Inner Peace

What is Inner Peace?

For me inner peace is peace of mind..... the quietness in the head..... the ability to feel joy in the being....... despite what is happening in my outside world. It is the ability to face everything calmly, with confidence and trust. The feeling of knowing that I am protected, supported and guided by my eternal spirit/God self and my teams and that I have the ability to make a choice on what I do with every moment of my life brings me more and more peace. This is expanded to every area of my life and my relationship with my partner as well as the outside world. Sometimes these areas get challenged, but the power is within me to choose to not get entangled or lose my center.

If things shift we both notice and immediately take actions to correct the issue. Most of the worldly weights are being set aside and addressed in a calm and trusting manner which is a big part of achieving this inner peace. We take the same approach to how we deal with people and situations in day to day life, and this also makes a big difference.

So how does inner peace feel to you, how do you want it to be? If you feel you are not there, how do you go about achieving this state of mind? It's a state of mind, when we change our mind, we arrive at this state. So what we need to do is figure out how to get there, what areas to look at and what action steps to take.

I will write down a few areas we need to look at first and slowly add more for you to be aware of and where to take action.

Learn to think for our self.

One of the most of important things for us to do is, learn to think for our selves. Take information from all kinds of sources and make an informed decision that is in alignment to our highest good. This is hard these days as people are used to being told what to do and waiting for someone to tell them what do. We got to break this pattern and start to learn to think for our self. When we are children we are innocent and we first begin to take information from our parent to teach us and tell us what to do in our life, and then this goes on to school and the following institutions. But during this time most of us seem to miss something, the ability to think for our self, to make an informed decision without being manipulated by any outside source, listening to our inner self, our guidance, our own self telling us that some of these things are not in alignment to our values. But many keep on going as if everyone else out there knows more than us and respect them for their position and take the information without thinking twice. We listen to teachers, doctors, institutes, media, politicians and many others sources because they should know more and we should listen to them. Is that true in your life, think about it?

See the life we are living now and start taking stock of what we need and what we don't need.

Every day we are being bombarded by many situations and all we do is run from one place to another trying to catch up with all the tasks at hand. How many items did I take out from my to-do list today, maybe miss the lunch, or grab a takeout and eat while driving to the next place to do one more thing? When that's done the next thing on the list is in the mind. At work, at home, with family and friends, we are juggling so many things, trying so hard to make sure none of them fall down. This is stressing us out so much and we forget about our self and neglect our connection to our spirit, our health etc. So how many things on this to-do list is important and how many things that we juggle are really important to our well being, our joy and happiness and our inner peace? We need to take a hard look and then we will realize some of them are not necessary at all and we might be doing this simply because the world around us tell us so or the TV, the neighbour, the co-worker , family pattern tells us that this is important to us. Is it really important to us? We got to get out of the state of keeping up with the Jones's and find things that are in full alignment to our being, our health, our joy and well being.

Many people get up eat something, go to work, get whatever done on the way, come home do the daily chores and sit in front of the TV to relax and when tired they go to bed. This pattern happens every day for the rest of their lives unless they see this as an error and take actions to correct it.

For example, many people watch TV minimum 2 hours a day and much more in the weekends, and they access internet at work and home just for fun, this way of taking information without thinking is harmful to the person. Read about the data sphere effect and memes on the articles section to learn more about them.

This is the life of an average person in North America and this way of life and habit is spreading across Europe and Asia as well. So what is really going on that makes the normal people act this way, lose their way of life, and get in to unhealthy patterns? Something to think about.

When we are too tired of this lifestyle and cannot handle the pain any more, we can hear the call from our spirit, instead of taking pills to numb the pain or ignore this call. We can chose to change the way we think and change our habits and lifestyle to bring freedom to our self, freedom to our spirit from this illusion. This is not an easy task as we have created a pattern to live like this for centuries and this prison system is expanding very rapidly within the world with many new alien technologies.

Start breaking these patterns

Become aware of the whole day and how to utilize the day to your advantage and add new actions so you can have a connection to your eternal spirit so it can guide you.

See if you have these patterns or similar and exchange them with healthy habits:-

    • What do you listen to when you wake up, do you have the radio on to keep you company? - How about doing a prayer and protection to support your daily activities? Use 12D shield.

  • What do you listen or read on your way to work? - Does it have to be the radio, how about some selected music you like or an inspiring talk from somebody? Or not listen to anything at all and be aware of your thoughts.

  • How much internet do you access at work and how much of it can enhance your life?

  • Do you take lunch at work while browsing the net for something to entertain you? How about taking the lunch and go for a small walk and sit still under a tree or sit on a bench and eat while enjoying some fresh air and nature?

