With every thought we either invest in our future or destroy it

With every thought we either invest in our future or destroy it.

Written on August 1, 2015

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

Have you ever thought about how much energy we lose daily with our mundane thinking? Our mind is continuously thinking, there are thousands or maybe millions of thoughts which run though our mind everyday and most of them we are not even aware of. It's like we are living inside a crowed city and everyone is chatting away and we cannot understand most of it nor have the ability to focus on them properly before some other chatter pulls in front of that thought or the conversation. The mind is like a river it is continuously bringing in so many thoughts and the force of it is so strong that most of the people don't have the ability to control it to bring it in to silence or even to a slow it down. With every thought we lose energy

With every thought we are losing energy, valuable energy. If we look at a student or an engineer or a thinker who use their mind continuously for a purpose, we know they lose much energy and they need to eat a lot to keep their energy going. If you have not thought about this can you pay attention and imagine what it is like for all of us that think continuously and unconsciously? The mind chatters away like a machine and we are just barely living in it. With all this chatting we are giving our life force, our vital energy source to something that we don't need.

We create our own reality

I believe that we create our reality with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The reality we live in, everything in our life, is a manifestation through our thoughts and beliefs and feelings. For example, our health, our careers, the partner we have or the partner we don't have. Also the prosperity and abundance that we have or the lack and limitation we have. They are all part of our own making. Some of it is unconsciously created but at the end it all came from us. Daily we are creating our future with our thoughts, feeling, beliefs, desires or our negative beliefs, mundane thoughts unconscious desires ad feelings. Most of us might not be aware that this is the case and might argue with me saying that this is not the case and they did not create the life and the situations they are in now. How can anyone think to create a life like what they are in and further more it is someone else's fault they are in trouble.

Quantum physics has proof

But when we look at it from many examples we see around us proof that it is the case. Also the most recent revelations through quantum physics prove to us that we chose our reality. Quantum physics go on to say that there are multiple realities and through our thoughts, feeling and beliefs we chose the reality we want and also they are so kind to mention to us that if we are in a reality we don't want, we have the power and the ability to chose one that we desire through our feelings, thoughts and beliefs. To learn and to understand some of the life facts through quantum physics was most a fascinating subject for me for the last several years and if you are interested it is quiet a fun area to venture into.

Our investment in the future

If most of what we have created, without our awareness, using mundane thoughts is what we have now; then we have lost most of our thought energy on something we do not want. We have wasted our energy or I can go on to say our investment is not yielding us what we wanted. This is the reason we need to pay more attention to our thoughts and see what we are creating using our precious energy and time.

What if we pay attention to our thoughts, our emotions and use them to our own advantage, for a better future? What if we pay attention not to be in continuous negative states of pain, anger, hate, and many other negative states as well as not coming from a state of lack and limitations to create our reality? From this perspective paying attention to our state of being and thoughts will be to our advantage. Then with each thought we are investing in our selves, investing our energy for a better future.

Moments of silence

Have you ever been in a moment where you were in a perfect silence? Can you remember the peace you felt, the amount of energy you had and how much focus you had? Moments like that give you so much power and energy, giving you the ability to focus attention on your thoughts, in creating your future; as well as these moments create so much peace within your being, bringing in joy, happiness and states of bliss. What if we can create more of these moments and expand them? Bringing silence to our mind must be one of our main focuses in life. Also as we go about our day to day life we should nurture thoughts that free our being and bring in joy, happiness, prosperity and abundance that we all deserve.

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