Recommended Movies

Recommended Movies that can be used as awakening tools

The Complete Matrix Trilogy (The Matrix/ The Matrix Reloaded/ The Matrix Revolutions) [HD DVD]

The Matrix trilogy:The philosophy in this movie is well researched and thought out. The Wachowski siblings, in my opinion, have made a movie trilogy that will be remembered for all time. As one goes deeper and deeper down their personal rabbit hole of spiritual awakening, they no doubt will be guided to see this movie, even if it is in years from now these movies will still have an impact on them. This movie is about an average person, Thomas Anderson, who has a sliver in his mind. He knows that there is more to life, more to the mundane 9 to 5 job, making another person richer, even though you are earning a modest income from your salary. He feels that something is missing, the bigger picture. As he asks this question, the universe answers him by bringing him to Trinity who teaches him the truth of the world, the Matrix. This is an important aspect of the movie for people who have woken up because they ask similar questions and are eventually brought to books, people, or both to help them understand the true nature of their reality. As the movies continue Thomas Anderson chooses to discover the Matrix and the truth that Morpheus offers him. Becoming Neo he eventually becomes one with all, one with the light. His journey from software developer to light being is where all the teachings and lessons that the movies have to offer to the awakened individual. The resurrection/awakening scene is particularly powerful. The philosophy can go as deep as you need it to go and I felt that as I watched it over again, 5 years after my awakening, I learnt even more than the last time I seen it. A good summed up message that it delivers is: do not believe all that your 5 senses tell you. There is more to reality than you think. I could write 10 pages on these movies, pointing out what I felt were the philosophical lessons and spiritual insights, but I feel that I will leave that to you to discover for yourself. Afterall, spiritual ascension is highly personal and what I get out of a certain scene may not be what you need to get. The kung fu is nice, but not the reason to watch the movies. Enjoy!

The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods must be Crazy:

his is a funny little allegory and a great way to poke fun at modern, civilized man and his strange ways of living. It starts out by narrating the lives of a group of people called the Bushmen of the Kalahari and their peaceful lives. They have no concept of time, laws, jobs, and most other things that consume modern man. Keep in mind that this movie was made in 1980 and modern man has continued his materialistic decent since this time. So the Bushmen’s lives are most peaceful and they never consider anything good or bad, everything is just as it is, there is never any judgement. The story then describes the hustle and bustle of modern man’s daily lives and how it is broken down into dictates by a clock. At 7:00 you leave your home environment to adapt to the work environment, and then at 10:00 you take a break from work for 15mins. The narrator continues to describe the average work day for a western world person. This contrast sets the stage for the rest of the movie because a Bushmen goes on a journey to return a pop bottle that fell from the sky, which he assumes was dropped by the Gods. The encounters with military men, and other western world scenarios makes for a good laugh, but also paints a good picture of what western people are missing. The Bushman’s ways are wise and the laws and ways of the people he meets confuses him. There is a lot that can be learnt here, as well as a good laugh and much fun. Enjoy!

Wag The Dog

Wag the Dog:

The world is run by forces that are not seen by the mass population, nor understood by them. They work behind the scenes and create the reality that is experienced by most people. This movie gives you a good idea of how this is done in the political arena and how emotions are often the target that these spin doctors set their manipulations on. Shortly before an election, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a war in order to cover up a presidential sex scandal. The most interesting part about this movie is how they use the media to manipulate the public into believing that there really is a war in Albania. They tug at their heartstrings by having them believe that there is a soldier that needs to come home to his Mom. They embellish this by saying “Have courage Mom.” The way that all this emotional manipulation plays out can be compared to how the people of today will buy almost anything they see on TV, that they are dumbed down into believing whatever is on the news must be true. In the movie the spin doctor is confronted by the CIA agent and because the TV news broadcaster says that there is a war the CIA guy has nothing on him. It is about the power and influence of the media. Funny how not five years later, the two towers fell down, and everybody bought the lies that surrounded that incident without question. Good one to get you thinking about what you are watching. Enjoy!

