Resistance, avoidance and not facing the situation

Post date: Dec 28, 2015 12:20:49 AM

There are so many ways we resist what is in our life. We use any excuse we can, to tell ourselves that what we are doing is justified but if we can dig deep we will see there is a resistance to what is, resistance to acknowledge what's going on with us. One thing that is constant in our life is change and that comes in many forms of situations and people. We have to learn to see them as that instead of seeing them as problems that have come in our way to break the peace and balance that we had. Many situations that comes up these days are life lessons wrapped up in a person or a situation, where we are challenged to dig deep to see: Why is this in my life at this time? What is there for me to learn and let go? How did I create this event? and What is unconscious within me attracted this to find resolution? If we can look at life situations with this perception we can begin to let go of the resistance we have towards events in our life and we might be able to find peace and be in the moment more often. When faced with a challenge or a conflicting person or situation, we can tell ourselves that this is not my way to live life that I am a peaceful person and I don't want to deal with this now. What we are doing is avoiding the situation by going and doing something else or getting someone else to do the dirty work for us. This is quiet common with some of us as part of us do not want to face this challenge and it is somewhat scared and wants to avoid the fear so any excuse will be given to avoid what is happening in our life.

There are times, where we can avoid situations and run away or let someone else to the handle the situation for us but sooner or later there will be events that we cannot avoid and they are in front of us challenging us to face them. When we are faced with situations where we cannot escape and if we do, we are hurting ourselves as well as people around us we have to come out of our hiding place and see why this problem is still in my life and look deep within to see the lesson. At that time we will see that some of the excuses we have been giving to avoid the situation are false and what is really going on is that we are scared.

What we are being asked is to see within us and bring whatever unconscious out and face this fear once and for all. When we realize this we will notice that the things begin to shift within us as we never really observe the situation in this manner as we always had an 'valid' excuse for our behaviors.

When this happens and if we are courage's enough to face our inner fears the issue might not be that bad. We can use the compassion, humility, patience and see the truth in the situation or the person to bring in a peaceful resolution to what is going on.

Also this opens another layer of freedom for us as we begin to notice that we are more accepting of life than before and we can be at peace with certain situations that arise for whatever the reason. This brings us more closer to now moment as we no longer resist what is happening in this moment.

There are subtle ways we resist life as well, and this is difficult to see as we are so used to doing this. We resist life situations by avoiding them and doing something else. If we don't like where we are in, be it a financial, relationship, disease or anything else that is bothering us, we tend to resist them as we see them as problems that are pestering us. The truth is there is a reason that they are in our life at this moment and we need to acknowledge them for that, meaning we have to accept them for what they are and surrender to that facts, not to the event but to the fact that they are there for a reason. When we do that, part of us begin to see the solutions for them as we are no longer resisting them within. That does not mean we give in to the problem and not do anything about it and sometimes there are cases where we cannot do anything about the situation but most times there is something we can do. When we surrender or acknowledge the issue for what it is. It seems, all of a sudden the problem does not have that much of a power over as we are not resisting and creating an entanglement with it. After surrendering to what is, we can do what we can to get out of the situation if we can, but the trick is we no longer fight against it within and that releases our being to see the bigger picture. Also this allows the grace of the God to come through and heal us as well as show us the solution to the problem and then we can act on it.

There are many ways to go about doing it, but for any situation we need to move in to surrender first. Then the avoidance mechanisms of watching tv, taking drugs , finding a distraction to take the mind of or doing something mundane will not occur as we begin to be at peace with ourselves more. This again bring us to be more self aware and be in the present moment.

Love, Pavithra