What is Soul Retrieval?

WHAT is Soul Retrieval?

Written on May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

Due to many reasons, a soul could scatter itself throughout time and space. The aim of soul retrieval is to bring in and integrate these scattered bits and pieces of the soul in to the being and allow the rewiring of the being to take place. For this process to fully complete we need to remove the foreign consciousness, energies, entities and structures that do not belong in our space. This is where your conscious participation comes, and a willingness to work with your guides and God self to show you the way to heal yourself. Many people automatically retrieve their soul pieces through consciousness expansion, meditation and many other ways.

Also some healers do soul retrieval to assist you in finding these parts, but we have to be extra careful with the healer we are working with. Many have conscious or unconscious agreements with the dark or are manipulated by the dark with their power hunger or domination over others. Be watchful of this when you go to a healer. See who they are working within the higher dimensional. If they are working with beings who are not in alignment to you, do not work with them.

Talk to the healer or write an email and inquire about this or read about their work before exposing your light body to these beings. For example we are working with God Source, God Forces and Aurora Races who are in full complete alignment to God source of first eternal life creation and are in alignment to God’s natural law. Never give permission to any person to merge with you. Listen to your guidance, even the smallest guidance is important from your God self. I am not trying to make you scared of getting healing from others, as I have been offering services myself to others but I have seen much harm that has been done to beings due to the ego of the healers. So listen to yourself, it will tell you exactly whether the healer is in alignment their God self and to you or not.

Remember also, nothing is permanent. If you have been harmed, you can still heal this, you are God remember, this is all a hologram you can heal, call back what was stolen and re-build yourself, when you reach the level of consciousness expansion.

Do not go in to fear over all of this, just be aware of these situations when making a choice to get healing.

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