Native American Cherokee proverb

Post date: Apr 15, 2016 4:23:34 PM

When we look around us we can see how far we have stepped out of our true ways..... Some of us have forgotten what it is to be true to our higher calling and have embraced the ways of the darkness without us even noticing this is the case. For most, this is normal...

Reading a proverb like this calls to us to remember!!!!, and come back to balance!!

Out of deep-seated fears, we are desiring to control and manipulate people around us even our partner. Male or female most of us are driven to find that connection that we feel missing within. But we are not aware of how to reach that, so the best way we see is through manipulation of some form. At this state we don't even seem to notice that we are using some form of manipulation..all of this has become normal to us.. Part of life this is how everybody around us doing, so it must be how this works. This is how we see and learn...without any awareness of what is going on.

Female has been controlled and lowered to a level where she has become a sex object and a breeding machine for so long. Female is and has the connection to eternal mother, the source of everything. Taking her down has caused all of us much more suffering on this planet.

While the female is down, the ego driven male is taking the role of lost, out of control tyrants, desiring to control and dominate everything around them. Most females are right there with them, lost, confused and ego driven. The men and women who are not in this state of domination roles are seen as not normal...and even laughed at.

This is mostly due to deep-seated fear of separation we hold within.., coming from not feeling the true connection to eternal spirit, the source of everything. In the past...female held this connection so easily that allowed the male to balance and be with the source...

Female still hold this connection somewhere.. when she realize this truth and awakened, the connection is made with the eternal mother again... with that she has the ability to heal the male... balance the male and female within and manifest that to the world around them..

May all of us, male or female.... have the ability remember who we are and come back to balance one again.

To eternal Mother!!! may she awaken within all of us and guide us back home. May she reveal her wisdom to us, to be free from ego and all illusions.