringing in our unconscious fear and ego control patterns to stop or pull them out of what they naturally meant to be going through.

In the process both parties gets hurts and more pain is accumulated by the emotional body while ego is creating more and more negative patterns. As the Ego identity of the person is challenged, judgments, hate, anger and many other negative patterns gets the drive seat and control our lives dragging us down more towards the dark. What if we can be the understanding force? How much peace we can we bring to ourselves and our families?. These are the questions we have to ask ourselves not how we can take the revenge out of these people.

This is why some of the beings that went through this kind of awakening was forced to leave their family and be part of a temple or monastery or found caves and places to go and do this work alone.

Sometime a family member has the same pattern that is being healed and in that case unconsciously they don't want this healed so there is another layers of resistance that comes in and they don't even aware of what they are doing. This work is part to bring light to the unconsciousness; much is hidden deep within us and that is painful and none of us wants to go through this unless we are forced to take actions to bring it out and look at the ugliness of it and release it.

This has happened in the past

We might not hear about this kind of a process that much from many as it is not something that can be explained easily. Sometimes this process was explained metaphorically and if the person is famous like a saint or a teacher then that might be recorded in books or remembered but mostly those people in the past that have gone through this process while away from the civilization. So the process is unknown and what is talked about or written is mostly metaphorical and if we try to understand that from an awareness of a normal person we might not really get the real story of what happened.

As I said before this is not something that we can be stopped or controlled. This is a force that is within us that is awakened and it does not care who we are, where we are and what we think about it and what plans we have for ourselves; it will run its course and gets the work done. We can chose to be the victims of this or we can chose to change our way of thinking and be peace with it.

Taking responsibility for our actions

This is not written to take responsibility away from actions that make us do things to get free ourselves either be the willing or unwilling participants of this process. We must take responsibility for our actions, we know while going through this process we have hurt others as we could not do what they want us to do or we could not be what they want us to be. Sometimes our ego gets in the drive seats and we have behaved or acted wrong. We must be willing to see this and ask forgiveness if possible from people we have hurt on the way. This is also not written to use it as an excuse to get away from facing the truth. From our conscious awareness we all act in different ways to this process, the more we heal the better we will be in coping with everything; knowing this we must be gentle and forgiving with ourselves and our families.

Also we must know that there is a force that forces us to take actions to heal ourselves and that must be understood. There needs to be an understanding, surrender, forgiveness, compassion and many other qualities for us to come to terms with this process and be peace within.

This should give you an understanding of what each of us are going through and also might give you an glimpse of the process so we can be the understanding force for these individuals and our families.