Worshiping Means Giving Your Power Away

Worshiping Means Giving Your Power Away.

Written on August 1,2014

Written By Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

Everything in consciousness we think and believe manifests, that's a fact. We have many phantom gods and demi-gods on this planet, due to many past experiences these beings had many interactions with humans and they, with their knowing or unknowing, have created a worshiping paradigm. Many phantom gods wants to be worshiped as they get the power from human's prayers and their continuing to believe in them.

Also when a Being believes and prays to someone, they give their power away and that power can be used by the receiver of it to do whatever they want with that Being's light bodies. They can steal codes, life force, body parts and many other things through false contracts they created with these humans. I have seen wrost examples to this in Asia, where some beings are with shackles to their necks and anckles and attached to a demonic god; they are his slave armies to do as he wish. Humans do not understand this fact, they simply ask these gods to get their things done for them. So these Beings take advantage of this situation and have created a worshiping paradigm, the more people believe in them and worship them they get more power and more dominion over the lands and people. These beings are power hungry and continually want to expand their dominion and control, just like the politicians we have that we have given our vote to to assist our countries.

I found a very good example of this played out in the Stargate SG1 Tv series in the last two seasons and the Ark of the Truth, where they introduce a new race of Beings; who are conquering the galaxies with their crusade and expanding their dominion. These beings go to worlds and take control of the people through their advanced weapons and armies and force the inhabitants to worship their god. They would destroy all the historical books and things that are not in alignment to their agenda and kill anyone that is against them. The teachings include the promise that the followers will be ascended, which is a lie. Just like the church crusades we heard of from past centuries, isn't it? Also the series talks about when the people worship these gods, their powers get transferred to these gods and this makes them more powerful and when the worship is stopped they lose all their powers. They even talk about subspace and use scientific theories to show how this power gets transferred.

I thought this was a good example for us to learn from as this is the same situation that happens when we worship an outside deity for whatever purpose it is. We are Gods period. We came from the God source and we have the same powers and abilities and divinity as our God parents. We have forgotten that but the Negative aliens and these demi-gods know about it and are doing their best to stop us from knowing this truth. That is the reason they have enslaved the human race and keep them in this mind controlled prison planet, so they can harness their God force energies for Negative agendas.

Religion has made such a mess for the people, getting them to forget their divinity and making them sinners or beings who do not have any origin, just slaves of these false gods. But we are not, we are the creators, we are from that eternal creation. We just have to know that and bring that awareness to our being and reclaim ourselves, so that our God self can re-arrange our being to that belief, that knowingness to make us whole again.

We have to also remember that there are higher dimensional beings, deities and devas that truly care for the humans and they have come down to help us some time ago and due to our worshiping and many other situations, we have gotten them trapped here and they are wanting to go home. So when we stop the worshiping altogether and work on healing and reclaiming ourselves, we free these beings as well as we free ourselves from their entanglement and even assist them to go home.