Taking Responsibility for ourself

Taking Responsibility for our self

Written in June 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ Starcrystalportal.com

We are born to this planet for a reason, we may not know it at this moment and it would be nice to figure that out as we go through our awakening process, but for the movement we have to realize one thing, that we are conscious higher dimensional beings who were born here for a reason; we are not an accident or an error. So that means we made a choice to come here and to be born on to this planet, this race, this country, and this biological family.

We are here for a reason, whatever that might be; we might not remember it at this moment as we are so immersed in the maya (illusion) of separation from that source that we came from. So we must take responsibly for that choice we made to be born here and to stop blaming everyone else for our choice, however painful this existence is.

Are you blaming your family for what you are now, how your life has turned out to be? We are born to that race and family whatever the reason is and now it's done, so why blame them for that? They have raised us from the consciousness level and awareness they had, they could have done better or worse, they could have tried harder, etc... but they didn't for so many reasons. Or are you blaming the society the governments, the schools, the company you work for, your partner or children or the dark forces and negative aliens for all your troubles?

Do you see that, however the influence is, your thoughts, patterns, habits and actions that you learnt over the years have brought you here, to this state? At the end if we really look at it somehow or other we allowed this to happen by not seeing the truth in all of this, not seeing who is manipulating us, who is victimizing us or influencing us. We made that choice, we took that turn, and we said yes or did not speak for our self because of fear or our knowledge/awareness at that time. It's all done now; all we have is now to make a choice.

What was our choice when we look at all of this?

We can either live our entire life blaming everyone else for all that has happen to us, or we can make a choice to forgive them and start working to heal our self, change all of this for a better now, a better future. Can you see how much anger, hatred you are holding, how much past you keep bringing up and dressing up in your mind and creating new patterns of fear, pain, anger in your being everyday? Why destroy our health, our happiness, our joy and all that greatness waiting for us within and out there?

It's not too late we have a choice, we can do it, we are aware of some of these patterns and habits that we hold and also the controls, triggers that others have over us as well. It might take a long time to break them, there are so many layers to these patterns buried deep within, but when we start working on them new layers come up to be healed, bringing us more closer to our freedom.

"I take responsibility for being born to this family, this county and this race etc.. and I release all blame and hatred towards myself and everyone else, and take responsibility for my choices."

Watch how much you can release when you take that attitude and look at the world with new eyes, looking for ways to heal yourself. We are a hologram and anything in this hologram can be healed. It is our choice to be open to these new ideas and find new and exciting ways to heal our being.

If you are a light worker I know you can say that all the dark forces and negative aliens are harming us and creating all these interference patterns and attacks and look what they have done to us and this planet. The way to handle these beings is to find a way to heal our self while holding neutral association to all of this; otherwise we create entanglements with them. If we want to fight them and are in fear or feel hate towards them, they love it, they thrive on hate anger, fear and their games. They are good at war games, most of these beings are warrior races, so they love to get you in to another game, get you to believe their deception and get you entangled with them. No! Don't let them do this to you, resign from all the games you are in and work on yourself to heal while holding neutral association as much as you can. I know sometimes we want to just go and finish them all, that's how much pain they cause us when we awaken and start reclaiming our self, realizing what has happened to us. That path does not take us to freedom, that path takes us to more and more entanglements with the dark. We can learn to see the truth in all of this and through that we can free our self. The bigger picture is, we are eternal spirit/God beings having a human experience, and we are part of that oneness, we are eternal and there is no separation, all of this is one huge lie of illusion placed on our being through so many layers and ways to the point where we have forgotten who we are and are now living a life of separation, fear, abandonment and are in survival mode.

We are cosmic beings, our heritage is in the stars. We have cosmic parents who are loving, caring and we made a choice to be born to this planet for some larger part of a cosmic plan and we have all the support and guidance we need. It's time for us to start acknowledging that truth and to see the love in everything (even the dark being who is attacking you) holding love and compassion towards the world and towards us, so this journey gets a bit easier for us. So start taking responsibility at this moment!

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