Do we need a saviour for this planet

Post date: Dec 27, 2015 11:40:14 PM

From my point of view, somehow or other, the teachings that the great masters of the planet brought us has been distorted and their way and teachings have been distorted as well............ In the west they worship a saviour and most people are waiting for the next one to come and save them. They say the saviour sacrificed himself for them and saved them, and then as they killed him they are sinners... It seems there are many contradictions in understanding the role of saviour.... Anyways the concept of a saviour is from my point of view a distortion that was inserted somewhere in the past, probably the same time the children of god were called sinners.. However, the concept saviour, takes the responsibility away from the individual and gives it to an outside entity has been going on for awhile on this planet as now the whole planet is looking for someone else to take care of their problems. This has made us lazy and ignorant of life and the reality of what's going on within as we are always looking for someone outside of us for answers. We are so good at passing the responsibility of saving us, saving the planet, saving anything or doing anything to others.

In the east, most believe that they have god within them but still they worship an outside god or gods. Some religions have thousands of gods. Somewhere in the Buddhist teachings they talked about how Buddha has mentioned, after the translation of course that 'don't worship any gods' or something closer to that idea of don't worship anyone outside but they must have thought that he is not a god so why not worship him anyway. From my perspective, there seems to be many reason why we do this, but whatever the reason is we have become people who always get someone else to think for us and do the work for us.

This has allowed the tricksters to control and manipulate us as we are not really aware of anything that much as we always get someone else to think for us or act on behalf of us and along with that we have given our powers away and feel small. When they don't do it right or when they use that power that we gave to harm others or harm us or the planet, we blame them for it instead of realizing that we've given them that power to do that. Countries like Germany allowed a killing of millions of people and destroyed many countries and people because people let someone else do the thinking for themselves and followed them without thinking. This will continue on until if we stop being victims and start to take responsibility for ourselves.

When we always look outside of ourselves for answers we begin to give our power away to outside sources, people, gods, events, things, objects, etc. There is not much power within to manifest or create much and we wonder why this is happening to us. Also when we are looking outside of ourselves we feel small within as we feel there is nothing that we can really do. This feeling is quiet deep as this has been growing within us since we were small. There is a self confidence issue that comes with it. Ego does not want to feel this insecurity and finds ways to make up for this by the accumulation of things and people around, but the feeling never goes away, it just gets buried bit more for the time being.

Through this state we begin to look at the world and people as a threat as well as when we are around people we feel small. We want to be liked them. The fake persona is something most of the people pick up to feel good about themselves, but that does not solve the problem. Envy is something that is quiet common and dangerous which comes out of this, and then expands in to jealousy, hate, competition, manipulation of others, feeling sorry, miserable, etc..

Also when we are used to looking outside of ourselves for answers, we think that what's out there is better than what's with us. So the game begins with us not appreciating what we have right now within and with us. As there is no self confidence or trust in ourselves, we don't really trust our inner guidance or our capacity to be something greater. Also the other factor of not appreciating people, situations and nature is also big among humanity, as we think the other has more or might know more than us. The mind-made fantasies are much better than what we have ,is what the mind tell us while staying in that small state.

The mother earth that is providing for us with food, water, shelter and her nature kingdom is not something we really appreciate as we are always looking outside and looking for answers. So the gods in the sky are better than the one that is providing for us..There is no true feeling for the mother, but the gods in sky we give all of our attention and power. This is all done without us thinking about what is really going on.

All these things, as you can see, are vicious cycles of one creating another and then another and branching out to many areas creating prisons for our mind. The physiological effects of these small habits that we have are bigger than we think. See how we go on a tangent when we are continuously looking outside for answers and not taking responsibility for ourselves. This is deeper than we think.

It's better to realize this and make every attempt to break free from them the moment we see that giving our power away and not taking responsibility for ourselves is really not supportive to all of us.

To explain this further, be free from self confidence issues and also envy, jealousy, competition etc..

Start to take responsibility for every thought and action in your life. This builds confidence and brings you back to your personal power. There can be no 'grass is greener on the other side' ideas! That is escapism! That does not get you what you really need. Those are temporary band-aids that you create in your mind to cover up those inner fears and other inner issues. Stop looking outside. Surrendering to what is and taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions gets you back your power and heals the inner insecurities.