What is the solution

Post date: Aug 16, 2014 12:52:45 AM

What is the solution? When we look at the world these days from one point of a view, things are really bad and the bad people are in power and creating so much trouble for the world.

So the thought of doing something to correct others errors comes to mind. But going outside of ourselves and correcting the world around us to match our expectation is the solution. Would it fix the problem? Is that the correct approach?

We all agree there needs to be a change. My question is how do you act on it?. Do you go on to streets and riot, is it the way we need to go about it?.. We had few revolutions and many got killed and we created the independence and made a declaration.... But what happened next within the next few hundred years, all those values that we all had and talked about and intended to be the future of these nations vanished and now we have power hungry tyrants in control.

What happened? We gave our power away to tricksters thinking they would help us to re-built nations and bring us a batter future.. It has not happened, and we have many wars and many laws are passed with the words saying it's there to protects us. Does it really protect us or imprison us? We don't need another revolution, if we go on to the roads and create one right now, it will be exactly what these people want us to do; another reason to bring in marshal law or pass another law to push us down more, imprison civil leaders and take the whole movement down. We saw in the media after the 2001 disastrous events in US, confused and lost people asking for laws to be passed to protect them. Wasn't it set up that way to do it, created problems with solutions ready to be executed.

What we need is a quiet spiritual evolution, where we all see these things for what it is and go within and heal ourselves, heal our blood and DNA, heal our consciousness so that we bring truth, the true values and integrity to us and to the planet again. The honesty, love, compassion and caring for ourselves, earth the nature and our neighbors. So we don't need human laws to control anything, the beings automatically live their lives based on true values and co-creating with each others instead of compete and take down each other to rise to the top.

We can't re-invent the wheel with the same mind set we are in. We need to start a new one, we need to bring in our spirit and work with it, allow it to teach us the truth, the values the integrity, honesty we are all missing these days and raise our consciousness.

So the companies will produce products that are safe and helpful to the people and sell them for reasonable prices where they create win/win situations. Schools teach kids true values and how to be a better person, bringing in true spiritual knowledge into the education system; helping the kids to be creative and compassionate and loving. Helping them to find their passions and assist them with it instead of making the same slave mould out of every kid that goes in to school. Medical sciences will be again brought to the level where there is compassion towards the patient and multidimensional healing and knowledge is used to heal the being from the higher dimensional levels down to the physical levels. So the dis-ease will permanently be eradicated from this planet.

Our politicians will truly work for us, to bring peace and harmony to the world through co-creation, compassion and real peace talks will be held to heal the nation's issues, instead of going to war. Tyrants won't be able to come to power as the true justice and law will be honored by every citizen and they will all take responsibility for the issues of the nations so we all take care of each other.

This can be done one at a time, we all can look at the world and see the world for what it is and say NO! to all this and start working to heal ourselves and this planet...... one person at a time.

So we can say no to inner war and outer war, so we are finally free from the Negative Alien controlled world and their puppets.

Many people are looking at the world differently and seeking solutions..This video shows how groups of people looks at things differently..Is this the solutions or is it the way to break free from being followers.. What do you think?