Our Virtues and Ascension

Our Virtues and Ascension

Written on August 15,2014

Written by Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

I believe that honesty and integrity and the rest of the virtues are the main components to a better life and a faster evolution. In fact I believe this is the key towards everything in life. When we hold these qualities in our being, the ascension frequencies that are coming down to earth in massive amounts have a place to go. They are all conscious energies and they seek the beings who are in resonance to them so they are entering our fields and evolving us every minute of the day. This is an automatic process; part of the evolution of our universe, which includes this solar system, planetary bodies and all the beings living in and on them. It is up to us to decide how we participate; do we participate consciously and go for a smooth ride or get squished up as everything around us is evolving and dropping density as they move up.

In Buddhism they talk a lot about taking the middle path; and holding the qualities of good in our awareness all the time, working to hold them and improve them while living this ordinary human life. This is being said with a greater purpose as we begin to understand the consciousness, energies and how they behave. A human being might not need to leave behind everything and become a monk to evolve and ascend, yet if they live by these disciplines they can receive these energies and evolve while having a normal live. When they are ready and evolved enough they can consciously work on and participate with their evolution.

We are seeing a pattern, even though some of it has been distorted, in Asia. In Buddhist countries people live their lives according to the dharma and when they get older they dedicate the rest of their life to the dharma to work on their spiritual path. We see older generations going to the temple or at home, meditating, reading Buddhist books and understanding the teachings as well as living it. They have lived their life with dharma and now they have more time to work on themselves, read, contemplate and practice and dedicate themselves to their evolution. Isn't that great?. These teachings were build in to the culture so that ascension is part of the people's life.

From western point of view we might not see it that way, but if we really look at it and work with the energies, we can see and understand the truth in this. Why they do it the way they do and why some of them hold more spirit and light in them than other cultures. This is one of the main reasons for the invasion of Asia and colonization of the countries which were done using greed as a motivator of the western empires by the negative aliens. It was to destroy the way of life of these cultures, so they will lose their way of life and go in to survival mode; and these sacred teachings and lifestyles of these people who hold them will be distorted completely.

We have see this has happened in many cultures including the Native Indians here in the west. But all of these teachings and truths have not been destroyed completely; these people are doing their best to keep these lifestyles as they know somewhere in this is the key to their way out.

Holding honesty integrity and all the rest of the qualities/virtues is the way to activate our tree of life. Not the 9 or 10 tree but the 12 tree with 12 orbs in it. Here we hold 12 dimensional bodies which represent the 12 branches of the tree. These qualities are the keys to unlocking the branches where we evolve through the multidimensional bodies like branches of a tree. Each quality is embodied and realized and lived so that dimensional body is healed.

Just by living according to these qualities we automatically open these locks and the conscious ascension energies that come through has a place to anchor and the evolution happens automatically for the being. As we think about this, we know the more we strive to work and live these qualities the easier it is for our evolution. See how easy this process is when we are aware of this truth?

Ancients knew this and set them up as disciplines to practice and live by, so even though the teachings were lost still the qualities are there to usher the being towards their ascension. It becomes automatic!. Also I want to point out that when we live by these qualities the dark cannot manipulate and take us on a ride to a black hole.

Our virtues are our strong pillars, and when our core is strong we are strong in our whole being and we cannot be swayed by lies, deception or trickery, as we can see through the bullshit and call it for what it is.

As we go through life we build our wisdom, as within us we hold the knowingness of who we are and what our qualities are as they are our strength our salvation from the myriad of traps that are set by the dark. A being who lives by these qualities is assisted by the whole of creation; all the creational forces that are aligned to the God source and its natural law are at the command of that person.

All of the Buddhist teachings are written for the common man, to integrate the teaching to their lifestyle. While we are living the normal 3D life, we can achieve what we all want..; to heal and to be free from samsara.

The eight fold path is where the being is asked to live their life according to these disciplines, giving them a chance to participate with the ascension energies automatically. What a gift we have if we can understand these teachings and pick and chose what is in alignment to our highest good and live by them.

Our ascension is hosted by many God-aligned races and God forces. It will be very easy for a being who is living these virtues to work with these forces and to receive assistance as these forces are in alignment to these virtues as well.

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