What's underneath the system? - April 2016

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 1:13:59 AM

What's underneath the system? - April 2016

Most of us are comfortable with where we are in our life situations. Even when there is a bit of pain with whatever the situation is; we will ignore it and move on with life as we know, it is more work to change. In a nutshell, we don't like change. Yet, change is the only constant in our lives. But most don't understand it or don't want to believe this to be true in their life. For them, change means leaving behind the comfort that they are in. So they fight against change whenever they can until they are forced to change.

We have a system

From childhood, we learn to accept many parts of the system which include educational, medical, pharmaceutical, work, food, entertainment, religion etc.. as part of us. Being part of the system is a normal way of life for us and most of us use these systems daily without questioning. Why? Because we grew up with it and our families and others around us are part of it. So for us it is okay; we somewhat trust the system and live with it. Use it, when we need it. It has become part of our life.We have created itWhatever the external influences it had. Basically, generations upon generations of people have worked hard to create these systems and improve them to be part of our support system. Many have created these systems with good intentions to help us; to better our lives and be the support system that we need in many areas of our lives. Among who helped to create the system, there are people with good intentions and then there are others who created them for their gain. But overall our understanding is that it is there to support us. So it must work and do what it is intended to do. So why? ask questions and try to do more than we can or do it ourselves when there is a support system. We trust the system and the people in it to do their best. And most do their best as well.

It seems ego is running the show

What some of us notice or have not seen is that effects of the ego in it. This includes each and every person who participated in creating these systems and the ones working in it. The sum of all, the collective ego of these people have inserted their ego fangs to this system making it intolerable to the human spirit. The ego fears, greed, competition and its manipulation of things and people for its advantage has gotten into these systems. So underneath these systems, there is a need for control, to manipulate and use people for the advantage of ego. To the advantage of collective ego agendas. Ego wants to use the system to make us depend on it in the name of support. This support is in a way to the advantage of ego, whatever motives that allow it to exist among us. If it is educational system then the children are shaped to be followers without asking questions. So they can be the worker force for the whole. A slave force, working without asking questions; do what they were told.

Through ego and darkness within each that participated, a system was created to serve the purpose of the collective ego and darkness. Without the care for the humanness, the spirit that lives within us.

For medical situations, we go to a doctor and take advise with trust; without asking much questions if there is another way to this or that medication. Because we believe this is the way to go abut and these people there must know more than us and they are there to take care of us. Through this thinking, we have somewhat begun to be ignorant to see beyond things. The thing is, most humans within the system care and they want to help us but there is one problem that some of us don't want to see and understand. The system does not have solutions for all of our problems. Because it is built with the influence of ego which does not support the humans but wants to control humans. A system that wants to use and control us does not give us solutions to our problems; It only gives what it wants so we think it is helping. It wants to keep us trapped so we depend on it. This way it has control over people.

A doctor who was trained in the system can only do so much to assist. He or she will attempt to give us the best medicine that can support us with least side effects. But medicine that was created in a system with ego influence might solve one problem then again it might give many other side effects that needed other medicine to cure them. We all have seen even the doctors who had the best intentions can only do so much as they only know what they are being taught and can give medicine that is available to them through the system.

There are parts of the system which ego control so the drugs that can be supportive might not be supportive. Where there is ego there is greed, desire to control, manipulate and take advantage. If ego influenced the people then the product that they created is not fully supportive to humans. This is the case with many systems.

There is spirit within the system too

Then there is the compassionate, caring, loving nature of the human spirit within that system too. It wants to find ways to make things work for us; to help us, to take care of us. We cannot simply throw a system away saying it is poisoned by ego. We participated in creating these systems so there is human spirit within all of these systems. We feel it. That is another reason why we still use these systems even with all these distortions. With more spirit awakening within us, can the system be flushed of ego and be a true supportive system?

There are loving, caring and brilliant people among us that participate with the system as well as outside of the system. We might have met or heard of them. Teachers, scientist, healers, writers, all types of artist and musicians etc.. They are all around us making a difference; changing the way we think and participate. They are all part of the eternal spirit, a spiritual force expressing itself and changing the world. When we look deeper at the system with this awareness we can see, many things are changing for the better.

