X-Men Evolution and light and dark

Post date: Jul 2, 2014 6:31:23 PM

X-Men Evolution and the Light and DarkNow that the new x-men movie is out, I thought I’d check it out and see how the timeline change they are talking about is played out. Woow, amazingly well done movie, loved it. While reading a bit more about it on wiki, I came across the X-Men Evolution TV series for kids. As usual, I wanted to see what this is all about, as I enjoy kids cartoons. I thought this was a good thing to watch as we had to lie down a lot for the fun ride of summer solstice energies. So we checked it out and let the inner child come out and enjoy the cartoons. As I watched a few episodes; I realized even though the x-men are teenagers waking up to their special abilities, each and every one of them have a choice to choose good over bad. Unless they were extremely tricked, they can easily choose the light and be something more than what they are; to figure out what they came here to do. Even the ones that went to the dark, as the story goes on, some of the kids realizing the actions of the dark and that they were being manipulated, changed sides and become part of the light.

It is obvious that we all have mixed genes due to many dark atrocities and manipulation that have happened for the last thousands of years and that they play a part in pulling us to be something we are not, something not in alignment with our higher being. When it comes to a choice between light and dark, we all have that innate divinity within us that guides us to safety. If we listen to it we can see what's right and what's not and we can chose light however harder that choice is and push to be the light so that we can heal the hidden demons that are pulling us astray from our true calling; our true being. If we do that; if we make that choice, we can make a difference in our being. It is our responsibility to ourselves and to the world.

Even though it is a kids cartoon series, I find many things can be a teacher to me, if I really pay attention. There is a bigger truth to many of these which the writers might not have thought about, but there is something higher working through them to bring in what we need to know. I have noticed that if I am open minded, there are many lessons and truths to learn from even the simplest thing I encounter. The more evolved we become, the easier we see the lessons in everything around us and then the whole world becomes a class room.

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