Surrender to what is and surrendered action meditation

This can be something we can practice every moment of our day to day life. So that we are more aware of what we are doing and thinking in every moment and through that we can be in this moment. We can be present here and now. Surrender and Surrendered action is not something we are used. For us the ego wants things done the way it wants so we go and do them on autopilot. When it comes to mind-made ego control, if we are not aware, we feel like we have no control. It looks like we are getting dragged around by our minds and we don't feel peace with anything as we are always on the go. What if we can figure out how to surrender and be peace with what we are doing. Can that be possible? When it comes to surrender most of us think that what this means is surrendering our dreams and goals and not doing anything and be just poor, lazy and lose everything. But surrender is not that at all. It is a art that we need to learn and I will make an attempt to explain this as I understand.

I have noticed that the mind does not want us to understand this. It tells us that this is so hard to get. Because when we surrender it does not have any control over us. It does not like this. So make an attempt to understand this as much as you can.

Let's say, you are walking on the side of the road and all of a sudden you see a vehicle coming towards you. You only have moments to think and you just jumps out of its way. When you look at this event: Did you take the time to think about what is going on a lot? In your mind did you complain a lot about: Why am I in this place?, What's wrong with this guy?, Why am I the victim of this?, Why can't he drive properly? and Who gave this guy license? etc...

NO!!, you did not have the time to really think about anything and complain or compare it to your mind-made expectations of how the road safety should be or who gave this guy a drivers license.

Nothing! you were 100% in that moment and you made the perfect choice and moved out of harm's way. You were in that moment! You were present!

This is what I am attempting to explain here. We can be present throughout our day today activities. We need to get the mind out of the way of complaining, comparing or going to the past and future. So we are at this moment, making the correct decision and doing it. In this way with every moment we are present. When we say surrender to this moment that is what we are attempting to do. What ever happen in that moment we surrender to 'what is'. Meaning, if we are at the bus stop and the bus is late, we surrender to the fact that 'the bus is late'. That's about it!, we stop complaining and comparing it with the mind made expectations we have. This way we don't create resistance or war with this moment and what is happening in this moment.

Did you get it. I'll repeat again, We don't create resistance or war against this moment and what is happening in this moment. Instead we surrender to the fact that this is what is happening in this moment.

Then from that state we take an action. Decide what we are going to do about it. In the case with the bus situation. We might decide to take a taxi, wait for the next bus, walk or whatever the action we feel necessary to do at that moment. This is called surrendered action or surrendered doing. This way, we are at peace with ourselves when we made that decision to do whatever we are decided to do at that moment. We were fully present in that moment.

What happens when we resist this moment and what is happening in this moment? We go in to our mind and begin to compare the event with other events or expectations in our mind and then the ego gets control of us and drive us mad with its expectations of how things should be and how unjust this is etc. When we do this, we are already far away from this moment and have moved in to that mind-made space where all the comparisons and complaining is going on. We have no ideas what's going on around us and we have lost the anchor to this moment.

As you know, nothing we get from that mind-made space is really helpful to the current situation we are in at any moment. They are just bunch of things that drags us down and get our mind and emotional body entangled. In this state we might say things or do things that might not support us. All the hate, anger and many other negative things come out of these states, so Why go there?

All we get out of this mind-made space is bitter taste in our mouth and loss of our precious life force. If we are in this moment instead of going to these mind-made roller-coaster rides, we save our energy, time and we are more energized and most effective. Plus you can sense the peace within as there is no inner war or resistance to the things and people around us. We become more peaceful and loving people.

This is surrender to this moment and surrendered doing in this moment.. Can you do that? Can you use this thinking in your day to day life?

With my life experiences, I have realized that happiness and peace does not come automatically. For that we need to change the way we think and look at our expectations of ourselves, of the people and things around us. If we change our way of thinking, we can be peace and also happy. So here is an all day meditation for you.

Be as much as aware of every thought and action you are participating in your day to day life. If you get it once, just one time and surrendered to one thing for the whole day that is so great. With that confidence go in to do more the next day. Slowly and patiently, you can be in this new state more and more. Don't fight and be upset if you couldn't get it the first time. Because, if you do you are already resisting this moment. Got it?...... Have fun!