What happens to us when we access components of this system?

When we go to school, we learn things and that becomes part of us and most of us don't question it. Same with the work world. We dream of becoming someone when we grow up and some get there with a lot of effort and sacrifices.

After sometimes at least some of us become tired of what we so desired and became. Our jobs become a means to an end. That passion we had slowly begin to diminish. Most begin to feel the rigidity of the system and the inability to be what they really want to be. There are restrictions, boundaries, and expectations. Greed and control do not allow us to be who we want to be. To truly express ourselves, our spirit. Then the work becomes boring and meaningless. We go there just to make money to live. Some even get so addicted to work. They live to work.


Over time, both attitudes become hard for our body and our inner being. When this happens, we begin to break down within. The body and emotions begin to show this through diseases, emotional outbreaks, tiredness, inability focus, relationship issues and distaste in work and life altogether. We begin to experience pain. When the pain is a bit much to handle then we look for ways to cover it up; ways to escape or find bandage solutions to get rid of this pain.

This seems to be the case with everything in our life; till we feel the pain we don't pay attention. When we notice the pain, the first attempt from most of us is to find a way to cover it up; put a band-aid over it. Then the pain goes away for a while so we get back to what we were doing. But over time pain comes back. This time, a bit more than before then we try another attempt at band-aiding it. This cycle continues till the pain is too much to handle. Then only we really look and see what is going on and look for ways to solve the problem.

Isn't this the case with most of us? If I asked this question, most will give a YES. This is how most of us are used to dealing with situations in our life. We are like jugglers in a circus; we juggle so many things daily. When one or few balls drop only we pay attention to see what we need to do with it or how to pick it up while juggling rest of the balls. It seems time and time we all need a fire under our bottoms to get us moving. To get us to stop and think. The stronger the fire the faster we stop and look for ways to take the fire off our bottoms.

When we are absolutely tired with life situations and also are tired of looking for answers that do not bring solid solutions which should bring us happiness, peace, and joy. Then only we will look for spiritual solutions or ways outside the box. In most cases this is where we find solutions. We cannot find solutions to something with the same mindset that created the problem. We have to expand our awareness, our consciousness to see beyond the boundaries we have created for ourselves to find solutions. That is the reason most of the solutions that our politicians or lawmakers that are bringing to the table in this world does not bring true solutions to our problems. Because that is the same mindset that created the problem; that mindset cannot find a solution. We must reach a higher consciousness, different mindset to reach answers to problems that we have created for ourselves.

Anyways, what I am getting at is, when we find ourselves facing a situation where most of the normal things that we use to do do not work. That means we have to reach a new level of awareness; look outside the box. Most look outside the box only when the support system that they have is not providing for them what they needed. The support system, in this case, is the system that they are part of or the system that they accessed or participated in learning and became who they are now.

We are all part of the system

Some way or other we are all part of the system. We are all part of that artificial reality or the world that was created with the influence of ego. Many things that we access or was part of over time was influenced and have restricted the humanness within. Using our ignorance, ego within us allowed this to happen as it knows this is the way for its survival. It wants us to be part of the system. Not just that, it wants us to depend on it or if possible be addicted to it. We were influenced by ego, to create a false reality and be addicted to ego driven lifestyles and be part of the system.

Pain is an awakening tool

When we dig deep, we know the cause for many of our problems are stemming from ego self and its influence on our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Also, we know, this realization mostly come to us when we have experienced deep levels of pain and are overwhelmed by the desire to be free from all of this. With that realization, we see the mess that we have created for ourselves with ego and look for ways to free from it. This realization also causes a huge level of ego dismantling. With that, we feel a level of freedom, level of release from the burdens that we held. At this level, we begin to connect with our eternal spirit who begins go guide us to see the truth. This starts with glimpses of self-realization; seeing parts of truth to what is going on. For some, when we get these glimpses and feel the light within; we want to understand more, know more and be free of ego altogether. Others are so scared and confused at this stage as most that they believed or that were fed to them through outside influences are crumbling in front of them and they cannot handle this. So they look for new ways to escape.

