Reaching the stillness through heart

Reaching the stillness through heart meditationWritten by Pavithra LH @

Our heart is the connection to God or Eternal spirit and the more we consciously connect to it the more we can receive its love and guidance. When we practice the connection to heart more we can reach the timeless state that inner bodies and our God self exist.

This one is a easy technique but it will open up many layers of heart healing for you as well as through this you can reach the stillness.

It is best to find a easy chair or something to lie down to do this meditation.

Begin by breathing in to the heart. Meaning visualize your breath entering the heart center and going deep within. Then breath out through your heart.

Sometime holding the breath in the heart for a moment before breathing out helps to make a connection with the heart.

Continue to practice this till you feel heart is opening to your breath.

At this level sometimes heart begin to release some of the images, memories from the past to heal itself. Be okay with it. If you need to bring forgiveness to you and others, this is the time to do it and then continue to go deep in to your heart.

Continue this till you get a hang of this practice then visualize the breath going deep in to the heart and then to the back of your body reaching skin level.

There is a layer in-between your skin and the back of your heart that is a elemental level. Now start breathing out in to that space. The more you breath the more that space begin to open for you.

Practice breathing out in to that space and take the breath down ward along your back reaching your legs. When you are comfortable with that you can even visualize the breath reaching up and down both sides along the back of your body.

For now, practice going in to this space along your back towards the legs. In this space you will find the stillness, as this is part of the elemental layers of your being where it is silent and has a connection to the spirit levels. If you wish you can stop at this level and continue to experience the stillness. In time you will notice what I have written below.

When you explore more of this practice, you will notice that this space is so vast and the more you go there the more you begin to notice the elemental levels and layers. There will be times you will notice the elementals, like little rocks in a river where you can send your breath around the rocks going with the flow of the river.

If you reach this state, you will begin to notice the space between the little rocks more and more and soon you will notice the space to be larger than the rocks where it reaches in to a vast space so deep and placid. For some, this might feel like you are reaching God within in way as this space is so vast and deep.

Stay in this space feeling the vastness of universe as well as the stillness that you feel with it.