We are Gods, period

We are Gods, period!

Written on August 13, 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

When I first heard that we are all god and I am a god, it was extremely hard for me to believe or even to hear. In the environment I was brought up in my understanding of god was that it was a phantom or demi-god and somehow other they are powerful beings and I had no association to them. That was what I thought, as well as I remember somewhere in Buddhist teachings it talks about that we are not to worship any gods. So the word god was not well accepted by me at that time.

As I started working on my evolution I came to the realization that we are gods, all of us are. We are part of that eternal creation called source, or we can call it God source and we are an expression of that being that created these multi-verses. The God consciousness thought of a concept and gave it life force or breathed in to it and part of it went in to it to give it life and also created god worlds, thousands of universes, galaxies, planets and so on; we are part of that being who came through to experience that creation. We are part of that Eternal God consciousness, a drop in the waters of eternal sea. We have the same eternal life, eternal spirit, and eternal power.

When I came to that realization, I realized that we have to understand this fact, and believe in that fact to the very core of our being, in to every atom of our being so we can realize it, and be fully aware of this knowing. Not just intellectually say it, but believe and know it throughout our entire being and when we do that our God consciousness field re-arranges itself to make it a reality for us.

Now let's look at what Gautama Buddha has said; could he have said that we are all gods so there is no other god outside of us that we need to worship. Is that what he really meant and some of it must have gotten lost in the translation or purposely removed from the texts?

We know one thing about the history, in a war the side that won the war writes the history and that is how it has been for all ages. For example the war in Iraq, what is the real truth, what was said and done about it? Do we know the truth of the Iraqis or the whole situation? How many layers to this lie was broadcasted over the media? Is the story of the weapons the truth? This has been the reality of history with war or any story, so how do we know what was the real truth, and how much is being written down or omitted?

If we really read about things, we can figure out that the councils of Nasia decided what is going to be in the bible and what needs to be removed. What do you think these males omitted, and are we reading the real truth in the bible or some fragmented story that was left for us to get confused about and go on crusades making everyone else that does not agree with it dead. Think about it in this religion, they have a father and a son, what happen to the mother?. Where is she, we know that creation is birth through a mother not through father, so who deleted her and her importance from the books? Is it why we see Magdalene to be a prostitute? How low can they take the female to, from mother to a prostitute? Do you think this was done accidentally? What do you think the reason is?

We have to ask these questions when we really want to evolve our consciousness. Am I blaming these forces for doing this, no, but I am working to find the real truth so I can evolve and find my own truth and way out of this prison planet and on my way maybe tell my truth to the others, if they wish to hear.

So again coming back to the fact that we are all gods, can you understand how much bad influence the religions have on us if we are not careful and pick and choose what is in alignment to our higher being and our truth?

Again , I want to mention that we are all Gods. We need to really think about it and understand this to our core being and believe it and live it, not just intellectualize it. We are fee, sovereign God beings, that is our truth and we need to live as Gods. No ego attached to this, so we can be free from this illusion and mind control that was placed on us making us small, worthless and sinners.

We need to also understand that we create our own reality, and that what we believe and live becomes our reality. There are seven billion people living on this planet and all of them are living in their own reality, their own world. It's like millions of bubbles, reality bubbles, each living in their own world in a space and time with timelines based on their consciousness evolution and whatever they believe in. Can you see the picture of this? That is why they say we create our own reality.

We really do create our own reality and we have a choice to make it the way we want it to be. Do we want to be a worthless sinner who is scared of an angry god and feel we need to worship it, and waiting for some other person to come and save us from this place? Then that's your reality and that's what you get. This whole belief is from a book which got edited many times. What if the story is a lie or parts of it are a lie? It's going to be a long time wait for the guy. So what if this savoir guy didn't show up? Can you see what you are doing, giving your power away and letting a religion belittle you to a level of nothing? How can you live like that? Yes you have faith but what if what you believe is not true? Did you really work on this to ask these questions, and understand and see if all of this story is in alignment to you, your integrity, your truth? Seriously people, what are we?

If you believe you are a god and you are part of this eternal creation and that you have every right to be powerful, strong, compassionate and are able to free yourself from this situation we are in, then that is what it's going to be. What if we believe all this is an illusion and decided to change our thinking, releasing all the boxes placed on us to limit us causing us to feel small and truly work on expanding our being so there are no limitations and boxes and separation and their illusions in our reality? Do you think we will see something grand emerging out of us and what do you think becomes of our reality? Think about it, how powerful can we be with this thinking?

So... When you say, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!. Mean it with every fiber of your being!

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