Seeing the falseness within the system

If we are ready and want to know more and be free instead of finding new ways to escape the pain. Then we begin to understand what we believed to be true is not true anymore and there is a new truth to things. The system that fed us all this information has not helped us the way we thought it would do. When this happens, some get angry and wants to destroy the system and everything around it while the others find ways to distance themselves from it and look for alternative ways. Both parties at this stage are going through an experience that they need. We can choose to be victims of the system or we can take responsibility for ourselves and find new ways to heal and stand on our feet. Both choices take us through a journey of spiritual awakening.

Most of the times, we only see ego dominated control systems that are running this planet. This is our perception of things based on our awareness. We think this is it and there are no solutions; ego and the darkness have taken control over systems and we are doomed. This seems to be the case from the surface.

See the system in a new way

But as we go through this spiritual journey, our awareness expand and grows. Our experiences tell us that this is just one part of the situation or just what we see. The one that makes the most noise is the one that is seen and gets attention. It is the case with this as well. What we see is darkness and ego created systems flourishing and taking over the planet.

But there is something moving underneath all these falseness, artificiality and deadness. A force more powerful than ego and darkness. It is a force of the human spirit or the eternal spirit that lives within us. The spirit that is expressing life through human and other life forms. This force is far greater than anything that ego can think of or muster to understand. That force is aware of everything and has a purpose. Whatever the ego thinks, it does not matter; we are all part of this greater force and are serving its purpose, however, unconscious we are.

Faith, trust and spiritual force

If we can be aware of it; understand that there is a force far greater than we are and we are part of it. And it is within us. Then the search for it outside of us slowly cease for us as we begin to trust that force within and learn to listen to it and align to it. The realization of this force and trusting it and embracing it allow us to be one with it. When we reach that level of conscious awareness; we are shown another level of truth. With that, we begin another level of self-realization and learn to trust this force and be one with it. From my understanding, this is entering the kingdom of God.

What we must understand is that the system we all have created has two components. One part is ego and the darkness and the other is the human spirit or eternal spirit that lives within us. Ego can control and manipulate the system to its desires and harm us but it cannot fully take control of it and destroy us...not unless it fully possess all of us. So far, from the surface it seems it has taken control of most and are running amuck on this planet but we must not forget the power of the human spirit. The greater force that lives within us and lies beneath all this deadened artificiality that ego has created.

This greater force is continually working to correct us, correct the error. So it can free us and get us online with it and its creation. It wants to bring us back to our natural state of oneness.

This benevolent force is much more powerful than ego or darkness and has the ability to influence us more than we think. If it cannot correct this error it has the power to dissolve all this and re-create the creation. Ego and darkness have no power over that. Ego and darkness have presumed power because we are not aware of who we are and also not aware of what's going on. Ignorance is our enemy. That is why we must let go of these boundaries and ego distortions within. All these are illusions to our eternal spirit as in truth they do not exist. They are distortion within the mind. Bring clarity and truth or light to them and all this will dissipate.

As we have mentioned above, the more we let go of ego the easier for us to get in touch with this force. It awakens the eternal spirit within which is our true self. Through that we begin to align more to eternal creation; the creation underneath all this deadened artificial reality.

When we begin to align with it, we experience its love, its power and its desire to express through us more and more. We feel the stillness, oneness, and timelessness that we are all part of. Also, we begin to feel it taking care of us, protecting us and assisting us. Assist us to go through a correction process to be part of it. This understanding and knowing, allows us to be more and more trusting and have faith within. This is the way home. Faith and trust in this force allow us to be part of it or in another word enter the kingdom of God.

We also must understand that without us to use and feed on, there is no more ego or darkness. It uses us to exists. Also, it uses us to control systems and manipulate others. We are the host for dark so we must learn to understand and remember who we are. And learn how not let this distortion take control of us and destroy humanity. It is our responsibility as eternal beings. Also, I have mentioned that when we are part of this force and aware that we are part of it. We can access it. We can receive its support and protection. This is the way to live on this planet and still be free. When we are accessing the system, we can ask this force underneath all of this ego distortions to take care of us, to work with us. It is within each and every human and it will take care of us and protect us as long as we are aligned with it. This is how we can be part of this planet but not be part of the distortion.