Another look at Religion - January 2017

Post date: Feb 1, 2017 6:41:36 AM

Another look at Religion - January 2017

written by Pavithra LH @

When we look at anything in this world that was built by man, we see the influence of ego and the mess that it has created. This goes same for religion. This attempt is to take another look at religion to see how it is effecting us and where we have let ego manipulate us in to believe in falsehoods. We must use discernment and be the compassionate witness in these cases as there are lot of people with good intentions who are trapped in these falsehoods. Plus our attempt is to understand, witness and be the observer, not the judge.

When we look at something which is based on our cultural, social and other believes, most times this perspective or the view that we hold is incorrect; so what we understand and believe is incorrect. Then the thought forms we create are incorrect and false. This is how the outer shell of most of the religion is created; it is based on incorrect, misunderstood, distorted views, ideas, concepts, perspectives. All this is and the priesthood and the people who believe it consist the falseness, the artificiality of the religion.

This is what we see when we enter religion seeking spiritual guidance and teachings. The ego created false reality posing as the real thing is what we get with some icing on it. If there is any truth, that is buried and hidden within the artificiality. We feel the truth but it is hard to find. That is why it is difficult to find truth within religion as everywhere we turn there are questionable information or behaviours. We have to be on guard and use discernment, learn to listen to our hearts to compare notes with to see what is in alignment to us and what is not. Some find it very hard to go forward with their spiritual advancements within certain religions as the teachings does not give them proper guidance. They say it is hard to find truth in the teachings or it takes a lot of time to find it as it is covered up with distortions or so much information Meanwhile others use inner guidance and whatever they find along the way to forge a new path for them as the path already made by the religion seems to be blocked or not travelable anymore.

What is Dharma?

Dharma is the teachings of how the natural laws works in creation. One who live aligned to Dharma or teachings are protected by what they live by as they are in alignment to the natural laws and nature. Some even begin to look in to the nature to see guidance as it is living alignment to natural laws. They say nature is their religion.

He who protects/live aligned to the Dharma is protected by Dharma - Buddha

One who lives aligned to the natural creational laws are protected by the natural laws. The Dharma or teachings that are in alignment to the natural laws or explain how the natural laws work are there to support us.

When we learn and live by these Dharma or teachings then we align ourselves to the creation and its natural laws. These are the laws of one. Creational laws that are there for all beings and all thing. Things work in alignment to these laws in natural creation; these laws explain how the mechanics of creation work. We simply have forgotten what these laws are and live in disharmony of them. When we live in disharmony we cause harm to the creation as well as to ourselves.

The saying says that the ones who protects or in alignment to the Dharma are protected by Dharma. It does not say it is done by any god, deity or entity. It says the Dharma is protecting those who are in align to it. Worshipping any entity or god is not mentioned in here. How can Dharma protect anyone, it simply is a teaching, a bunch of information explaining how to live by? If we try to understand this, in this case Dharma is the explanation of how the laws, the mechanics of the creation works. When we live by them they assist us to be in alignment to the creation and its creational force. It gets us out of the way of living against the creational force and also assist us to be in alignment so the force can take care of us. The result is the creation/creator can protects its children/creation.

The purpose of the creational force is to support the creation in whatever the way it works and protects the creation and its children. That means, to protect us, support us, provide for us, basically take care of us and rest of the creation. When we live aligned to this force, we allow it to do what it meant to do. But when we are against it, then it cannot take care of us. This is when we feel like we are being abandoned, nothing's working for us and all the support seems to be going the other way. When this happens, we have to look and see how we are not living by Dharma and make an attempt to live by them. When we are against this force, the nature, then what we create is artificial, and that takes lot of effort as we are doing something against the force, against the natural flaw. Then we feel that we have to work hard to make things happen. This is the way of the mind and its false self ego. We must learn to see ego's ways and what natural ways are so we can work with natural force, making things easy for us.

It's just like a leaf, it doesn't try to go against the wind, it simply allows the wind to take it where it suppose to go. There seems to be surrender, trust and allowing. Also understanding how the cycles in creations work and how and why it takes time for certain things to change. No big effort is needed by the leaf to travel, it simply allow, by aligning to the laws, meaning be a part of the creation. If the leaf is communicating with the force then it must be asking the force to take it somewhere that is supporting whatever the purpose it suppose to be. From what we can see, there is effortlessness and a purpose to everything; that means this creational force is highly conscious and aware of everything that the creation needs. So being in alignment to it, and allow is what is being ask of us, if we want to live peacefully in this creation.

Masters and their teachings

Many religious teachings were from masters who understood these laws. They leaned and lived by these laws so the creation expressed itself through them effortlessly. With this understanding, they explained what they know to others so they too can live by these laws. Some say they perform miracles. The creation is a miracle itself; if the creation is expressing itself through these masters then they too were used to perform miracles.

These masters gave example in the forms or parables or stories to make the person understand what they meant. Some understood but others did not. These teachings are something that the person must live by and become part of, then only they can really 'know' what these teachings meant. Over time, some of the disciples wrote these teachings down in whatever the way they understood. Some of the teachings are accurate, some are not and the others are somewhat not sure what they meant to a normal person, or misunderstood by many; till they live by these teachings and really understood what the real or the hidden meaning behind them.

