Core Values and Integrity

How our Values and Integrity assist us in our journey.

Written in May 2014

Written by Pavithra LH @

On my journey I have learned many things and still am learning many, but what has stood out the most is that our integrity, our values are the key that builds the strength to move us forward. If we don't have them we can learn and grow them, it is not hard, we all have that, our true state is eternal God self and we have within us all the greatness we need to move forward. The Dark is always trying to manipulate us with their trickery, giving us the carrot and getting us to fall for their tricks. But if we hold those core values and be true to ourselves, we will not fall for their trickery and deception. I have seen many new age teachers and healers go through ego trips, manipulating their followers with their charisma, lying to their followers to make more money or to bring recognition and worship or to get something done. The Dark use these beings so easily and manipulate them to do false healing or false teaching, leading the followers into traps. Some of these beings have moved in to such a state of emotional instability and narcissism that they have become portals for the dark. Of course these beings have their own healing to do and lessons to learn, but we can learn from all of this. We don't need to go through these experiences; we can learn from their experiences and not let ourselves be manipulated by the dark any more.

If we hold our true value and hold on to that integrity we have, it is very hard for the dark to manipulate or to harm us or use us to harm others. I have also noticed when we follow our heart, our integrity and be true to ourselves, things become much easier for us, we get the right people, right support, right friends and situations to move us forward on our journey. Also we are free from those people who continuously harass us, manipulate us or want us to do their bidding and get us in to trouble. Now we feel peace with our choices, peace with our self, and our environment.

I have also noticed when we are truly living according to our values and qualities, we are automatically using the ascension energies to heal ourselves as we no longer hold blocks or negativity in our being that stop these conscious energies from working through us to heal us. It is also much easier for the God self and the God forces to support us, heal us, and protect us.

This brings me to understand why the Buddhist teachings put so much emphasis on the values of the beings as they are the building blocks of our being. Even though these beings are living their normal life in the 3D world, having these qualities within them allows their God self, guides and conscious energies of the God source to automatically heal and move them through their ascension journey. Of course conscious awareness of these and participation with the energies makes it much more effective.

So work on those qualities, the foundation for our being and be strong and do not let those values be broken or bent. If you noticed you made a mistake, don't go in to guilt, be gentle with yourself and immediately take measures to correct it.

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