  • Do you watch TV or access internet when you are home, how much of it is soap opera or news that spreads fear and terror in this world? If watching movies through a selected paid TV, or website, what kind of movies do you watch? What are those movies telling you, are they helping to enhance your life and bring peace and harmony to you or does it rattle your being with fear, terror, distortions and evil in the world? - How about being aware of the movies you watch and if something is not in alignment to you or programming you with distortions, stop the movie or watch something different ( if you need some ideas see our list of recommended movies) or not watch movies at all when you go home? - How about taking that time to de-stress yourself differently and taking time for you? Taking a bath or special time for you to meditate. Use How to set up a daily meditation practice

  • Do you go through life busily without taking moment to breathe, enjoy the nature, see the joy in kids, or gracefulness of an animal and beauty of a plant? - If not do your best to take advantage of every moment to stop all you are doing and breathe, simply breathe, deep breaths and calm your being.

  • What are your weekend habits, do you watch TV? How about finding time to go for walk in the nearby park or rest in the forest. Can you find a place where flowing water is and go and sit down or walk around there, see how calm your feel. Nature can immediately calm you down, if you are open to letting it do so.

  • Do you read books, and if you do are they helping to enhance your being? Can you read books that support your well being and help you grow and learn something new? See our list of recommended books.

  • Do you take time to exercise, can you do small stretches in the morning, and some stretches at work? If you can make this happen, get someone to help you by joining a tai-chi class or a yoga class.

  • What are your eating habits, do you drink enough water, do you eat healthy food, or take out at fast food restaurants? - How about adding some fruits to your diet or start juicing or making smoothies for the family? Here is a raw food site that we use

  • How are you with your finances, do you have lot of debts, are you aware of your expenses or you simply do emotional shopping? -Can you take stock of all of your expenses and see what does not help you and make an effort to cut down emotional shopping and use that money to pay off your debts? Do you have financial knowledge at all; can you read a bit about it?

  • Who are your friends, are they those old friends you always had that drag you down and dump their problem on you? Do they emotionally vampire you and leave you dry? Read on what is emotional dumping if you want to know more about this. -Take stock and see; do you need some of these friends, how much time do you waste with them talking about mundane things, can you not see them so often? How hard would it be to let them go and find friends that are in alignment to your new way of thinking and help to enrich your life?

  • Do you compete and manipulate people to get what you want? What are your core values and how good are you with holding integrity? -How about paying attention to your actions and thoughts around this? You can read more on this subject on Core values and integrity article and many related articles.

  • How do you look at a person or situation in your life, do you go about your life holding fear and anger towards everything? - Can you change this way of thinking and start to see the people and situations with love and compassion? Choose love instead of Fear. This may take some time to do as we are programmed so much to be in fear of everything and are in a pattern to be in a survival mode, but we can slowly change our way of thinking. A positive attitude towards life brings in more calmness and joy to our being. Read more about how to achieve this through Gratitude, Choosing love over Fear, Being Completely Fearless in the Articles section.

    • Are you holding anger, hatred, guilt towards you or the other, and continually bringing past to analyze or express yourself. It is time to let go of the past and start forgiving yourself and other. This is one of the most important components to having inner peace. Read about Forgiveness.

  • Do you have a spiritual routine, do you have a connection to your eternal spirit? Or were you brought up in a religious background where there is a vengeful god who will punish you if you do not follow what it says, and lost interest in spirituality? If you are one of them please read Angry gods and losing interest in spirituality , We are Gods, period, Worshiping Means Giving Your Power Away articles. - We all have that eternal spirit within us, we simply need to find ways to make connection with it, learn to listen to that small voice that nudges us don't do it, don't go there, that is a good choice make that one..... When we work and connect to this spirit it guides us to heal and be whole and happy. -How about working on daily prayers, meditations and other methods to make a connection to your spirit, and allow it to guide you home....

Most of these things seem common sense but these days some of these are not so common sense to people as they are so stuck in their life that it is hard to break free from the patterns. I found it easy to break patterns when I let go of watching TV. That seems to be the main source of programming for my being with all that advertising and news. After some time I felt my head getting cleared so I could think clearly and make conscious choices. So if you are watching TV this might be the first one to let go.

If you can start working on the above things you will slowly see peace and joy coming to your life. For some there is lot to do to get back on the path, for others it's not that much. But we all can make it, we simply have to make a turn or a d-tour and find our way to inner peace. There are many more articles on this site and many will be added continually, please utilize them as you feel guided. If there is anything that is not in alignment to you simply discard it and move on. We are here to be the love not to find fault or try to correct others. We don't have time for that, we have to work on ourselves, when we change, everything around us changes.