Religious institution

Over thousands of years some of these teachings were lost, re-written or misunderstood. Others were distorted by ego driven religious people who were hungry for power and control. They use these teachings for their advantage and built religious institutions using these teachings as part of their business expansions, so they can control people and have power over them. Over time, many begun to follow these teachings and became part of these well organized institutions who controlled countries, government and the people in the name of the god.

Thousands of years ago, they falsely claimed the ownership of god and god teachings through force and manipulation. Reaching god must be only done by these leaders who said they understood the teachings and forced or tricked people to believe them as the intermediary between god and the people. Of cause there are so many who genuinely wanted to help people and they did their best to teach them what they have learned also they did their best to keep the purity of the teachings / Dharma safe for the future generations. But the business people did not like this idea, so there were many times where these people where accused of going against god. So they manipulated governing leaders to get rid of these people who protected the purity of these teachings. As we can understand with all these ego driven desire for control and power of these people, over the thousands of years the teachings have been distorted or misunderstood. Now what we have is bits and pieces of purity within certain religion and on the others, there's too much information and misinformation the real teachings are buried within them.

Having power over others

Religious institutions do their best to keep themselves and their religion going. Some groups have genuine interest to support the teachings while others are ego driven and wanted to keep the institute going for their own negative, ego driven agendas. Those who wants to keep the teachings safe use the means of having many become monks or priest and teach them what they know. For others business must exist so they can live as a class of superior beings who have control and power over others. They too do their best to expand the religion; they use many means. This has been going on for thousands of years.

Power over people were taken thousands of years ago by force or using ignorance of people through fear tactics. Some religions, it's done through blind faith, un-questionable obedience. Words like sacred and holy are used to the maximum in these cases as some don't even raise their heads to look at a monk or a priest. It is like some hidden law that they don't understand. Some are scared of these intermediaries while others hold too much respect. Some actions they perform show this very well, for example: In Sri Lanka, when offering food for monks, food is not tasted before giving to these monks saying that is not good to give it to holy beings after consuming. There is such a level of respect, trust, belief that is placed on these priest or monks as the keepers of these teachings.

Faith and trust that blinds them

Some of these monks or priests truly care for the teachings but other are not. As the people have unquestionable faith and trust, they don't see the distortions and ego driven control agendas of some of these leaders. If what they teach is tainted people don't see it because of this blind faith. Of cause there is also fear of being ridiculed and ostracized by the society, if they see the distortions and speak against. There is a huge level of fear over seeing or witnessing something untrue in teachings and living against or not living according to these distortions. Some are scared that something might happen to them if they don't follow. Also if there is a god in that religion then they are scared to not worship them as they are scared of being punished. The word sovereignty of the person and their freedom to think as an sovereign being and live according to their truth is completely gone when it comes to religion. Also seeing this madness there are some who have broken free from these well organized businesses.

There is a belief, a strong thinking that expect the person to believe, respect and keep the institution, its teachings and the teachers or the middle men. They say all of these must be protected without seeing the distortions as that is the way to keep this going. There is a point to them but we must see the ego desire in it too. Is trust and believe and follow it no matter what the person see is useful to us? This must have been the case when the true teachings were taught, long time ago where all that was sacred, holy and was revered by all. There must have been no question to see any distortions in that philosophy, and priest that followed it at that time.

But at this moment, the ego driven institutions that wants power, expansion and money, and the priests who want ego driven life styles who have greed, anger, hatred and crave power over others and also the distorted teachings that must be followed in order to reach enlightenment? hmmm... According to some there is no other way around in reaching enlightenment, the religion must be followed. Can you do this? Can anyone follow blindly and have true sovereignty for themselves?

I don't suggest we destroy the institution or go against and harm them because we see distortion in it. Many religions still hold true teachings within them, as we have gathered truth and learned lessons, others too must have the opportunity to gather what they need while we can simply find our own path. With time, hopefully, everyone will come to see the truth and the need for these well organized business institutions will simply cease to exist as there is no need for them.

What is worshipping meant to you?

Wikipedia says:

Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. An act of worship may be performed individually, in an informal or formal group, or by a designated leader

The word is derived from the Old English weorþscipe, meaning worship, honour shown to an object,[1] which has been etymologised as "worthiness or worth-ship"—to give, at its simplest, worth to something.

Worship means to some is to show adoration, gratitude for the teacher and their teachings while others use those moments to affirm their practice in front of their favourite deity. But there is another faction that pray to god to get something done, this is where the false gods get us. With these gods the person must worship their god to receive assistance, guidance and protection in order to ascend. But most of these gods are dead ones, phantoms or manipulative beings from other dimensions or worlds. They wants worshipping so they can have power over the person and can own the person or whatever the life force of the person for whatever the exchange that they give in return.