Groundhog Day:

What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. This is a good movie to teach you that all is one and one is all. The reason I feel this is because at the beginning the main character is all about himself in this movie. As he starts to see that the same day is repeating, he takes advantage of it for himself by seducing women, robbing, and basically indulging in the pleasures of the flesh knowing that there will be no consequences to his actions. He manipulates his surroundings to suit himself. As this gets old he starts to help others and devote each day to better the world around him. He eventually finds real love in the woman that he wanted for many of the repeating days but couldn’t, and then wakes up to the next day, breaking the time loop. This is a good movie to teach the viewer that love is all you have and love is all you need. The more love you give out to the world the more comes back to you. As you watch the movie with this in mind you will understand why this movie can be so transformational. Also, note that he fixed himself, healed his own demons, before he was able to make a lasting impact on others. Enjoy!

Groundhog Day (Special 15th Anniversary Edition)
Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior: a movie about the spiritual path and its very emotionally complex challenges. Anyone on their spiritual path should see this movie, because they will empathize with it greatly. It is based on a true story and is about a man who has it all, everything that an 18 – 25 year old would want; good grades, good friends, women lined up at his door, everything. But there is something missing in his life, a rap at his door, from his spirit. He is being called to drop his 3D life and embark on a spiritual path. He must drop his friends, his partners, his hedonistic life to find inner peace and his spirit. He tries for a bit and then in frustration returns to his old ways. As he does this he is broken and forced to face his greatest fear and truth. Everyone abandons him and he understands that none of it was real. He is forced to find his spirit and eventually does. At the end of the film he is shown who he use to be and how much he has grown in spirit. Let this movie change you and it will open you to a world of freedom that you can never understand unless you make the sacrifices to earn that freedom. Nothing in the outside world can compare to the freedom that spirit can give you, your spirit. This movie will help you see that. Enjoy!

La Belle verte [VHS]

Green Beautiful ( La Belle Verte) - French movie:

This is a great movie with much humor as only the French can deliver. It is about a peaceful planet where the people have matured and evolved to the point where their long lives are based on love and togetherness, not separation. They have the ability to do telepathy as well as many other so-called ESP abilities. Every year or so they go to the top of a mountain to have a planet meeting where they decide on important issues and address the needs of the population as a whole. One of the things that they also do is go to planets to observe them and see where they can help them evolve and mature. The planet Earth comes up and no one wants to visit it due to the barbaric ways of the Earthlings. Their comments at this juncture in the movie bring to light man’s struggles and life of separation from each other and God. The people of the peaceful planet are many centuries ahead of Earthlings and so are scared to visit them on account of their present ways. One hearty soul decides to go there to learn about where her father came from. She is given the ability to advance a human 5 centuries as well as a universal language program. So the lady travels to planet Earth in a ball that looks like a yoga ball and floats off to touch down in Paris. She is surprised to see that cars are still driven and that men are superior to women and animals are a lesser species, as well as many other habits that we consider normal. I don’t want to get into it too much, so I will sum it up by describing it as a good movie for showing you how a culture can be that is not dependant on material possessions and a consumer way of life, the tight vice of religion, competition, social acceptance, as well as dysfunctional families can live and the harmony and peace that comes from that type of life. It will teach you to slow down and look at the roses, to not take the work world, yourself, and your ego so seriously. As I said before, the humor is good, but the lessons and acknowledgement of the indigenous peoples are even better and more enlightening. Enjoy!

The Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy:

This movie is an adaptation from an important book that talks about the inevitable evolution of mankind into an age of spiritual enlightenment, or the Christ man. I am guessing that you’ve read the book, because it is an important stepping stone on one’s spiritual path. Also if you haven’t I would find it very unlikely that you would be interested in this movie, or even look at it twice on the shelf or wherever you buy movies. I found the best part about this movie was the way that they described the energy that people give off to one another. It shows how energy fields work and how one can take energy from another by their words and mannerisms. This is called energy vampirism, and in my opinion if you get nothing else from this movie, then understand that your actions and what you say have and energetic influence on another person. If you take this farther you can use the scene in the garden as a starting point of a new way of being considerate to your fellow man. Enjoy!

