The journey begins

Post date: Mar 23, 2015 7:09:47 PM

We all want fulfillment and joy in our life and yet most of the times it seems so hard to reach that place. The idea is to have a balanced life so that you find fulfillment in everything. This includes the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical areas of our life, where we remove the lack and limitations with conscious effort. By paying attention to all areas of our life, we can learn to see the traps that we have allowed ourselves to be in. Be it self-limiting belief systems, patterns, habits, thoughts, lifestyles, or a life without integrity. All these factors contribute to create the outer manifestation of our life. How many of us are living life with fear, anxiety, stress, depression and emotional turmoil in one or many parts of our life? This is an outer manifestation of our inner world, a world without balance and peace.

We must participate with our life, not let life or circumstances run it. People who live an unconscious life or a life of ignorance have a hefty price to pay when it comes to living the outer manifestations of their actions and thoughts. They probably don't even notice that they are paying a price for what they have contributed to or participated with and assume that this is happening to them due to some other reason. Completely unconscious of why they are there in that state. I believe we all need to really, really hit the brakes once in a while and pay attention to see where we are and why we are here. Ask the question, "Is this the place I really wanted to be or have I just arrived here without my knowing? What caused me to be right here right now?" If it is a place I want to be, then we can do the same things or improve these actions to move forward. If the place we arrived in is not what where we wanted to be, then we need to see what actions or thinking caused us to be here in this state. To get to this place we need to take stock of everything. Our thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns, actions and the stories we are telling ourselves. See which of these are serving us and which are making us slaves to ourselves and in return slaves to the system.

We are not born to be slave to ourselves or to the system. There is a reason and purpose to us being here and we need to find that purpose and live it. I believe the reason for our existence right, here right now, is to find that purpose and start to live it so that our life is not a life that we don't want. We don't want our life to be another mundane existence that we will regret when we are about to leave this planet or continue to regret as we live all of our days. This is where the alignment to spirit comes in.

Most of us have forgotten that we are spirits having a human experience and that we need to keep a connection to that greater spirit self to receive guidance to live this life.

When we take stock of our life and find that it is unbalanced and not making us fulfilled and happy and the pain is too much to handle, we look for answers. Then we begin to realize that it is due to us not being in alignment to that greater spirit, or the God self of ours. This is an awakening moment for most of us and we need to remember this moment so that it gives us the courage to make a decision and take a stand for ourselves. To free ourselves from the self created prisons we are in. It is time to take that journey to make a connection with our spirit and listen to its guidance so that we can be free. Pavithra

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