Our descend in to the form and our journey back to the oneness

Post date: Nov 28, 2015 11:26:40 PM

What I am writing is common sense to most of you, but for me this is a new level of realization of this truth. So here I am sharing it with you.

As eternal God consciousness, when we decide to take on a form and begin to step down to the material world, this descend in to the density makes us forget who we are and causes us to experience the illusion of separation.

The more our consciousness steps down the more we feel the illusion of separation from the source where we came from as well as from each other. We forget that we all came from the same source as well as we are all the same being, in a different form experiencing the world.

With that thinking, we begin to treat each other as separate beings allowing all that distorted thinking like color, race, size, religion, money and many other things to poison our minds. We sometimes think about them then at other times we act on them. The more we do this, the more we allow darkness to enter us; we become more and more unconscious and ignorant of who we are.

We create our reality with this thinking and everything around us becomes a manifestation of that fear, hate and negativity we hold. Life becomes bleak and painful and our spirit self cannot handle that pain.

But when we begin to realize that this is not the way to live our lives and work on staying conscious of our thoughts and actions, sustaining the self awareness, then we bring in the light to our being. We no longer run on automatic but are seeing the truth.

We expand our conscious awareness of our self and look at life and things around us in a more open-minded way. This raises our consciousness and we begin to ascend back to the oneness where we came from. The more we raise the more we know who we are and that we are all part of the oneness and learn that when we hurt someone or something we are hurting ourselves as well.

This journey continues with us becoming more compassionate, loving and caring towards ourselves as well as each other. Our journey ends when we reach the oneness and let go of our form. Till then we got a lot to do. ;-)