Have we mixed up our values

Post date: Dec 26, 2015 8:54:28 PM

We measure up people with values to see if they are in alignment to our values so that we can associate with them or do business with them. So what are these values? How we ask questions define what we are after. If we ask: What do they have or what do they own? Then we are asking to define the person based on their ownership of stuff, some external factor defines them; the value system is external and somewhat distorted. Today they have them and tomorrow they are gone. If we ask: Who you are? Then we are asking to know their inner being, their values and qualities as a person; the value system is inner, spirit or heart based. These are with them all the time.

Living spirit based values make us feel alive, there is life and aliveness, feelings of uplifting, joy, gratitude and happiness that comes out of us. Why is this we ask? There is heart, to these values, and living these values bring us joy and happiness and there is something sacred which flows out of us when we live according to these values and are around these people. Just to mention some of these values for us: love, understanding, compassion, trust, kindness, reverence for all life, gratitude, generosity, responsibility etc...

Living the ego based false values make us cold, dry and sick. As they are made to poison the soul and heart and feeds the ego with its survival needs. They are there to cover up what we are feeling within and teaches us to forget who we are. Ultimately they will drag us down and destroy us.

As we are born to a planet that has both value systems, one inner, one outer, with us there is always a schism within. The good guy and the bad guy on both shoulders telling us what to do and what not to do. Over time with external influence and experiences, we begin to chose one side more than the other to make it easy for us and then we go on with our lives without knowing that every time we give in to false values we are poisoning ourselves.

You see, we have our true values and false values mixed up. We must get our priorities straightened and bring our true values to the forefront and live from them. Also not sacrifice our true values for false values that are dressed up as good guys. That is the trickery of the dark and it comes in many forms and is always looking to find a way in to get us. So be vigilant. We must use the spirit based value system as our guard and immunize our being with it, so the moment a virus enters, we can recognize it immediately and neutralize it.

I remember talking to a marketing guru once and he was telling me that I have to look at people differently to do business with them, I ask how? He said "I should look at them as people who are there to give me money, so I must be nice and kind to them so I can sell whatever I am selling to them" I was surprised to hear that from him. That got me to look at the whole marketing situation and the people who are marketing in a different way. That person was not at all aware that he is poisoning me with that idea. That was a virus, and he thought that was the best way to get people to do business. But when we observe that idea of his, we can see how he thinks and the intention behind it. To sell products to people, we have to be nice to them. It was not a true values based intention at all, instead the underline motive was trickery and greed. There was no love, compassion, care for the person or is the product I am selling even needed by this person? I have seen him sell products to people who did not need that product, but he convinced them that they need it and robbed these poor people of their money. Then he would go a bit further and hire them to be part of his marketing team to help people. In his mind he is doing a service to people. He has his value systems mixed up and his priorities are coming from a false value system that is based on fear, greed, manipulation and trickery and he was the vehicle for them to come out and also he is poisoning other ignorant people, convincing them what he is teaching is of value. What values are they and are they true to us is what we need to ask?

The following is another example of how we are letting these poisons spread among us without knowing is through movies, songs, games, stories and concepts in our daily activities.

The last company I worked for had larger parties during the holiday season and one of the games to entertain people was playing a rotating gift game. Basically the people get to pick gifts based on the lucky numbers that they got. Where the first person picks the gift from the lot and then the next one can pick the gift. This is when the game intensifies and gets nasty. The next person has a choice to pick a gift from the lot or take the gift from anyone else who already got the gift. It was sad to see the mood of people when the gift that they already have was stolen from them. They were like the little kids who got their favorite teddy bear taken away by somebody. This is how exactly the emotional body takes it and the people are trained to be like that with a simple game we play; to take something away from another without heart and no compassion towards how it feels when it was taken. Many had the opportunity to take a gift from the lot, instead they would go for someone else's because that was fun and they also want what the other has. I remember the director mentioning that we live in a dog eat dog world, so this game is from that world for us to enjoy.

It seems like a simple thing and one might ask why are you worried about these small things, that was nothing, it was just a game. The thing is this is how we get trained to be ignorant to our emotions and others heart related matters. Bit by bit is how we get the poison in and one day we can take a whole lot and not feel a thing.

Sometimes when we are in the world full of confused and priorities-mixed up people we must be fully immunized with our true values or we will be poisoned with viruses that are passed on as normal to all. They are not normal, they are foreign and poison to our spirit, our hearts and our being. We must be vigilant to see them for what they are and not be participants of propagating these viruses among us.

The true prosperity comes from within, not from outside sources that comes today and leave tomorrow. Ego wants to feel stable, so gathering things is one of the main focuses otherwise it will die. The ego based false value system is the key to get to us as we believe in truth and values in somewhere. So tricking us in to believing in a false values system is a way to survive. We think what ego thinks and wants to survive in this world so we pick and chose some of the false value systems and add it to our true value system and attempt to make it work in our lives. The thing is the false values are like poisons or viruses to our being and they begin to poison our being and drag us down allowing an opening for the dark to come in and trick and manipulate us in to believing what it tells us. The reason that we believe what the dark tells us is that we still have some false values with us and what the dark tells us is in alignment to them, so we think that must be true and fall for the trickery. This keeps happening to us over and over throughout our lives and during that time we have picked up so many concepts and ideas that we think are in alignment to us and in support to us, but the truth is they are poisoning our being, our souls, our hearts and are dragging us down.

True prosperity is something that comes from within and then manifests outside. These spirit values is the true prosperity for us as they guide us to live a life of goodness and fill us with love. Through them we feel strong within so our outer manifestations become prosperous and abundant.

False values manifest prosperity too, but they are the external stuff that we think makes us happy, and they do make us happy to a level but underneath there is the fear, uncertainty, emptiness, unhappiness, and confidence issues that cannot be really covered up with the stuff we got.

The key to true prosperity is to live a life with spirit based values and take responsibility for ourselves to not let the false values be the driver for our desires. The more we live them, the more the spirit awakens within us and show us how to heal within, so the inner fears and problems can go away and make us whole and complete. Also the key to reaching spirit is living true spirit based values as they make connections to the heart and spirit.

When it comes to dealing with people around us that hold ego based value systems as their higher priority and their truth, we have to know our truth and values as well as be strong in holding them within.

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