They Live

They Live:

A cult movie from the 80s with a powerful message about subliminal programming. It is about a drifter who comes to a city seeking work and finds a job but ends up finding a lot more than that. He stumbles upon a group of people who wear sunglasses that allow them to see the truth of how mankind has been living a lie. Their banking institutes, corporations, and religious communities are all being run by aliens disguised as humans. The glasses also allow the wearer to see the programming behind billboards and magazines. A big part of the message is how people are being programmed to consume and consume. One good example is a billboard advertising a trip to Jamaica with a beautiful woman stretched out on the beach. When the protagonist puts the glasses on, the sign reads marry and reproduce. This is a good movie to get you to think twice about what you are looking at when you go out in to the world and to ask yourself why are people asking this of me, what do they, being the people as well as information mediums, really want? I guess, don’t trust what your eyes show you could be a good tag line for this movie. Also the humans who sell the human race out are important to see, because that happens in society, a lot. Enjoy!

The Last Mimzy (Full Screen Infinifilm Edition)

The Last Mimzy:

A great family film to tell about the power and wisdom that a child can be entrusted to hold and offer to the world to help it evolve and expand past their rigid and dogmatic ways of thinking. People who are beginning on their spiritual path and are young at heart will appreciate the fact that children are the ones that save mankind. The story is about two kids who find a stuffed rabbit that is from the future. As they spend time with the rabbit the two children begin to develop gifts and powers, such as precognition, animal speak and telekinesis. Their parents are frightened by this and do not know who to turn to for answers. The boy’s science teacher is a new agey and his partner is into this sort of thing so agrees to see the kids and offer some guidance, of which the paranoid parents dismiss. As the movie goes on the government intervenes and tries to mess things up, but in the end all is well and the future is saved by the two siblings. It is a good movie to see because if you are open to it than you will see that children are closer to God than adults are and their innocence keeps them connected to the source of all oneness and the infinite, which manifests in them as the gifts and relaxed confidence that the youngsters so calmly portray. An ET for a new generation and age? Enjoy!

Fallen (Keep Case Packaging)


This is a dark movie, but brings up some important issues that people may only perceive as being fictional. Possession. Have you ever asked why people may do the horrendous things that they do? We are all one and we are all love, so what makes a person kill another person by, say, cutting their head off while on a bus from Edmonton to Winnipeg? This movie may help you to understand that question. There is a truth to it that people who are awoken and on the high road of ascension should consider. This is where physic attack comes in, the ability for negatives to use other people as puppets to play out their anti-human agendas. The movie is about a demon that has lived thousands of years in human from by moving from person to person. In the beginning of the film he inhabits a convict that is about to be gassed. He is not happy about this and haunts the person who caught him by moving from person to person committing more murders and crimes. It leaves little familiar clues that teach the detective that it is the same guy that he gassed. He eventually learns about this demon and his ability and finds a way to defeat him. I will not spoil the end, or the movie any further than this. AS I said earlier, anyone who goes deep into planetary grid work will eventually see this sort of thing, in some form or another, and will be able to see this film as a sort of teaching tool. Enjoy!

Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection

Stargate SG-1: This is a science-fiction TV series that went on for 10 seasons and accumulated over 200 episodes. It started out as a movie which was a pilot for the TV series. It is based around a portal that allows people to be transported from Earth to another planet, and many other planets depending on the address inputed. This explores the premise of life on other planets and how they impact each other. There are beings that consider themselves above everyone else, posing as overloads and seeking total supremacy over the multiverses and galaxies, as well as races that just try to get along in the universe and find their way. The humans who travel from Earth to these various places learn much about different races and cultures and get involved in a lot of their entanglements as well as lessons. As it is science fiction there is a lot of truth underneath the stories, at least that is what I found. They explore so many different topics throughout the 200 plus episodes, as well as the 100 episode Stargate Atlantis spinoff, that I could write a book on all the episodes and how it could be helpful to one’s ascension and awakening experience. If you choose to watch these shows then certain episodes will have a special resonance to you and certain ones will not. This all depends on your simultaneous lives and what you need to learn to piece together your unique puzzle so that you can leave your samsara cycle and ascend. On that note, there are actually episodes where ascension is explored quite extensively. There is comedy in them as well, partly through an alien who is accepted to help the main team in SG-1. His adapting to his new home and planet makes for some funny moments as well as perspectives to the ways of modern human culture. Another aspect that will influence how much you get into this show is how far down the rabbit hole you are. Do you believe in aliens? If so, have you gone far enough to understand or believe that they have influenced mankind in its evolution to a great extend? What does consciousness mean to you? Is there a commonality between all sentient beings? To conclude here, if you want these series to teach you and expand your awareness of your reality, it will, and you will grow much from what is talked about and shown throughout the hours and hours that you could find yourself spending in front of the TV watching. I found it to be worth it. Pass the popcorn please! Enjoy!

