Circus Elephant

Recently a story about circus elephants came to my awareness, so I thought I'd write something about it.

Our negative belief systems have been controlling us for a long time and it's time we are aware of them.

Since our childhood, we have been building so many negative concepts, thoughts, beliefs, rules and attitudes towards life.. They have been controlling our life and most of the times we are not even aware of them and their effects on our life situations. We have created our reality with them and they are guarding every door and window that leads to our freedom. Whether we like to accept it or not, this is the reality for most of us. Some parts of us knows this truth and wants us to see beyond these illusions we have created for ourselves.. But we seem to lack the confidence or the understanding of why we are living the life we live and why we cannot stop the circumstances from running our life. It seems we are doing the things in reverse. We see the effects of life from what we created from our thoughts and beliefs and think that is what life is, and keep fighting to correct what we have created instead of thinking differently and create a new life for us.

When we are in situations like that we are like the circus elephants or the trained elephants that are being used for heavy lifting in certain countries. Elephants are powerful strong beings but they have been trained since they were little babies to not understand what is really going on with them. When they are babies they are tied to a large metal rod on the ground or a tree with a huge chain or rope. The babies keep pulling and pulling the chains to be free from them and finally give up pulling and surrender to the fact that they cannot break the rope or chain.

When they grow up they have this imaginary strong rope or chain that they are tied to in their mind and they believe that they cannot break free from it. If you look around you will notice similar kinds of methods are being used on other animals to train them to keep them in their confinements. When you really think about it, you will question where else are these methods being used.

In reality, if you look closely, most of the chains or ropes that are tied to these elephants when they are adults are not that strong. If they really want they can easily break free from it.

So what happened to them? Even though they are adults, they are still thinking from that childhood programming they got and the imaginary unbreakable chain they are tied to and the emotional pain they experienced. So they don't try to break free from it. Unless they are in a life threatening situation where their minds are not in control of them, then their senses take over and they easily break free from the chains.

Some humans are just like that. They are born to a culture or society and they picked up these rules and programming and begin to believe them, never understanding what they are doing. When they are adults the programming and the rules run their life and they are not able to free themselves from the imaginary bondage that they are in. They are in too many imaginary boxes and they feel safe in them and never question to break free from them even though part of them knows that there must be something more to life than what they have.

For them life was always like that. Since they were children they kept pulling and pulling to have the life they want but they kept falling. They fought life without knowing that their beliefs and programming is what kept them bound, not allowing them to be free to do what they want to do and be what they are. They kept these feelings of disappointment, fear and pain inside themselves and are afraid to pull any more. There are so many layers of pain and disappointments around many situations. The minute an idea or a new thing shows up, the inner pain gets kicked in; they get frighten. Most people will do anything to stop feeling pain. Some of these emotions are kept hidden in our field and we never even know they are there until we really dig deep.

It is time for us to face these inner pains and fears that kept us from being free. We don't need to be like the circus elephants, we can learn to see what's holding us back. We can face those imaginary demons and bondage and know that they are not real, they are imaginary, they are illusions of our mind. When we see them for what they are, they have no power over us.

It's time to think new thoughts and ideas; expand and broaden our horizons.

It's time to fly!


Post date: Jul 25, 2015 3:05:09 AM