There are no victims only volunteers

Post date: Dec 26, 2015 10:25:41 PM

Not taking responsibility for our life is so common among us. For some reason, being in this way of thinking seems to be okay for most. Not many come to us and say don't be a victim. It's like we all feel victimized by some way or other so why talk about it, no point talking about common things. When we place something in this website, our intention is that you decide whether it is in alignment to you and to take it or leave it. When we write about ideas, thoughts and concepts, they are our own experiences and we write them with the intention.... that someone else might be going through this and this might be of assistance to them. But ultimately it's your responsibility to take those ideas from our experience and utilize them in your own life. We are not here to force you to be something, what you do with what we write is your choice.

Our planet is full of people that continuously complain that they are a victim of some situation or some person. The more I go through this journey the more I am understanding and realizing with my life that there are no victims. No finger pointing or complaining or crying is going to do anything productive, there is always a part of me that participated with whatever the thing is. As I dig deep, in most of the situations the saying 'there are no victims only volunteers' seems to be the case.

Being born to this planet, the race, country, being young or old, being new, being male or female, being this or that does not really matter. However large or small the situation is, the same thing applies. Whatever it is, it happened, and we must except whatever it is and then take responsibility for our participation. However hard to believe, somehow there is a reason for us being in whatever the situation. Even though we cannot fathom how or why, everything seems to be interconnected. Whether we except this fact and find solutions or complain about it is our choice.

For some reason we are trained to ask someone else outside of us to take care of us, to give us the answer, the solution, or to heal us or to take care of us some way or other. The responsibility of our life is always handed out to someone else that we think is more qualified than us.

This is the case with teachers, politicians, lawmakers, doctors, religion etc.. the whole planet goes on asking someone else to take care of us without really taking the responsibility for our self. Then we complain that the other person did not take care of us or took advantage of us.

The real problem lies in us thinking and asking how much of this responsibility do we need to hold for our self for giving our life away to someone else and how much can they really do to help us or guide us in our way and take responsibility for their actions. It must be shared actions and responsibility but we cannot fully depend on any one outside of ourselves for our salvation.

There should not be any saviours. There should be people who take responsibility and save themselves. Otherwise the price that they will be paying is so high waiting for the saviour to show up and take care of them. This must be the case with our planet, the country, the race, community, the teacher, healer, the spiritual master, the partner, love of our life, or anyone else that we are waiting to save us. If you are waiting for the saviour, ask yourself: Is it wise to do that? What if the saviour is not what you've hoped to be?

Everyone else has their own life to save, so us asking them to save ours as well is not something realistic and I can say that is unfair. We must be willing to understand that they too have things to do and paths to take and putting our loads on to them is not something we should be doing.

It's apparent that we are not aware or not willing to see why we are in these situations and are the victims. This is a common misconception and a pattern that we have. We continuously create victim identities and live in them. Then we are in constant fear that everyone is out to get us, so we keep our guards up.

The reality is we have somehow allowed ourselves to be in this victim state. Most times, if we dig deep we can see they are unconscious patterns. Some patterns are so distorted that we want to be in those states because our emotional body wants to feel the pain of that experience.

Instead of pointing the finger at someone out there; why not dig deep to see for what reasons that you have allowed this to happen and also ask our God self or the Eternal spirit and guides to show we why we are in this state.

If we are in a spiritual group then it's our responsibility to decide what we want to take out of that group and teachings, that way we are not putting unfair pressure on the teacher or healer expecting them to do the work for we. We are there to figure it out on our own with their guidance and support not the other way around.

If we are experiencing sickness, then instead of embracing the victim role, seek to understand the reason for this. There is some sort of disharmony in our being, that is the reason for dis-ease to come into our life. Be strong! Take responsibility and understand the situation and seek necessary medical advice. If we are taking the spiritual path then we have an extra advantage to seek assistance from our Eternal spirit and our teams to guide us to understand and heal the situation.

If we are in any kind of relationship, partner, at work, or agreed to work together. It automatically becomes our job to take full responsibility to understand why we are there and what is expected of us and what our expectations are from this exchange. And also to understand if any of those expectations are fair to both parties. Most of the times we have mind-made fantasies in our heads and we expect the others to do what we wants instead of what is fair and real. If we cannot understand any of these, continually seek to understand and bring clarity so that we are not being used by the other or we are unfairly judging others for taking advantage of u or manipulating us.

Ignorant and creating victim identities and grieving and complaining does not do us good or take us up on our spiritual journey. What that brings is more confusion, pain and distorted lifestyles.

Look in to any relationship that we are in with our partner, work mate or any other situation and ask questions. Why are you really in that relationship? What is it that you are not willing to see? What archetypes or roles are you playing? If it is a spiritual agreement then what is my role here? What do I need to learn from this and heal? When you understand them, then you can make choices, or ask to change the agreement or change the way you think. Whatever the solution needed, clarity can bring you that but ignorance cannot.

If we are ignorant to all of this and just complain and grieve about this, then we are not helping ourselves or the other. Then the state victim and victimizer is something that we continue to create within our lives.