We are not even aware of the karmic exhaust and superimpositions they do. They put their exhaust/waste and karma upon us and expect us to clean them. Most of us have not even heard of this being done to us and yet we are all being subject to this torture, some are more than others. And the biggest disadvantage we have is we don't know what's happening upstairs when we worship them or not.

Even when we don't worship them when we are attempting to be free from their ancestral groups, they don't like it. These beings break natural laws and believe they can get away with it. So far, many have escaped it but I guess the time is catching up to them very fast where they too must obey natural laws. Laws of cause and effect is the biggest one that is catching up to them. If we are aligned to the natural laws then we can ask our teams and forces that are in alignment to natural laws to assist us to uphold specially the laws of cause and effect and these karma and exhaust be return to the rightful owners.

In Buddhist teachings, Buddha have mentioned to stop worshipping gods, yet they have turned around and are worshipping him and over time many other gods have been added to the religion as supporters or protectors of Buddhism. Buddha was simply a messenger, a representative of the natural creation who brought us those teachings/philosophies; to think about and live by in alignment to the natural laws, that is what the Dharma is all about. We can cease worshipping, giving our power away to dead beings/gods who falsely represent the true creation/creator/creational force. The creation and the creational force is what we need to pay attention to and work with.

How do you know if you are working or worshipping a being of light?

It is common for humans to worship external beings. Here in Asia, especially in Sri Lanka where I live at the moment, it is something that has been going on for a long time. People don't seems to understand what they are doing. They go to the temple and worship Buddha or their favourite deity according to their religious beliefs which they believe represent the light and then they go to another place and worship someone else who we can clearly see representing the dark.

They just want these beings to get something done for them, whether these entities are dark or light is not in their mind-set at that moment. The fact that worshiping dark don't seems to come to their mind or they are completely ignorant of that matter. They call these beings as gods( Deviyo); for them the dark entity who pose as a god is a good guy who gets them what they want. if someone is working for the dark, it is common sense for most of us to see this by their actions. For example if you go and pray for some god or deva and ask them to hurt someone or take something away from them or do something against the other persons will and get them done through this entity. Then this being is performing a dark deed in order to get something from this human. These are all things that we normally see as negative or dark actions. That entity is not really working for the light. Light beings do not hurt others in any manner or ask for anything be killed in their name. And the other thing is they do not possess you or jump in to your body and try to take you over.

Also they do not force you to be one of their subjects. Anyone who is terrorizing us do not deserve our worship, they are of the dark. Any entity that comes through a human, in a manner of channel, trance, possessions, or forced the human to let them in and do harm to others or channel lies to manipulate others to get them to worship them is not of the light. Normally this is common sense with humans when it comes to normal things in their life..Meaning any human that trick people, hurt people and get others to do what they want is not truly there to help them. This is the same case with any other being that come from other realms and trick us to worship them. With this simple explanation we can identify any diety, god(deviyo) or deva who is working for the dark. Also we can see the darkness within us when we go and ask a being to hurt another.


We say we want Nirvana, we want to be free from this karmic cycle, so we follow some religion that has been handed down to us by our parents or ancestors without asking questions. The notion we go with is that the religion and the deity we believe to be of the light and their teachings are of the light. If this was handed down to us then we have a choice to see if this religion teaches us something of the light or something of the dark. If any religion or their representative on earth that ask us to kill in the name of their god or clean the unbelievers from this planet might not be someone that we must blindly follow. We are intelligent beings and here is where we have a choice. Choose to follow what the others have been handed down to us or really choose a teaching that is support to us, that would truly assist us with our freedom from Samsara.

If we are so ignorant and are working with the light today and the next day worshipping the dark, where do you think we end up in. Do you think the dark beings that get us what we want is giving them to us for free. When they throw us a bone, in exchange on the other multidimensional realm they have already taken a whole lot of out of our soul or Athma or spirit. And probably have made us one of their henchmen to get their agendas fulfill on earth. We have unknowingly are supporting the dark while attempting to free from dark. Paradoxical thinking eh?

Lying to yourself

While worshipping this dark entity, telling yourself this entity is a god does not make it a light being. Also building a huge temple or having a Buddhist statue next to your Devala where you worship the dark entity does not make you a light being. It is the actions that we perform show us where our alliance is. Same goes with giving away money and other things to temples or people while making that money from dark activities. These actions are simply there to cover up the dark deed in your mind but they don't truly cover up the truth, you simply are lying to yourself and others.

If we want to be free from this trickery then we have to let go of greed, desire to manipulate others and also get rid of the desire to get things done for free from dark deities and entities that roam around trying to find someone to feed on. Make a choice to be in the light and of the light, a true representative of light. You have power, ability to manifest what you want. You came from the same source that this creation was made. You are one of the light beings. Stop giving in to your ego to get things done for free.

Another thing we also need to understand is we don't need to worship any being outside of ourselves as we all came from the same source and we are all same. So worshipping something external means you are saying to yourself that you are not part of that source you came from and you are lesser. When we make our self unworthy and let other dark entities be our masters how can we be free?

ධර්ම ධානය ලොව උතුම්ම ධානයයි