Using natures gift to reach silence

Post date: Aug 2, 2015 12:05:00 AM

When we hear the word meditation, most of us get scared to go beyond that as most of us have tried and tried and many have failed to get anywhere with meditations.

But can we take a different approach to this and see what we can learn and maybe utilize a new way of thinking to get at it?

Our aim is to silence our mind or at least slow it down to a level where we can enjoy ourselves more being in our body, being in connection to the stillness and oneness. When I look at this, I am reminded to think about utilizing our body and its connection to the nature..I found this to be the key to moving us closer to the inner silence we all strive for. I have added two new articles to our site to give you new ideas and steps at getting there.. enjoy ! With every thought we either invest in our future or destroy it.. The hidden treasures in nature