Time of Thousand Buddha's

Time of Thousand Buddha's

Written on July 10th 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

In the ancient Buddhist writings it talks about a time we will arrive at, where a thousand Buddha's are born to this planet. I believe, we have arrived at that time..

The amount of frequency and support we are receiving these days and the God forces that are at work can tell us where the God source wants to take this planet. It's going to be an amazing time, we just have to pay attention and join the ride, go with the flow. Much is being done every second from higher dimensional levels, and every day the planet is arriving at a new level of consciousness expansion.

So when we go out there, the person we meet at the grocery store or bus station might be an avatar, a Buddha, a Christ or some ascended being. We might not know it, but that is the reality we are in now. There are thousands of races watching from above as well as are born to this planet to participate in this grand event. Some are born here, so that they can participate and take this knowledge to their planetary system, and some are born here simply to witness. An event so long waited, a planet and its inhabitants ascending. I wonder how it might be to see from above, in those theatres watching while enjoying cosmic popcorn?

There are many consciousness fields from many planetary systems that are here on this planet. Due to events that took place in the histories of planets and solar systems; some consciousness fields were brought in here and placed; so they can be born and heal themselves. Some came simply to manipulate and take control; and are attempting to stop the ascension process, so that they keep their food source and dominion. Even now they are attempting to stop the ascension process. While the other beings who want to heal and go home are working towards stopping this attempt.

That is the reason we have 7 billion people that are born to this planet at this moment in time, and these light beings have God source support behind them. Everyone who is of the light, their group consciousness field and their individual higher self, wants to get their lower selves involved in this process, to use the energies and assistance we have right now to heal and to ascend, to reach a level where they all can go home.

We also have the earth bound spirits and many entities that are being enslaved by the dark who are wanting to be or need to be freed from their bondage. The light workers have a big task here at this moment; as we are healing ourselves, we have to work on healing the earth grids, nature kingdom and assist these trapped entities and consciousness fields to go home. Some are unaware of what's going on so they might attack us as we start to clear the space they are in but we have to remember that these beings are a victim of the events and so we must be compassionate towards their situation.

This brings us to another aspects of this that process we need to address. When we remember who we are, we start to reclaim ourselves, our aspects that were fragmented, stolen or simply frozen in time and space. Because we were not aware that we have a twelve dimensional body, we did not pay attention to these bodies for thousands of years. When we are not using them some others started to use them for their food source or place to live. This is what the negative aliens did to our bodies, now when we want them back , they are fighting to stop us from re-claiming what naturally belongs to us. Under the Gods natural law, all that belongs to the original owner must be returned to the being. So remember when you go through this process, you can reach a consciousness level where you can reclaim what belongs to you on that level or even on the higher dimensional bodies. Based on the work you are doing and the timeline you are healing to be free of. First claim your sovereignty as a self-sovereign free being. " I claim my self-sovereignty and freedom under the Gods natural law. I am God I am sovereign I am Free." Under that self sovereignty say: "I reclaim all that belongs to me be return back to me under the Gods natural law". This is a basic wording, you can change it up as you go through it to work for the situation you are in. There are light bodies, gift, knowledge, aspects, parts of bodies, wings, gems, codes etc. that you can bring back. Ask your guides and teams to quarantine what's being brought in, as there might be booby traps; also some need to be cleaned up and healed before being re-assimilating into your being.

Another way to look at where we are and where we are going is, when we ask for something it is already given. The group consciousness field of this planet wants to go home, it wants to ascend. So that means as a collective it has already asked for it and it has been given. Which means the planet has already ascended, we just have to remember and clear the illusions out of our way and move in to that place. This simply means, manifest this truth in our reality.

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