Choose Love Over Fear

Choose Love over Fear

Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

It's our choice, every moment we have a choice, we can choose love or fear. When we choose love everything around us automatically starts to change for the betterment of our being. At first it is so hard to believe or see this happening within us and around us as we are so accustomed to seeing the dark and expressing only the pain, fear, competition and judgements towards the world and ourselves. But if we make the effort things slowly turn around for us and we slowly see the light and love in everything. This does not mean we are ignorant to the dark and not wanting to really see what's going on in the world, no, it's a choice of seeing all that and to see beyond it. When we see beyond all this there is only one thing, one God, one truth, one law and one eternal creation and eternal life. The rest is just an illusion a maya that was created through the separation from that eternal life. Dark is the absence of light, the separation from God, forgetting this truth, and forgetting who we are.

Eternal God Source (Mother and Father) is all love and there is nothing else. We are the children of this God self and we are part of that oneness and eternal creation. We have to remember that and find ways to remind us of this greatness and who we truly are. When we know this we can work with this knowledge and apply it to many areas of our life and to other people as well.

For example; we know we are God as well as we know that everyone around us has the same God in them. They may have forgotten this as we did at one time and are living a life based on separation and ego, but they still have that God self in them and we need to remember and see only that within them so our connection and communication and everything we do with them is with that God self. Again this does not mean we move in to forgetting about the ego and become prey for their dark tactics and let them manipulate, use and harm us. We simply hold the intention of love within us and then when we make that connection with them, we can be the love that we are and not go in to fear and be conscious and compassionate towards them and their actions, no matter what they may be.

We are multidimensional beings and it is for our own good that we need to continuously see the love, see the God in everybody. This way the fear does not come and cloud our choices in this world.


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