What the Bleep!? - Down the Rabbit Hole (QUANTUM Three-Disc Special Edition)

What the BLEEP do we know?: this is about half documentary and half movie. It does have a story to it but in between the story there are top level scientists explaining quantum physics and how it can be applied to daily life. It is about surpassing and seeing the deeper value in your day to day life, how everything is connected and how your thoughts are things that have a real impact and influence on your life. The scientists prove this through various explanations backed by palpable scenes throughout the film. There are a few comical scenes that either add or take away from the movie, depending on how you view to see them. The movie helps us to understand how emotions play a huge part on our physical body and how water is influenced by thoughts. This is proven by a scientist who has written a book about this and dedicated a great deal of his time to this understanding. There are many lessons on the nature of reality and how opening your mind to the possibilities of what quantum mechanics can teach you to better understand yourself and your experience of your reality. If you keep an open-mind throughout the movie it may help you to open your mind further and as a result of this your heart may open up more as well and you will see your fellow man in a more compassionate light and understand them differently, despite the fact that you have never met them before. Give it a try, you may be surprised. Enjoy!

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon:

This is a great satire film about the differences between Canadians and Americans. It’s funny, but goes deeper than this. A big part of why this movie is interesting is because of the influence that the media has on the watchers, duping them into believing anything that they tell them. It also has a message telling of how war is used to bring a nation together, which in my opinion is the wrong way to go about that sort of thin. The story is about the US Government trying to boost the ratings of its current President by starting a war with Canada. They feed the American public a bunch of media garbage telling them that Canada basically has the bomb and that they need to defend their border from an attack. This starts a Cold War with their neighbour. It’s a bit like the Wag the Dog film, but has a funnier less serious side to it. Enjoy!

My Blue Heaven

My Blue Heaven

This is a nice, well thought out comedy from 1990. I've seen this quite a number of times and feel that the underlining theme is that underneath the masks that people wear for their jobs and day to day lives, we are all human. It is about two people that are, on the surface, at complete opposites in society. One is an FBI guy, played by Rick Moranis, and the other a criminal, played by Steve Martin; really they couldn't be farther apart. As the movie progresses the two discover that they have things in common, like their wives leaving them. The FBI agent is very uptight or programmed and not a fun person to be around, and the mobster, although in the beginning of the movie is a typical gangster, he grows and becomes the heart of the town that he has been placed in. He changes his life for the better, and in doing that changes the people around him as well. This is how you create your own reality can play out as well as it is all about your attitude towards life that makes your life.

Being in a similar situation, their wives having left them, they now have common ground which they share. Barney, the FBI guy, tries to continue his life by the FBI book, but he is not happy. Vinnie the mobster is cool and confident and so is able to grow into someone else and turn over a new leaf for himself in his adopted home, due to being in the witness relocation program. He begins to help people, for example the two children whom want a new ball diamond to play on. This act of selflessness wins the heart of the entire community and at the end of the movie he has earned himself the man of the year honour. What I found interesting about the end is that the wife who left him in the beginning of the movie is back at the end, her personality the same as in the beginning, whereas Vinnie has grown so much in the time past.

I found one of the most important scenes in the film was when Vinnie and Barney come back from the club in New York and Vinnie thanks him for saving his life at the club, having shot down the chandelier which caused the guys trying to kill Vinnie to bolt. Barney replies by saying "you saved my life", understanding that his uptight, by the book way of living was not enjoyable and that the happy go-lucky lifestyle is the way he wants to live his life. Vinnie's way of looking at life has rubbed off on his new friend whose life has taken a turn for the better. This scene, in my opinion, brings together the whole message of the movie. We are all in this together and everyone is fighting their own inner battle, so if you are open to letting someone help you change for the better, even the most unlikely person, they can do that for you and make your world a better place to live in.